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Rockville Administrative Judge Jonathan Kaplan
Rockville Judge Edward Graziani
Rockville Judge Lawrence Klaczak

Attorney Susan Boyan, Council for the Mother 
Attorney Susan Lee Heintz, GAL for the minor children
Supervising State Prosecutors Chris Parakilas at Enfield,
Supervising State Prosecutors Matt Gedanski at Rockville 
State Prosecutor Elizabeth Leaming at Rockville

Theresa Wassenburg, Family Relations at Rockville Family and Criminal Court
These are the People abusing my children, lying to the court, colluding to deprive my children of a father and put me in prison.  They need to be stopped.  Judge Kaplan and court employees are costing the State of Connecticut thousands in retaliation for a complaint against Judge Kaplan for his discrimination and abuse.
My three children have been fatherless for a year and a half, my son has been arrested and I face 10 years in prison, all for my complaint against Judge Kaplan.  Who will protect my children from this abuse?
Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029
In a message dated 6/13/2005 3:59:38 AM Eastern Standard Time, Cksubs@aol.com writes:
Transcript of February 26, 2004, Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Administrative Judge of Rockville: 
"I simply reported to the supervising State's Attorney in the Office, Mr. Parakilas…because he should not be entering a nolle…. He wanted to enter a nolle." 
Transcript of June 6, 2005, Enfield Supervising Prosecutor Chris Parakalis:
"It's all unfounded, I don't know what transpired in GA19 with Judge Kaplan."  
The Court: Have you ever represented that the Case was going to be nolled?
Mr. Parakalis: No.   
The State Prosecutors in Enfield and Rockville, working with Judge Kaplan, have cost the State of Connecticut over $250,000 in Taxpayers money and Federal funding to maliciously prosecute cases without merit and deprive my three children of a father.  Is this in our new budget??
    On June 6, 2005, in Enfield, CT  Criminal Court GA-13,  I witnessed the Supervising State Prosecutor, Chris Parakilas lie to a Judge.  After a meeting in chambers with the Prosecutor and my Defense attorney, the Judge removed my attorney from my case for the second time when I demanded a jury trial.  Two years ago I was arrested by warrant and charged with refusing to return the children to the mother when she was gone for the night with her boyfriend.  The police report and the mother's testimony confirm she wasn't home.     
    The Supervision Prosecutor Chris Parakilas agreed to dismiss the charges if I completed 8 weeks of counseling, I did, but then he refused.  He refused because the Judge Kaplan in my family case called him and ordered him not to dismiss the charges, but to prosecute me for my complaints against him.  That was 15 month ago!
    Steven Erickson also alleges that for his complaints against Judge Kaplan and the State Police, he was assaulted on his property and arrested by the State Police and sentenced to a year in prison by Judge Kaplan, in retaliation for his complaints.
    For two years I have been going to Enfield court every month, over 24 court appearances and denied my repeated demands & rights to trial.   Other cases younger than mine have gone to trial.  I have witness abuse after abuse of prosecutor punishing minorities based on their lack of understanding of the law and without defense council.

Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029

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