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Judges have run amuck, doing what they please due to lack of oversight and accountability. Here are just a few of the stories.  Also see Massachusetts Bad Judges List.

Story #1 - It is Pretty Clear Some Judges Are Totally Corrupt and
Flaunt the Law They were Empowered to Enforce

Story #2 - This Man's Entire Life Was Stolen From Him
Because The Court Refuses To Believe Him

Story #3 - Judicial Whistleblower Persecuted

Story #4 - Ex lawyer reveals Attorney Game Plans

Story #5 - Fighting The Tyranny of Family Courts and

Story #6 - Judicial Conflicts of Interest

Story #7 - A Judge's Vendetta against Chris Kennedy
                        More on this case

Story #8 - Judicial and Police Corruption Is Very Common,
Not Just TV Fiction

Other stories of Judicial Abuse:


 Family Court Corruption is a Worldwide Phenomenon


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Judicial Abuse - The Chris Kennedy Story


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