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List of Judges For Special Attention From the National Association of Court Watchers - Massachusetts Chapter
"Justice will come only with constant vigil."

Efforts to remove these judges from the bench are being considered and/or implemented on a case by case basis. Although we believe most of the probate judges are breaking the U.S> constitutional laws, state laws and federal statutes daily for their convenience, agenda and the greed of the system, many are worse and we want to focus on these first while we work for overall reform of the system.

Massachusetts Ranked 45th in the Nation by its Own Lawyers:

By MassNews Staff

Many people have written about the content of the radio ad where we say: "Businesses avoid moving to states with slow unsteady courts. We were ranked by lawyers as 45th in the nation."
It's a direct quote from the "News Release" of the "Visiting Committee on Management in the Courts."
The quote was: "In a 2001 U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey of corporate attorneys.  
"It is sad comment that the public is so uneducated, unconcerned and blinded to the TRUTH by the media, and that the Judiciary of our once great Nation has been allowed to sink to these depths. And while I say that the conditions that exist today can be laid at one doorstep, that of the Judiciary, I must ultimately say that the fault really lies at our feet, we the people, for it is we the people who have allowed the foxes to guard the henhouse."

  -- Robert H. Bork, Judge, Supreme Court Nominee & Professor of Law   Code of Judicial Conduct


Submitted By

Accusation/Charge or Breach of Duty

Judge Locke - Milford District Court webmaster@FathersUnite.org
Erratic behavior, yelling, lack of knowledge about or caring about the law, rumored to brag about "overturning the Massachusetts Appeals Court every day".  Issues restraining orders when the statute requirements are not met to any woman who asks for one. This destroys children and family bonds with the father. Does he know the damage he does?  This judge is a holocaust for children.  He is either incompetent or willfully evil.   Refused full evidentiary hearings and questioning of witnesses, which are required by Mass. appeals court case law on renewal of all restraining orders. Therefore his orders are legally void - yet the victim (man) usually has an illegal overhanging order that likely still cause arrest and many other damages at any time.  When motioned to have the required proper hearing another judge refuses to even hear the motion -- illegal again and a catch-22 to drop men in a hole with no rope or due process recourse.
This is abuse of power, abuse of discretion and actually technically "treason" against the U.S. for violation his oath of office, civil rights and federal laws. Holds ex-parte hearings that change restraining orders without notice to other side.  Illegal actions and lack of respect for the law.
Judge Armand Fernandes

Bristol County ..... New Bedford and Fall River courthouses.

My name is Jim Feeney. I have been through a very adversarial divorce, Judgment in January 2006. I had and still have Judge Armand Fernandes who is totally biased and prejudiced, abuses his judicial powers and is unfit to be a Judge. My ex-wife's attorney has done nothing but lie and create perception. Judge Fernandes believes every word as gospel, hasn't required him to prove one thing and has blocked all evidence I offered to refute my ex-wife's attorney's accusations.

I had three different lawyers early on in the divorce, none that did a thing to protect my interests, I had two Complaints for Contempt that cost me $2, 500 each for my ex-wife's attorney's fees for failure of my attorney to provide required discovery they were given by me. I ended up representing myself and got railroaded by Judge Fernandes. Fernandes broke the law, interpreted the law to persecute me, acted as defense attorney for my ex-wife, prosecuting attorney against me and Judge all at the same time ... making my ex-wife's attorney's job simple.

In recent Complaints for Contempt actions I hired an attorney to represent me. Fernandes blocked testimony and evidence we had to present and took the word of my ex-wife's attorney as truth without requiring a stitch of evidence. My ex-wife's attorney said they had documents they never ended up producing in four days of hearings. Fernandes was so blatantly biased he sustained my attorney's questioning without an objection being made. When my attorney said, Excuse me Your Honor but there hasn't been an objection, Fernandes asked my ex-wife's attorney if he'd like to object. He half stood up and said "object". Fernandes said "Sustained, next question." The man is out of control.

Another Person:

Judge Fernandes is horrible. I attended court with a friend of mine for support. He does not read brief's and seems to like to hear himself talk? According to the attorney; one never knows how this judge is going to rule? He is unreliable with no consistency when it is involving a ruling...

