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This Man's Entire Life Was Stolen From Him
Because The Court Refuses To Believe Him
9 Years Gone and NO Way Out For Life If He is Telling The Truth

Who is the real thief here, who is the real animal here without compassion or ethics?  This woman must be truly insane and the courts should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this. He should have been release for "time served" long ago, but THEY want to see all of us stay in line and pay whatever child extortion and alimony THEY deem appropriate. All so they can get their piece of every estate going trough a divorce now and for the next 18+ years, buy their pools and send their children to the best schools to carry on this travesty they call this justice. It is nothing but greed go wild, run by incompetent and overpaid lawyers, without any sense of morality at all.

Basically the court believe they can not be wrong, and yet often refuse to hear the truth by invoking archaic laws and clearly abusing their power for self interest and to "keep people in line" while they violate any law they see fit.

This is one stubborn man/ex-hubby. Man, he must HATE that woman!!!

Bill  From VA
Without Prejudice
“Sheriffs, having eyes to see, see not; judges having ears to hear, hear not; Among the most dangerous things an injured party can do is to appeal to justice. ” Mitchum v. Foster 92 S. Ct. 2151
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Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2005 2:26 AM
Subject: [AMOJ_MAIN] Re: Beatty Chadwick & Terry

H. Beatty Chadwick, a Pennsylvania lawyer who--as a result of refusing to turn over $2.5 million to an ex-wife--has been in jail for nine years.. . . Chadwick has insisted the money was lost in a failed investment, but a string of judges have ignored that claim and ordered him jailed until he returns the cash. Like Osete, Chadwick has seen his liability increase, to $4.2 million.
In a message dated 3/31/2005 9:39:20 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, Gmw112252 writes:
Unfortunately there is little if nothing at all we can do to save Terry absent divine intervention. BUT, Beatty Chadwick is still alive and we CAN help him. It is a case very similar to Schiavo:
1. He has been in a county jail for over TEN years for civil contempt;
2. He is slowly dying of cancer; 
3. His wife is keeping him in jail so she can collect her alimony;
4. She could agree to his release at any time & save his life;
5. All possible avenues of appeal including to the Supremes have been tried and denied;
6. They all have ruled in effect: LET HIM DIE in jail.
7. How many judicial executions will it take before the unelected chief justice dons a centered moustache and we are forced to call him "Furhrer," or worse, god! Maybe it's us who are brain dead?