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Family Court Corruption is a Worldwide Phenomenon
Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Brothers to the north sue

From: "Harry Braunschweiler" <harrybran@hotmail.com>
Subject: Two fathers to expose the gender corruption in Montreal Court.

Council for the Status of Men Canada

Member and Public Notice.

December 8th, 2005

Two fathers to expose the gender corruption in Montreal Court.

A motion of wrongful damages is to be presented before the Superior Court in Montreal on December 12, 2005 at 9:00am in room 2.16.

The lawsuit seeks redress and compensation for damages from years of collusion between the feminists in the Government of Quebec and lawyers at the Barreau du Quebec.

The suit contends negligent misconduct of not protecting the public by members of the administration of justice at the Barreau Du Quebec because of collusion  with and/or between the government agencies and feminist organizations namely the following:

Barreau du Quebec;

Minister de la Security du revenue et responsible de la condition Feminine government du Quebec;

Committee for the Rights of the Family’s Barreau du Quebec and the committee for project law 60 to facilitate pension alimentary;

Revenue Quebec;

Fonds d’assurance responsabilite professionnelle du Barreau du Quebec;

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Quebec;

And the

William Levy and Harry Braunschweiler are two loving caring fathers that have been abused and have uncovered the abusive misbehaviour by Quebec administrators of justice.

Both men have endured years of litigation for child custody without the protection of the fundamental principals of justice in the fact that the Barreau du Quebec is not protecting the public and has colluded with the Quebec Government’s agents to control and influence the legislation for child support and custody of 1997.

After years of investigation and collecting information the “smoking gun of gender discrimination” is evident in letters that proves the collusion and corruption within the administration of justice in Quebec and controlled by Batonniere Claudette Picard and President of Barreau du Quebec Committee for the Rights of the Family Ms Miriam Grassby.

Even with the McCullock Finney Vs Barreau Du Quebec judgement the Barreau du Quebec is still not protecting the public and has been wrongfully catering to government departments “political fiction” and feminists without careful considerations to all the public’s rights and the fundamental protection that is the Barreau du Quebec’s prime mission.

The suit also asks the court to order the Government of Quebec to correct the imbalance in gender representation by
 obligating the government under court order to construct a Minister responsible for the condition of Masculine Government du Quebec.

It is clear men have suffered from gender disadvantage in government and legal representation thus both contend that is why we have a disadvantage within the administration of justice.

This motion will be the blue print for a class action for everyone that has been deprived of fundamental justice in Quebec during divorce litigation and the fact that the Barreau du Quebec is for the public’s protection, not open to feminist and government manipulation to support political fiction ideology and dysfunctional legislation.

The two men contend that both have been abuse by lawyers in family court and seek damages against the Barreau du Quebec for not protecting the public.

The Cristina McCullock Finney Vs Barreau Du Quebec judgement sets the amount of $25,000.00 for damages against the  Barreau du Quebec and must pay for not protecting the public from one lawyer not being properly disciplined.

The two men will expose the corruption by exposing the dirty tricks used by divorce lawyers to manipulate divorce legislation for the benefit of the government and women that are the preferred custodial parent.

The two men contend that the administration of justice is void of the fundamental principals of justice in divorce cases if the public is not being protected by the Barreau du Quebec and lawyers are out of control because the disciplinary process at the Barreau du Quebec is dysfunctional in disciplining lawyers that commit misconduct against the public’s

Both men hope that the motion presented on December 12th 2005 in room 2.16 at 9:00 am will be the blue print for a class action suit that each person abused by the administration of justice receives $25,000.00 from the Fonds d’assurance  responsabilite professionnelle du Barreau du Quebec for Barreua du Quebec corruption of not fulfilling it’s prime mission of protecting the public.

           Harry W. Braunschweiler
           Vice President Council for Status of Men
Justice Critic and Service Worker Coordinator.
            760 Ch. Courchevel
            St Adolphe d= Howard
            Quebec, Canada
            J0T 2B0

Phone (450) 226-8140 Fax (450) 226-2554

In Quebec 1 (877) 408-7245 Canada (413) 405-7245

Email harrybran@hotmail.com
Or Contact William Levy  at 514 999-0001

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