Another Case Against this HORRIBLE Judge:

I'm afraid to tell you my name because Armand Fernandes of the Bristol Probate Court is still my judge and will be in the future, as my docket has been assigned to him.  He is an AWFUL judge.  He intentionally blocked me from my ability to present proof  to rebut a false accusation, (which was an obvious and established pattern of retaliation on the defendants part), had multiple, "in chambers", meetings with the lawyers of which I was not allowed to be present, refused to allow me to cross examine a witness, despite the fact that he had allowed me to cross examine previous witnesses,  repeatedly made derogatory comments toward me personally, repeatedly stood up from the bench and screamed at the top of his lungs at me for the sole purpose of intimidation, answered for the witnesses on the stand, (in essence, giving them the answers to difficult questions), verses having them answer themselves, deliberately intimidated my lawyer out of presenting a legal argument by threatening him with the possibility of disbarment, asked the opposing attorney if he objects to documents I wanted to present, (when attorney didn't think to do this himself), ignored the results and findings of an investigator's report that he himself assigned to the case, participated in attempting to coerce me into settling the case, (verses having the trial), by insisting, (literally for years), that the parties try to settle, took over my lawyer's questioning of witnesses and acted as defense attorney for the opposing party, threatened me with jail, etc, etc, etc.  I was the plaintiff, completely innocent of any and all wrong doing... his inexplicable bias was a BLATANT display of abuse of his power which he used to protect the guilty party.    

Judge David Fuller -  Head justice of the Hampden County Probate Court Steve Shapardson
Sexist Statements and rulings. Fuller issues order for visits with children. Mother interferes with visits. Fuller refuses to enforce his own order but says if you bring this matter back I will remove your joint legal custody.
Judge Rockett, Middlesex mcarusi@charter.net
Not enforcing his own court ordered visitation and denying father his visitation rights when wife violated visitation approximately 70% of the time for 6 months.
  Second Victim of Judge Rockett:  Middlesex 3rd District.  On May 25h, 2005 after Spencer Kagan rescues from my case, he assigns me over to Rockett on five (5) contempt charges.  Rockett never even comes out of chambers, identifies the parties & attorney's nor does he view any of the evidence.  Rockett just signs off on all of the contempt charges, behind closed doors.  NOT justice, an inside job, from Kagan to Rockett.  Coffee anyone or perhaps a drink at the Inn @ Harvard?  AVA Peer Rated or Fellowship of Matrimonial Lawyers...dinner for you!
Judge Fuller mp5983@msn.com,

Mark Perry

Stealing from middleclass white males and disbursing all assets to his friends and the State. Knowingly ignoring contempt of visitation. My son has been kidnapped and held for ransom for over five years. I have not seen him nor do I know where he is. Even though I am and was a perfectly fit parent. Fuller has accepted  money to flow to enrich himself on the backs of the struggling middle class white male. As a Harvard graduate he extorts millions from the middle class to maintain the status quo of the rich 10% he protects.  Total disregard for the law. The total and blatant failure to allow any due possess as he is required to do as stated in his oath of office is treason against the United States of America. Harassment: He has personally harassed me from the bench. For no logical reason.

Judge Kagan, Middlesex

Issues sexually biased orders. When overturned on appeal continues to ignore appeals court and harasses men with further legal mazes, appeals, fees and bad orders. He illegally re-wrote a pre-nup. Was overturned on appeal. Also in same case tried to re-write terms of a trust (unsuccessfully). Copied factually wrong findings from wife's attorney...word for word. Said husband's income was unverifiable...even though his only source of income is as a full-time employee of a large company (Morgan Stanley). Has been overturned two times out of two appeals in the last three months. Has five others pending. Has been told by appeals court to correct many mistakes and continues to do what he wants instead of what higher court ordered.

Findings of Appeals court at great cost to father:  A valid pre or postnuptial agreement may not be altered by a judge (Korff v. Korff Mass. 2005 Mass. Appeals Court).

Masters fees to Mr. Bowser for the returned case now exceed $34,000 to fix the errors of this judge. It seems the master and Kagan have conspired against Mr. Korff and Kagan will most likely need to be appealed again if he adopts the Master's findings.  What Bowser now is recommending to Kagan is to reclassify a portion of the alimony illegally ordered by Kagan and call it child support. In effect retroactively increasing child support to offset Mr. Korff's court ordered alimony overpayments...even though Kagan's original judgment included a child support award that he said was made totally independent from the alimony award.  Child support cannot be retroactively increased before any modification date. It is a federal law.   Judge Kagan is in contempt of court...refusing to vacate his judgment in a timely fashion and ordering Mr. Korff to pay huge sums to correct a mistake that he made!!!!   This court decides child support and alimony each and every day...why should this decision be farmed out to a friend of the judge at Mr. Korff's expense? How do you spell CORRUPTION!!!!!!!??? Just outrageous.

