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Holodeck Law - Litigation Vortex

by Linda L. Kennedy, ATTORNEY
2001 Linda L. Kennedy
Office:  416 London Street
Portsmouth, VA  23704
Host of Hotseat for Judges Radio Show
on www.Crusaderadio.com

Reproduced with permission of the author

These vignettes are from Kennedy's book "Holodeck Law" where nothing is as it appears, and where the plaintiff is never to be seen again - with money.  She states:  

I hope these early chapter releases will help those good people who are still shocked when faced with the reality of the court and justice systems, and also for some who still have not yet grasped what is occurring, or who are still unwilling to believe what they have seen with their own eyes in our rogue courts, which are accountable to nobody, but themselves.  "The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists". J. Edgar Hoover, former head of the FBI.  Let us not be invalids.  Let us face the truth so it can be addressed while we still have time to correct it.   


For those who have never watched the television classic "Star Trek," according to this show, a holodeck is a computerized program that can "reproduce" a place of paradise, or a day in World War II, or whatever scene the characters choose to create. In the show, the hardworking spaceship inhabitants who needed a little "R & R" from the tireless tasks of captaining or crewing a spaceship would take breaks like we would take a vacation. These breaks, however, would be in a fantasy setting, the holodeck, where the participants could become a part of the program of their choosing. It is like playing a game of virtual reality. Except for the person using the holodeck program, all the characters on the stage of the holodeck are mere holographic images. Although everything looks real, it is not as it appears.

Until this past year I had not realized, or connected the similarities between this fantasy holodeck and the shocking reality of our American courtrooms today, where, as in the holodeck, nothing is as it appears. But, like so many other things in life, as one accumulates knowledge, and uses their own experiences, observation skills, wisdom, and reevaluates what has been seen and heard, a reality or a truth becomes more apparent.

The American courtroom is created by a legal aristocracy who will stop at nothing to keep money and power in the hands of a few "power-elite" control mongers. Much to my disappointment, at this stage in my legal career, the eerie similarities between the runaway American courts and the fantasy holodeck can no longer be denied. This Divine Right of Kings is still alive and well, but hidden carefully by the elite, within the bigger holodeck called America.  On this holodeck, we are taught that America exists as a republic, but many are finding out that it is nothing more than a disguised feudal system, where the rich still rule the poor.  Much of their perpetuation rule is guaranteed through the disciplining of the people  by Holodeck Courts, which even Congress fears.  This system of unjust discipline assures the lords and vassals that they will always have serfs over which to rule.  Serfs are not only "We the People," but also include those who may have been lords and vassals, or who have the potential to enter this class, but have refused to join the elite because they still believe in right and wrong.  

Although we have been indoctrinated by our government-funded schools to blindly believe that justice is found in the courtroom, the American Court is what I call "Holodeck Law" where nothing is as it appears. A television commercial coined the phrase, "image is everything," and as long as the public is unaware that American "justice" is a mere image, the government hand will always be quicker than the public eye.  Until Americans are awakened by their own court-hardships, each will continue to repeat the words, like a parrot wanting a cracker, that America has the most fair court system in the world.  Some have come to realize that this is not true as the justice system continues to advance, plundering  American citizens at its whim.  "The evils of tyranny are rarely seen, but by him who resists it."    John Hay  1872.  Unfortunately for us all, being a victim of the court's abuse is just a matter of time.  

Like the Wizard of Oz, who used smoke and mirrors to operate Oz from behind the scenes in virtual anonymity, but who was finally exposed for the fraud he truly was, it is imperative that the public discovers and exposes who or what is behind the curtain of our rogue justice system.  For those of us who have begun to remove the veil, I believe that "We the People," must become the Fourth Branch of Government who must, collectively, look out for each other's interests and provide the checks and balances our government was designed to perform.  Hopefully, in taking this active stance, we will be able to restore justice so that we can again be the master and the government our servant as originally designed in the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights.

What I now refer to as the "courtroom holodeck" is the scene of the crime, and the stage where this chimera is played out. In this virtual reality the judges and attorney(s) are holograms (mere images of justice), all working in the labyrinth of a "Litigation Vortex." The unsuspecting public who either gets sucked into the vortex (unwillingly brought into court) or suckered into the maelstrom (thinking that justice would be received through the legal system), are real characters, but they do not realize they are on the court holodeck, nor do they realize that they are not being protected, or zealously represented as their grade school teacher had taught them they would be in our government-funded elementary schools. They do not realize that nothing is as it appears in the holodeck court.

