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Fighting The Tyranny of Family Courts and
The Feminazies That Control Them

It is not possible to wins a war with terrorists and tyrants playing by the rules they set up for us. This is madness and simply a formula for slavery and disaster. As point out by other George Washington, John Hancock and many other heroes where clearly traitors to England. You must fight at the level they fight at to some degree or you are doomed.

I am not condoning violence, though I understand how some people who's entire lives have been stolen by the state, may feel this is their only recourse, but I certainly would not put this in an email as even that can be used against you. However, we must act in ways that get attention from the media and the public. These people have invaded our homes (illegally), stolen our children (illegally) taken our income (illegally and arbitrarily). They will continue to do this for their own financial benefits as long as they are allowed until we FORCE change.

How can we expect to fight and win a war when they can make and change the rules any way they see fit AND even totally ignore those rules themselves without liability or risk if they so choose. Change will require DRAMATIC action that shows the frustration and unfair treatment of men in divorce to the general public.

You win a war by destroying $1 million tanks with $5,000 antitank guns. All wars are wars of resources and attrition to some degree and our enemy taxes us for all their resources. Therefore this war can not be won with legal action alone or even by playing by THEIR rules. We must be willing to take real and serious action. Personally I think some of these judges should be in jail, yet they have made laws to make themselves 100% immune no matter what they do. No corporate person is protected against fraud and other bad or illegal behavior (this "pierces the corporate protective veil and make you PERSONALLY liable) - judges are.

I just had a restraining order renewed for a year when there is NOT EVEN and accusation of violence or bodily threat (required by law to grant an RO), only the irrational fear of a person on drug that cause paranoia. In fact my wife is on the record saying that I have NEVER hit her or threatened her with "bodily injury". I threaten her with LEGAL ACTION!!!!! She now has my home, which I built 8 years before meeting her and is protected by a prenuptial agreement as mine. I am now liable for $5,000 per month to support her PLUS "child support" (and I know of no law that allows a judge to order this) - and of course she will delay for years under these conditions if she can, sucking me dry financially while sitting on a six figure bank account of her own while I am being driven into bankruptcy. All this is illegal and all is unethical, yet all is also standard operating procedure for the family courts who issue boilerplate orders that do not take any differences from the norms into account.

I hope all of you will be at the Fathers for Justice March in Boston Friday June 17th from 11am to 1pm to celebrate Fatherless Day - Brought to you by the Massachusetts Family Courts, Judges and lawyers. If we do not show massive unity and organization our fates will never change.

-----Original Message-----
From: The Fatherhood Coalition [mailto:FATHERS-L@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM] On Behalf Of Jones, Ken A. (Civ,ARL/SEDD)
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 7:14 AM
Subject: Re: Another Mad Dad!

I second what Dan says. NOW will say, and some will believe, that all divorced men are terrorists, and we deserve to be divorced because we are all terrorists. This guy cracked, and he is a windfall for our enemies.
Ken in MD

-----Original Message-----
From: The Fatherhood Coalition [mailto:FATHERS-L@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM] On Behalf Of Daniel Grubbs
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 10:12 PM
Subject: Re: Another Mad Dad!

As much as I understand the sentiment, I can't express how incredibly bad an idea it is to come out in support of terrorists or terrorism.

-----Original Message-----
From: The Fatherhood Coalition [mailto:FATHERS-L@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM]On
Behalf Of Dom Tringale
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 9:38 PM
Subject: Another Mad Dad!

Hey All
Did you read this story?
I have always thought that if someone made an attack on the state, and the authorities asked me if I knew who did it, I would stand up and say, "Im Spartacus!"
This would be a classic move just like the movie. We could all insinuate to have done the deed to hide the real hero. They couldn't convict without hard evidence, but we would show the public that we support the actions of this guy. Our cause is soon coming to a head where the powers that be are going to have to straighten out the system. We all must turn up the heat on them NOW!
United We Stand!
Dominic Tringale

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