It was later discovered that Kagan and Bowser had a prior professional and financial relationship that was not disclosed to the litigants as required by the code of ethics. And as a matter of fact it was kept covert purposely by Bowser and Kagan. And, when that relationship was uncovered Kagan was confronted with the evidence and had no choice but to recuse in disgrace. And the Master report was thrown out as a result of this discovery. It seems "Special Master" jobs are used to funnel favors and money to friends of judges and ex-judges often in probate court. This system is all about extracting as much money for the players in it from couple in crisis. Rule of thumb for lawyers is keep CAUSING problems until 40% of the estate's value is billed in legal fees. In this case, even with a win on appeal, the victim is further abused financially by additional onerous legal fees.  So even when you win and the judges make HUGE errors you pay the price all over again and the industry players get to bill more. In most industries this is called "fraud".  They make mistakes on purpose and bill you more??! The divorce industry is a SCAM for lawyers to plunder the estates of divorcing couples using children as bait! These people have no soul or ethics and are destroying families and children for their own profit and greed.

From Another victim of Kagan:

Spencer M. Kagan:  Politically and organized crime connected & protected: 5 years on the bench, (appointed by Cellucci, lied on his original application to become a judge).  Has 31 recorded cases with the appellate court, more than any other judge in the state of MA. the go to guy, currently in Middlesex, 3rd district, along with Rockett & Kaplan (protect each other) to dump more money back into the (illegal) "Law" community @ a huge cost to families.  Total dollar asset figure is the driving force.

Case specifics:  31 year marriage, 20/80 division on marital assets. Kagan ignored Financial statements, Trust, Court Ordered Discovery, Reconciliation, Master, his own court orders. Forced to a 2 day trial, kicks the main verification witness out of the court room w/out explanation, contempt's, and his famous Restraining order issued to induce "fear" so he won't be exposed. 

On May 25th 2005 Spencer Kagan rescued from my case, admitting that he was not able to do his job!!!  Why?  One of his own, prominent Boston attorney, connected friend (case manager) from Brown & Rudnick came forward, wanted to be granted immunity, give a sworn deposition, and expose all.  Not allowed, professional suicide. Stipulation of the parties, stipulated evidence (only signed by ONE attorney, not the parties or other attorney, and allowed) totally illegal, why?  Discovery: court ordered never done, why this is the "LAW"?

   In Spencer Kagan's own words (taped x2)  "Donald Trump's, Art of the DEAL"!  Refuse to take the DEAL, you can pay in the appellate process.  Logic & the basic concept of mathematics is not part of the equation, instead the Judge uses his position and personal connections, to dump more money back into the corrupt legal system, void of all conscience.  Under the "pains and penalty of the law" in place for all.

Anonymous lawyer quoted about Kagan: "a pompous ass"

