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It is Pretty Clear Some Judges Are Totally Corrupt and
Flaunt the Law They were Empowered to Enforce
Evidence continues to mount that judges will ignore the law and "best interests of the children" to carry out a personal agenda and biases.  Although I was skeptical of this, as it means a true conspiracy is happening, down to the level of individual workers in the court system, I myself have even seen hearing recordings doctored to remove audio of lawyers and judges violating the law.  We must unite as fathers to remove these tyrannical dictators who abuse their authority from office. I have even heard some judges actually brag "I overturn the superior court every day". This is ego winning out over ethics and is a breach of their oath to obey the laws. A judge's job is to determine the facts and apply the law to the best of their ability, not enforce a personal agenda, social policy or opinions. Anything else is a criminal act.   March 25, 2005
Dear Governor Rell,
    Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Administrative Judge of Rockville Court, is calling and meeting with State Prosecutors and attorney's in private and coercing retaliation against people of his choosing.  This is a corrupt and abusive judge who is influencing cases he has no connection to.  I have lost my children for a year now and been arrested, specifically for my complaint against him.  You can read the transcript, the judge was very specific that I was presumed guilty, and what he did to order my arrest and removal of my three children.  I am one of many of his victims.
    Any case which involves State Prosecutor Elizabeth Leaming, Chris Parakilis and Judge Jonathan Kaplan is suspect to conspiracy, ex parte communication, illegal prosecution and illegal judgment. 
    Following Judge Kaplan's statement that he called State Prosecutor Chris Parakilis to instruct him how to prosecute my case in Enfield,  I watched Judge Kaplan remove my attorney from the Rockville conference room and have a closed door meeting with State Prosecutor Elizabeth Leaming.  After three witnesses saw judge Kaplan's private meeting with the mother's attorney, Susan Boyan, and her exclamation that she knew how the judge will rule, Judge Kaplan  granted a restraining order directly against testimony, there was no abuse.  The second restraining order Judge Kaplan granted to Susan Boyan was blank, listed no children and no abuse allegations, yet the judge ordered me restrained from my daughters. How?     
    I am requesting a full investigation into every case that involves Judge Jonathan Kaplan, State Prosecutors Elizabeth Leaming and Chris Parakilis and Attorney Susan Boyan.  Who else have they illegally prosecuted?  
    Every person at Rockville Criminal and Family Court needs to know that Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Prosecutor Leaming and Supervising Prosecutor Matt Gedansky are openly and actively conspiring to illegally arrest and prosecute whomever they choose. 
Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029


Dear Chris,

When you have these kind of circumstances with corruption, ex-parte and many such things going on, have you tried complaining to Commission on Judicial Conduct (or similar in CT) and the SJC for Suffolk County (I don't know what will be similar in CT).  Specifically look at the SJC for Suffolk County page ( http://www.sjccountyclerk.com/singjus.html ) which has the statutory superintendence under GL c. 211, 3 (superintendence).  Filing a Mandamus or similar action is certainly a viable option in the situation you describe below.  Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way.  Best luck.



Options for removing Judge Graziani in Connecticut:
The Judicial Review Board is supposed to review Judges, but they have only 9 of the 12 members required by law and three are fellow judges.  My complaint was dismissed for not being timely, but it was filed within a year as required by statute, and you have three years total.
Option 2 is 2/3  vote by Congress and the Governor can remove the judge
Option 3 is a unanimous vote by the State Supreme Court
Option 4 is stopping his reappointment every eight years by the judicial committee.  Judge Graziani is up for review in 2006, so get ready to complain.
Option 5??

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