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Judicial Abuse - Story #21
Margy Flynn <jackmargyflynn@yahoo.com> wrote:
Thank you for your response to our letter to J.A.I.L. and for the attachments you sent.  Court watching is certainly one way of keeping these imposters, acting as judges, in line.  We applaud your efforts and hope you and others will continue.
We are part of a group of Citizen activists, who care about this Nation, the ideals it used to represent, and who want to restore it to the Constitutional Republic our forefathers created.  Our intention is to advance among the People of America knowledge and understanding of the Constitution, its powers, the Rights guaranteed therein to the People, and the limitations it places upon "government" to harm those Rights.  We want to propagate our Constitutionally based methods which will help Citizens all over the country to win their cases in court, now.
Our group not only deals in traffic "courts", but in all types of cases, in all types of courts, including three cases which went to the Supreme Court of the United States.
Our website and phone number were included in our original letter to J.A.I.L., which for some reason, they omitted.  That website is:  www.CitizensoftheAmericanConstitution.org
The website expresses our political philosophy and concepts, fully based in the Constitution.  The "Streamlined Review", contained therein, explains part of our methods, and should be reviewed by anyone who has a current case upcoming or pending.
Margy won, twice, against a large national bank, in state district court, before the same hostile judge.  This entire case, from A - Z, including all our Constitutional methods, from the initial letters, affidavits, all pleadings, through the Requests For Admissions, and the dismissal orders, are enclosed in that publication.  This is about 300 pages, with detailed explanations for each method and pleading, and is a "how to win approach" before any court.
One of our members just won another precedent setting case, yesterday, against the State of New Mexico, in magistrate court, against the following charges:  (1) no "driver's" license; (2) no registration; (3) no insurance.  This is the second time this same Citizen won against these same charges in two different courts against the State of New Mexico.  The Citizen not only won against the charges made by the State, but the State did not oppose any of the charges the Citizen made in his letters, affidavits, pleadings and Requests, including, but not limited to, misapplying the law, using non-existing law against Citizens, imposing unilateral and adhesion contracts, under coercion and duress, without full disclosure, and dealing in a system of fraud and racketeering to deprive Citizens of New Mexico of their Rights and their money.

Because our methods work, and they work because they are based in the Constitution, we would like to expose them to all interested Citizens.  If you can be helpful with this, providing others with our web site, email address and phone number, and many others do the same, the multiplier effect is invoked and we may be able to start changes, NOW, not later, in courts all
over this Nation.
Please review the website and get in touch with us after you have done so.
Jack and Margy Flynn, American Citizens


 Know your rights, demand your rights, or have NO RIGHTS!  It is that simple!


 NEVER give up!

The internet lets you get the education without, no cost involved, in the privacy of your own home, at your own leisure!
The 2.6 million reports of child abuse & neglect, 66%, were unconfirmed, but NOT RETURNED 2 the family. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/courtwatchers http://groups.yahoo.com/group/childrenNeedFamilies



 People who are disabled, poor or retired, are seen as easy targets by the Courts, Child Protective Services put much of a fight up, don't be Easy!  BE a Court Watcher! IF you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. 

I not an attorney. FOLLOW only you're HEART!
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