Judge Spencer M. Kagan, Cambridge family Probate Court.
Judge Kagan has ignored my evidence of Attorney Charles Jordan lying to Judge Kagan as I had Photographic Proof.  Judge Kagan has ignored taped Recordings of another Judge, Rocket, who Heard the evidence and Proof that my spouse lies on ALL
of his Financial Statements as to the high amount of his income. Judge Kagan cancelled 2 of my court days due to his Mother's illness and the cancelled another
Trial Day due to one of the Attorneys brother's illness, dragging our case on over 3.5 yrs.  Judge Kagan showed unethical favoritism towards one of his Lawyer Friends opinions, not factual information of Attorney Fern Frolin from Wellsley whom is good friends with Judge Spencer Kagan and she  misrepresented and lied about my child's True wishes to live with mom, ( Per my daughter's own words).  Judge Kagan also ignored my pictorial evidence that Attny. Fern Frolin had misrepresented factual facts to our Guardian Et Litem assigned resulting in G.A.L.' s report containing unfactual and  untruths which Judge Kagan leaned towards to believing without seeing my evidence. The G.A.L.'s  Three reports,  all contradicted each other greatly.
Judge Kagan also ignored listening to two professional witnesses that were ready to present evidence on this day 3-22-06 including our DSS Social Worker and our Families 4 year family therapist Dr. Anne Gehren-Beck Shim from Wediko Childrens' Services and "forced" us, the parents to sign a 6 page agreement, conjured up by my children's attorneys just to put an end our case even after all his cancellations of Trial days and refusals to listen to Professional Collateral Witnesses Present that day.  Not listening to the Taped Recording of Judge Rocket's statement "What dos this say about this man's creditability" when my spouse was Caught by Judge Rocket  lying on all his Financial Statements was very detrimental to the ending result of our custody case as well as refusal to listen to Professional Colateral Witness's statements resulted in Poor Decision Making by Judge Kagan putting my young children's health, well being and best interest of my children at High Risk for Danger
in father's house where witness testified that loaded handgun was found by her and also father had bought & supplied liquor to minors in his home from my daughter, age 14 to other teens under age 18.  His actions up until now have been a complete disgrace and the safety of my female children are now at high Risk of danger.
The one attorney, Attorney Fern Frolin, will be reported to the BAR Assoc.
I am very disappointed in the Unethical Behavior & Friendly relationship he has
(outside of the court) with one of the female Attorneys that represented my youngest child.  Now, my youngest child is placed in the house with the Loaded Gun,  Other Weapons, Alcohol bought & served to minors, exposure to Child Pornography,                    My 15 year old getting pregnant in father's home from daily sex as the children are completely unsupervised there, etc.  If My children get Hurt at father's due to these
unsafe factors Judge Kagan ignored, further action will be taken

Judge Jonathan Kaplan,
Rockville Court, Connecticut
Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029

At Rockville Court, with Jonathan Kaplan as administrator, the rules of civil procedure no longer apply, Criminal proceedings are ignored and children are being abused.

 Criminal court orders stay in effect after defendants are found not guilty, mothers are no longer required to attend family court proceedings or hearings,  Practice book requirements for service and representation are overruled.

 The Practice Book for Civil Proceedures requires a person to be notified of a civil proceeding and service by mail.  At Rockville, parties are now required to subpoena the other party.

 Parties also have the right to council on motions for contempt.  Not at Rockville, you have no rights and parents are forced to represent themselves and are incarcerated.

 Hearings are held without the mothers being required to show and the motions are denied.  When a father fails to show a capias is issued for their arrest.

 Motions filed by men are delayed for months, motions by mothers are scheduled in days, short cicuiting the normal procedures

 Blank Restraining orders are issued with no allegations of abuse and granted for complaints against Judges.

 Kaplan can fabricate documents and influence other jurisdictions for arrests and prosecutions.

Judge Ronald King, Worcester, Marlboro and Leominster

Over 36 violations of the law in my case alone that I have seen and documented. I filed federal suit for "acting in his own person", abuse of power and many civil rights violations. It was dismissed by the judge becasue "He has immunity". Not true, a lie in fact as U.S. 42 1983 is specifically for suing judges and other "state actors" that are violating civil rights.

Judge King, like many judges in Massachusetts ,regularly issues restraining orders to anyone for the asking without meeting the legal requirements of statutes and case law (this seems to have become standard procedure of all the lower courts, who ignore the rights of men and case law limiting this issuance of these to cases of "reasonable fear, which would not be reasonable without prior violent acts or threats of bodily harm to an individual).  

In fact every RO issued is a violation of the judicial Canons which prevent judges sitting on a case with any possible conflict. Becuase the Fedral courts pay local judicial systems funds for these they are printing money for themselves every day.

Issues child support orders without any basis in fact, evidence or even testimony that have nothing to do with the income of the father. Does not fill out the child support guidelines worksheets, as required by state law, just picks round numbers out of the air while ignoring medical payments and other required adjustments.  Makes support orders in violation of federal law by exceeding 60% of take-home pay of fathers.  Finds people in contempt of court and sentences them to jail terms totally against cited case law, requiring proof that the defendant has the ability to pay at the time of the contempt hearing, when they have no ability to pay the impossible and unlawful orders he has previously placed them under.

Puts people in job programs when they already have a job to try to force them to earn more money against constitutional rights. Has obvious prejudice against self-employed individuals and shows this by his remarks in open court.  Denies fathers access to their children without any basis in law, fact or testimony, doing great harm to children and their relationship with their father.