If one is unfortunate enough to fall on to the turf of the holodeck court, one must know the Holodeck Rule Book, who is the real enemy, and understand the holodeck strategies in order to survive and even sometimes thrive in the "Litigation Vortex."

When you voluntarily go into court you will find (or have found) that many times you will lose even though the law is clearly on your side.  Then, after the loss, due to your sense of justice, you begin filing lawsuits or complaints against judges, you appeal decisions, and spend time and other resources thinking of other legal strategies for seeking recourse, etc.  In essence, you are asking the judges to find themselves corrupt.

When stated that way I think most of you can see that this is probably not going to happen.  But even worse, you become occupied for years on a course that costs you large sums of money and keeps you busy with very little to show for it except perhaps high blood pressure.  Most often you simply become even more outraged and impoverished than when you innocently started down this path many years before.  Simply put, this is what I call the "Litigation Vortex" funneling onto the Holodeck Court, where nothing is as it appears and where the plaintiff is never to be seen again - with money.   I felt by releasing this chapter, many might benefit and better understand what I say when I tell you to get off the courts' "turf."

In spite of the Holodeck, however, I have found ways to win in court.  It is not impossible, but unless you know the "real" rules of court, you will not be able to endure or succeed in it.  My strategy takes a lot of understanding of the facts, the law, an understanding of the real strategies of the opposition (see Triangle and Two Defense), a thorough understanding of the overall corruptness of the system, an understanding of military strategies (believe it or not), and it becomes very case specific and tailored and must be tweaked as the case progresses. Be forewarned that this strategy is also a very dangerous one, especially for lawyers who use it, since by implementing it you eventually show the other side that you know their game and are not willing to play.  An attorney or citizen may get to use this strategy between two to four times before he or she is exposed as the enemy of the state (not playing along with their game in their Holodeck Court).  The system will then implement the "and two" part of the Triangle and Two Defense against you.  Attorneys in particular are susceptible to this counterattack by the system.

These released chapters are vignettes that may help you understand where you are in your litigation, what happened if you are already through your litigation nightmare, or perhaps will help you comprehend that the battle to win back our courts has to be fought off of the court's turf.  The writing is fairly short, and not all inclusive, but I think it will help you be more effective and help you stop doing the same things our poor predecessor citizens have unsuccessfully tried because they did not understand the real rules, or the real game.  We must know what the opposition is doing so that we know how to combat it in all legal, nonviolent ways available.


The Litigation Vortex

Whether you enter the "Litigation Vortex" willingly (suckered in naively - don't feel bad, attorneys have done it too), or whether you get sucked into the maelstrom like some alleged "criminals" and some attorneys on alleged "disciplinary" charges have, you enter into the "legal holodeck" where nothing is as it appears.  

You are a hard working man, hardly ever missed a day of work in your life.  Unsuspectingly, you have found yourself in the legal system where your grade school teacher taught you justice would prevail.  You learn to research your case, try to make everyone understand your facts, and how justice would be served by finding in your favor.  Initially, everyone seems to understand.  The judge, and sometimes even the opposing attorney appear to want to understand and get to justice . . . and the clerk was so pleasant.  You know she saw that you were an honest man.  And the "Holodeck Court" stage is set . . .  

Having no reason not to believe that what you heard in grade school was absolutely true, you spend your money on filings, legal advice (even if an attorney will not take the case), or legal fees if an attorney will take it.  Sometimes you even "count yourself blessed" that you have found an attorney who is willing to help you - so you think (see Triangle and Two Defense for more on this).  You know your case is a slam-dunk win.  And thus the curtain on the holodeck court stage opens and the bait-and-switch begins . . .

You think certainly the first couple of rulings must have been a misunderstanding. You may tell yourself that you have to do more legal research and write more clearly.  Then, they will certainly see that you have been wronged.  So you continue to spend your money and your time on this matter, even missing increasing amounts of work, because you are in this to right a wrong, just like your grade school teacher taught you.  You certainly can't turn around now - you've come too far and you are just getting the hang of the legal research. You may still cry when the National Anthem is sung - and you certainly put your hand over your heart like any good American would.  Perhaps you even fought to defend our freedom like so many honorable men (and women) have.

By now, they have you in the clutches of the "Double B."  What is the "Double B" you ask?  "Busy and Broke!"  

Due to the bait and switch maneuver, you are now on the defense even though you are listed as the plaintiff.  Next comes the final preparation for the dog-and-pony show - the final preparation for your day in court on the holodeck stage - and the implementation of the "Triple C" is ripe and ready.