Makes inappropriate threats and comments to intimidate defendant fathers like "one more word and you will go to jail" to end hearing when he is not getting what he wants and is being presented with his violations of the law and due process. Constantly terminate hearings prematurely when he think he has heard enough, though you have additional testimony and evidence to present.  Violates due process constantly by ending hearings prematurely for lunch or the next case right in the middle of a persons arguments (actually got up and left for lunch one time when my lawyer was still talking. We were only 50% through a set of motions before the court) which much evidence prepared to present.

Refuses to provide findings of facts within the 60 days required by federal law (even after allowing the motion). Denies valid motions and requests showing great prejudice against men, pro se defendants (men) and self-employed individuals. Seems to believe if you are self-employed you must be a criminal and can pay yourself any amount you wish magically.  Seems to believe anyone who fights for their rights should be intimated, threatened with jail and ruined financially until they comply with his beliefs and wishes.  Ignores due process and the constitutional rights of men.

Shows either great arrogance or ignorance of the laws (hard to tell really) through his actions and comments.

As with most judges in the Massachusetts family court system, judge King inflicts cruel and unusual punishment on fathers by kidnapping their children to impose the ransom of child support for the for-profit system that has formed around the $25 billion per year divorce industry. The conflict of interest from unconstitutional federal government kickbacks of HUNDREDS of MILLION of dollars to the judicial system is a violation of the judges oath around conflicts of interest and the oath to uphold the country's highest laws, over those of the state, which are the Constitution and the U.S. Supreme courts. Massachusetts and many states court act in very clear violation of this higher law every day.

Judge Sacks

The Dishonorable Judge Sacks is still on the prowl.
Today was my one year anniversary of my RO to have it vacated.
As per usual Sacks v Schebel, Sacks failed to follow law but followed his protocol.
In the hearing my lovely ex-pride stated in the past year there has been NO new incidences but I feel the restraining order works well in this case and it should be continued.
I crossed examined her and in that cross examination she has admitted she filed criminal complaints just because my name came up on caller ID (my son called her), and that I was found INNOCENT of the charges.
Even after I told dishonorable Sacks about Dolan v Dolan 55 Mass. App. Ct. 905, 771 N.E.2d 825 and Jones v. Gallagher 54 Mass. App. Ct. 883, 768 N.E.2d 1088, the dishonorable Sacks stated I misunderstood the case and no new incidence need occur.
He wrote
"Plaintiff has reasonable cause for order to be extended the continued need based on the testimony and case history and prior finding. Deft is incorrect that a "New" incident is required.
So here I go to the appeals court again after the election again.
Judge Judith Dilday (Middlesex Probate & Family Court, Cambridge MA) JNollet@worldnet.att.net
One would suppose that, as an African-American, she of all judges would be properly sensitive to the possibility of false accusation and unjust persecution established government.  Moreover, her own husband, James Dilday, a noted attorney in his own right, was once publicly and falsely(?) accused by a former client of having molested her.  But do not expect Justice from this judge -- not if you're a male.  She will grant Restraining Orders like candy if the requester is female but will ignore similar pleases from men even in the face of witnesses and vast physical evidence.
She once issued an RO against me simply because my ex asked for it.  In the afternoon session, I asked for a reciprocal RO against her.  She said, "I don't do that." (But why not?  Nothing in the law prevents that, and a doubly-binding order could only further insure the Peace, no?)  She referred to my documentation as so much "pounds of paper."  (But most if not all evidence introduced in any court is so much "paper;" courts could not function by refusing to admit paper evidence.)
She simply refused to do her job.

This is sexist and unacceptable behavior from a judge, granting and order against the requirements for women alone is unlawful, not granting the same for a man is sexist also and a separate offense.

Judge Peter C. Digangi
Essex County
In one case alone:

(1) Judge Digangi made numerous findings of fact that are completely unsupported or uncorroborated by the evidence;

(2) he precluded me from presenting every one of my 55 exhibits that I had pre-marked for the trial;

(3) he ignored the mother's blatant crimes of perjury in legal documents, lies under oath, and contempt of court orders;

(4) he disregarded my constitutionally-guaranteed rights to due process and equal protection and my inalienable right to parent my child;

(5) he overestimated the evidential value of secondhand hearsay;

(6) he fabricated evidence of his own to slander me;

(7) he misdirected me during the trial to obstruct the submission of evidence that would have damaged the mother's case;

(8) he entered orders on issues outside of his jurisdiction that were not even brought up during the trial;

(9) and he expressed his gender biased opinion on several occasions that fathers are lesser parents than mothers and have no chance of success in his courtroom.

This case went to appeals court because of Judge Digangi. A competent court would have reviewed the evidence and been able to assess the credibility of the Mother from that evidence, and an honorable court would have held the Mother accountable long before my case made it to appeals court.

Combine Judge Digangi's gender-biased agenda with flawed family court law that invites an unethical mother to abuse the system and you have a situation where a father has absolutely no chance of succeeding in his courtroom.

In conclusion, Judge Peter C. Digangi represents the out of touch ignorance that is pervasive in this state's family courts. He and others like him are the reason why there is a compelling need to remove the word discretion from family court statutes and remove judges like him - who are a disgrace to our system of justice - from the bench.

I could also go on about Judges Gelinas, Cypher, and Trainor of the Massachusetts Appeals Court who not only denied my appeal but added insult on top of injury by calling my appeal frivolous with no basis in law or fact to extort from me double the mother's attorney fees. There is absolutely no way possible that an honorable court could reach such a conclusion and I fear that it was retaliation against me personally for my very public efforts to expose the corruption that I have endured in this state's family courts.
Judge Rockett
Middlesex Court, Cambridge, MA.

Retiring 10/31/06

Goodbye and good riddens.

Judge Rockett has prevented me from having any contact, of any kind, whatsoever, from my three wonderful children -- for the past year and nine months.  Ironically, I can spend as much time with any child on this planet as I wish, with the exception of the three children to whom I gave life.
I have been found NOT GUILTY of  eleven separate fabricated allegations of violating a restraining order.  I was also found NOT GUILTY of an alleged fabrication of assault (a verbal threat) which my ex used to obtain the bogus Restraining Order.  Keep in mind I have never been able to cross examine my wife's claim(s), and I have been completely denied of my Due Process rights. 
I have wrongfully spent sixteen nights in Jail, and one night in Prison, and my CORY report now is three pages long!
This all came about immediately after I foolishly signed all of my assets over to my lovely wife of 19 years, (someone I had lived with for twenty five years). I signed the substantial assets (including a prosperous Venture Capital company I founded seventeen years prior) over to my wife to protect the assets from attachments in a large Civil law suit that subsequently has been settled, and of which I did not owe anything.  Nonetheless, my wife fired me from my own company, and had me removed from our home in Concord, MA in handcuffs.
I slept in cars and couch surfed for a year and a half.  I recently was hired by a long time Venture Capital friend, despite my three page CORI report.  I'll always be able to make money, but I'll never be able to get back the time lost watching my children growing up.
My intent was not to rant here, but, Chris Kennedy has minor issues when compared to my case!
Judge Rockett is an embarrassment to the bench, he even failed to produce any findings of fact for the Judgment he rendered. 
Mr. G.

Known as a hanging judge Rockett send people to jail without due process all the time. Standard procedure in Cambridge is to pull a "lawyer" out of the hall and pretend the "defendant" is represented so they can send him to jail on contempt without too much fuss. Basically he is a leg breaker in a black robe that has major psyche problems and has gotten away with being an extortionist (setting examples?) for many years under color of law. In fact he is a prolific criminal protected by too much judicial immunity.

Judge Manzi

Massachusetts Probate and Family - Essex County Division

I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you and your readers about Judge Mary McCauley Manzi of the Massachusetts Probate and Family - Essex County Division.
Judge Manzi is a biased self serving person with a agenda.  Her agenda is to deny males of a relationship with their children and strip them of any assets they own.  Justice is only available to females in Judge Manzi's court.  Some of Judge Manzi's biases were demonstrated in the following manner:
1)  Judge Manzi deliberately delayed my divorce case to force me to leave the state homeless and penniless.  All my assets were tied up in a house which I was essentially evicted out of.  I am still in court over the house issue five years later.
2)  Judge Manzi granted a restraining against me unfairly and without notification to me.
3)  Judge Manzi took away my property rights to my house by granting a motion that was not served properly.
4)  Judge Manzi attempted to intimidate me into entering into a worthless promissory note. 
5)  Judge Manzi made rulings when she had no jurisdiction over my case.  Neither party resided in her county after a certain period.
6)  Judge Manzi increased my child support without a complaint being filed.
7)  Finally, Judge Manzi ignored my requests for visitation with my children.
Basically Judge Manzi would be a good meter maid.  I think the citizens of Massachusetts, which I thankfully am one no longer, should stand up to this person before she ruins other fathers and families.  I know she will.