As you get thoroughly busy, and more broke trying to answer the defense's frivolous motions, you continuously have to show that it is they who have obfuscated evidence and lied, not you as they have accused you.  You spend day and night trying to explain yourself to the court.  You answer their accusations by repeatedly explaining that you did not claim your wife on your taxes because she did not work, you injured your back ten years ago in a legitimate workers' compensation injury, and that you and your wife went to marriage counseling fifteen years ago only after your youngest son died.  

Yes, the "Triple C" is being implemented against you in just its proper sequence.  What is the "Triple C" you ask again?  This is when good citizens, who's only crime is that they naively asked the courts to rule justly, are labeled as either a:

      1. Criminal (who will believe him, he is a criminal tax-evader),
      2. Con-man (who will believe him, he lied on his tax return, and was a   
            malingerer from work), and/or
      3. Crazy person (who would believe him, he went to a shrink and is   
            paranoid delusional - ("get an I.M.E. - [Independent Medical Exam]
            quick and get this psycho diagnosed!  Call some doctor who
            needs our repeat business" yells opposing counsel back stage).  

The "Double B, Triple C" is in full effect now.  You are not only exhausted, but you now have to worry about your reputation, the IRS audit that is bound to happen due to the opposition's trumped-up allegations, or an insurance company's claim that you were fraudulent in that workers' compensation injury so long ago.  As the morass of this whirling dervish sucks you down further and further into its clutches, you can no longer see the path along which to exit. " What have I gotten myself into and how did I get here", you think as your friends start expressing the opinion that maybe you are a little too obsessed about this case?

As soon as the dust settles, albeit for only a moment, you finally begin to realize that maybe your grade school teacher missed something.  By now you are thoroughly engulfed in the "Litigation Vortex" and you decide the only way out is to ask your "master," if it please the court, if you could  be excused from the case?  So, confused, broke, and worn down, as you try to escape the Litigation Vortex's legal assault, you choose this road to perdition, and the judge quickly rules that you are dropping the case as he slams down his loaded gavel!  "Dismissed", he bellows!  But then you learn that you are indeed a money maker - but for the other side - as your master gleefully rules that you must pay opposing party's legal fees and costs for filing such a frivolous law suit against them in the first place (usually known as displaying "vexatious conduct"), and, in shock and confusion, and with a cold, tightly knotted anger in the pit of your stomach that will not go away, you quietly and sadly bend your knee and humbly go back to picking the "master's" cotton.

And so it goes in the "Litigation Vortex" on the stage of the Holodeck Court where nothing is as it appears, and where a plaintiff is never to be seen again - with money.

This description of course, is just the beginning of the Litigation Vortex because you may now decide to appeal, file a complaint against the judge, and continue asking the judges to find themselves corrupt.  Although you now know that your grade school teacher was wrong, there is still something in you that cannot accept that the injustices you experienced are the status quo. So you continue to go round and round in the vortex trying to find someone who will help you prove that what had happened to you was just a fluke.  At this stage, you still believe that the next judge will certainly see the manifest injustice that was perpetrated against you and will make the appropriate ruling to correct it.

I liken these subsequent filings to someone who is a compulsive gambler who only wants to win his money back. Although it is not an addiction or compulsion you have, you and the gambler are mistaken in not realizing that the odds are against you and that the deck is stacked.  Although not addicted we cannot be like that gambler, who does not accept reality and, therefore, continues to become more busy and broke. We must realize that we are indeed on a holodeck in the Litigation Vortex.

There are ways to possibly survive, and sometimes even thrive in the "Litigation Vortex," but you need to learn more about the real rules of court before I can even begin to describe methods that can work in certain settings. The stage is further set in the Triangle and Two Defense section of my book, "Holodeck Law" and may be of particular interest to anyone who has ever played basketball.  Until we understand the stage we are on, I will not be able to describe some techniques which can be used to get you extracted from the vortex, perhaps with your shirt still on your back and maybe even with a few dollars in your pocket.  But realize, that no matter what you learn from this book, the deck will almost always be stacked against you and you must first realize this truth before you will ever begin to have a fighting chance if and when you find yourself on the holodeck court.  

Triangle and Two Defense is designed to help you learn who your real enemy(s) is (are).  It describes who really has you turned upside-down in the centrifuge of "Courtroom, Inc." while you spin violently until every last dime is centrifugally spun from your pockets.  It also describes some of the real rules of the Holodeck Court.  

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.  When I became a man (or woman), I put childish ways behind me.  I Cor. 13: 11

Linda L. Kennedy
Attorney at Law
Office:  416 London Street
Portsmouth, VA  23704
Host of Hotseat for Judges Radio Show
on www.crusaderadio.com

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