Send recommendations of additional judges to watch and document abuses to webmaster@FathersUnite.org 

Judge Joseph Hart - Worcester, MA


er court is administered by judge Hart as "First Justice" and is rapidly become known for flagrant abuse of the law in favor of rubber stamping mother custody and speed of cases. This is a crime against humanity and children and the First Justice must be responsible for this result. He is clearly not managing, training or leading these judges but must instead be encouraging the denial of civil rights of fathers and due process.

In Massachusetts, a judge can be removed by a simple bill of address. This is merely a motion filed by one legislator, is not formal legislation, and is much easier than impeachment. It requires a simple majority vote of both houses, the Governor's council, and the Governor's signature. Merely filing a bill of address will send a powerful message.


Please submit names of judges with (ONLY) firsthand accounts (PERSONALLY WITNESSED) of their actions that make them deserving of special attention and oversight by the Massachusetts branch of the National Association of Court Watchers.

These judges will be prioritized based on the number of complaints received. Second, third and forth witnesses to back up your complaint are desirable, so that anyone can not just put on any judge they do not like on the list. The more collaboration the better and the higher priority that judge will get for monitoring. 

The idea is to go after the worst abusers of the law first, as they should be easiest to catch in these illegal acts - and they should be illegal. Easy offenses to document include:
  1. Refusing to hear evidence or motions and other violations of due process (which makes any order VOID)
  1. Ex-parte communications and hearings (any time all parties are not present)
  2. Pattern of prejudice and or comments that indicate this
  3. Erratic behavior, lack of composure or anything that seem drive by personal or ego reasons instead of the law
  4. Obvious abuse of authority and intimidation tactics (threats of jail, contempt when demanding your rights to due process)
  5. Specific comments in violation of the judge's oath of office

    Ignoring any rules of civil procedure, constitutional rights and federal laws (Supremacy - Though ALL judges in Mass. Family courts seem to be guilty of this). Most judges assume you do not know these rules and abuse them regularly. You have many rights including to have a full evidentiary hearing which requires judges to NOT use attorneys as witnesses (hearsay), but put people on the stand and only ask questions of these witnesses. Recommended for all pro se people to shut up the lying attorneys who make a living misleading judges.

Please specify dates, times and case names and/or docket numbers and order tapes to prove your case. Many have accused the courts of altering tapes and losing them, so get your tapes before you file complaints etc.
We hope and expect to knock at least 3-5 judges off the bench in 2006 and send shock waves through this system with a mixture of visible and INVISIBLE court watchers.

We may have a signup system online early next year with a "Pay it forward" sign-up system. Contribute a block of 2 hours as a court watcher and get a court watcher for your hearing or trial for 2 hours. That way there is no cost to anyone and there is no limit on how many court watcher hours we can generate. Help bring corrupt judges, who do whatever they want, instead of what the law requires, to justice.

Minimum required for a "vote" to focus on a bad judge is to specify the following in an email:
1) Judge name and court
2) His infractions (which you have personally witnessed) so we can add to the court watchers target list.
3) Any specifics that might be found on tapes or transcripts etc.

Note you do not need to post your name, but we need an email address to keep track of voters.

Send recommendations to webmaster@FathersUnite.org 

  1. Judges in Massachusetts give out 209a restraining orders illegally every day without shame to any WOMAN that asks for one and says the word "fear" unconstitutionally (Over 25,000 per year and over 33 times more per capita than Virginia). Case law requires that any alleged fear be "reasonable", yet they issue as soon as they even hear the word "fear", without even asking why they are afraid or what the person did to make them afraid.

  2. Judges in Massachusetts ignore the supremacy of higher laws which include the Constitution, federal law and supreme court laws. These trump state laws because the Constitution says no state may make laws that take away fundamental rights of citizens.  Therefore any and all statues in Massachusetts that reduce any rights of citizens are unlawful.

  3. Judges in Massachusetts have a huge conflict of interest in awarding child support created by illegal federal (payments between branches of the government are unconstitutional) kickbacks to the Massachusetts judicial system. These kickbacks fund the judicial system, judges' staff, judges' pensions and other things which create a conflict of interest that is against the judges oath. This was about $140 MILLION in a recent year in Massachusetts alone, and BILLION nationally. This indirectly funds judges' pensions, staff and other resources and the amount of these federal payments is directly tied to the amount of child support they award!!!

Corruption in Family Courts (and many say other courts as well) is rampant: IF you answer yes to the following "impeachable facts:" Then it is corruption!

Due process is NOT allowed. "Shut up, sit down and you are threatened with arrest for defending yourself and asking for due process.

"The courts of justice of the State shall be open to every person, and speedy and certain remedy afforded for every wrong and for every
injury to person, property, or reputation; and right and justice shall be administered without sale, denial, delay, or prejudice."


Sec. 528. Disqualification of officers and employees of the Department of Justice The Attorney General shall promulgate rules
and regulations which require the disqualification of any officer or employee of the Department of Justice, including a United States
attorney or a member of such attorney's staff, from participation in a particular investigation or prosecution if such participation may
result in a personal, financial, or political conflict of interest, or the appearance thereof.

Such rules and regulations may provide that a willful violation of any provision thereof shall result in removal from office. (Added
Pub. L. 95-521, title VI, Sec. 603(a), Oct. 26, 1978, 92 Stat. 1874.) Effective Date Section effective Oct. 26, 1978, see section
604 of Pub. L. 95-521, set out as a note under section 591 of this title.

Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241

Conspiracy Against Rights U.S. Code : Title 18 : Section 241

This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state,
territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of
the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same). It further makes it unlawful for two or more persons to go in
disguise on the highway or on the premises of another with the intent to prevent or hinder his/her free exercise or enjoyment of
any rights so secured.

Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of
Law U.S. Code : Title 18 : Section 242

This statute makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom to willfully deprive
or cause to be deprived from any person those rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution and laws of the
U.S. This law further prohibits a person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation or custom to willfully subject or
cause to be subjected any person to different punishments, pains, or penalties, than those prescribed for punishment of citizens on
account of such person being an alien or by reason of his/her color or race. Acts under "color of any law" include acts not only done by
federal, state, or local officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful authority, but also acts done without and beyond the
bounds of their lawful authority; provided that, in order for unlawful acts of any official to be done under "color of any law,"
the unlawful acts must be done while such official is purporting or pretending to act in the performance of his/her
official duties. This definition includes, in addition to law enforcement officials, individuals such as Mayors, Council persons,
Judges, Nursing Home Proprietors, Security Guards, etc., persons who are bound by laws, statutes ordinances, or customs.


We cannot verify each complaint individually but believe them to be from reputable sources. The number of complaints is so numerous it is easy to believe. Every time I visit court I see many, many infractions of the law to expedite cases which violate due process and deny people their rights. Basically people are railroaded by judges and lawyers for their convenience and generation of maximum fees by putting the work on lawyers who charge outrageous fees, when judges should be determining the facts with real testimony and evidence.  This has become standard in the Massachusetts family court.

Judges are now clearly the most prolific criminals in the state. I see them violating the law on average between every 5 and 10 minutes of time on the bench. This implies a judge breaks the law as much as 500 times per month or 6,000 times PER YEAR! It is time to start impeaching judges in large numbers who violate the Constitution and their oath of office even once per day.

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There is a family court judge in Reno Nevada named Chuck Weller that is only one year on the bench and is fast becoming number one on the list of worst judges in America. I have a link below to a website from the San Francisco Legal Reader which has become a forum for victims of Weller and others talking about the outright abusive behavior that Weller is dishing out. In Reno the hearings are on computer CDs and I have viewed some of these in my investigation. If I hadn't seen this with my own eyes I could not have believed their horror stories. I have seen some of the CDs and what they are all telling me directly and posting to the legal reader is true. Completely outrageous

I want to get the word out as much as we can to help these organizations that are working to stop this kind of abuse and hopefully, if we can get this posted on as many internet sites as we can it might be noticed and prevent an unsuspecting person from falling into Weller's court and being destroyed like many of the ones who have already gone before him.

 The link is: http://www.legalreader.com/archives/001590.html

How to Remove a Federal Judge


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University of San Diego School of Law