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In a message dated 7/6/2005 3:41:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, christopher.kennedy writes

Dear Mr. Sullivan,
    Getting arrested every year and these weekly court dates are really starting to cramp my social life.  After the Governor's office recently requested the investigation of Judge Kaplan, Graziani and Klaczak and State Prosecutor Chris Parakilas and Elizabeth Leaming, my attorney withdrew from my criminal case in Enfield and I was scheduled for trial.  He said it was "too hot".  I believe he was forced off as he met with the Judge and Prosecutor in chambers that morning.  For two years I have been denied a trial while younger cases are scheduled before mine.  This is the second attorney the judge allowed to withdraw when requesting a trial. 
    I submitted transcripts last week of Judge Kaplan ordering Prosecutor Chris Parakilas to prosecute me and to change his intent to dismiss or nolle my charges as he had agreed.  Prosecutor Parakilas denied this conversation or his offer to ever dismiss this case, also on transcript.  I think he knows he's in trouble and desperate right now since two days later I was arrested and charged with perjury, from over a year ago.  The investigation was initiated by Judge Kaplan and he personally supplied documentation from the Rockville Courthouse to the Hartford Prosecutors, says the Warrant.  A judge doing his own investigation for the State Prosecutors?  What branch pays for that?  They asked for a $500,000 bond, apparently to shut me up.
    I'm really getting tired of this abuse by Judge Kaplan and the Prosecutors and would like to see our Government take a stand against corruption.  Eventually these men will be caught and prosecuted for what they did to my children and other people in Connecticut.  I would like to see that sooner than later, all I want is to parent my children.  What are your thoughts?  Who is running the State, the judges? 
Thank you,
    Chris Kennedy   
PS: Jail was very enlightening, I got to meet dozens of men being selectively and maliciously prosecuted.  I encouraged every one of them to fight as hard as they can, demand their charges be dropped or a jury trial and demand the Governor take action against corrupt prosecutors.  It was very discouraging to see how people are being treated in Connecticut and the lives that are being ruined. 
 -----Original Message-----
From: Cksubs@aol.com [mailto:Cksubs@aol.com]
Sent: Friday, June 03, 2005 8:14 AM
To: trvl@hotmail.com; christopher.kennedy@pw.utc.com; ltgovernor.sullivan@po.state.ct.us; Mary.Glassman@po.state.ct.us
Subject: Re: attn LT Gov. Sullivan, Mary Glassman, and Staff

Dear Mr. Sullivan,
    Judges cannot be allowed to order the arrests of people who complain against them, they cannot be allowed to take your children, arrest your children and imprison people who challenge their authority..  Along with Steve's voice we represent two people abused by judge Kaplan who are willing to risk further prosecution and retaliation by this judge to have him removed.  There are many other people who have had similar abuse by this judge but are afraid to come forward.
    If the State will not protect children and families from Judge Kaplan, from racial and religious discrimination, what are our options? Who will? Do we start sewing up Batman costumes?  How can the Governor say this is a Federal issue?  What laws should we follow if judges don't?  He is undermining the judicial system of Connecticut and must be stopped, immediately.  He is still the Administrative Judge of Tolland, how can this be?  How can Mike Lawlor tell me he is not interested, as Co-chair of the Judicial Committee?
We are asking for direct intervention in our cases and to clear our records and my son's record.  We are asking for a formal investigation of Judge Kaplan and the Governor stand by her claim of "no discrimination" and Ethics in Government. 
Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029
In a message dated 6/1/2005 9:56:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, trvl@hotmail.com writes:

To whom it may concern:


Should a citizen that police and the courts refuse to give protection and service to a citizen based on his/her occupation and geographic location (downtown Connecticut) be put in prison for having to defend him/herself when being beaten on their own property during a robbery attempt?


Well a criminal was given immunity for terrorizing, beating, and trying to rob a downtown Connecticut homeowner that was complaining in newspapers and to elected officials about police and the courts refusing access and service to individuals based on where they live and what they do for work.


The individual admitted to Judge Jonathan Kaplan that he, Brian C. Caldwell, had been threatening and harassing me before and after the attempted robbery incident where he demanded money from me while threatening to kill me Judge Kaplan told the individual not to do that again or he would get in trouble and sentence me to a year in prison, 3 years probation for having used pepper spray.


I want to get gainful employment. I have offers for insurance work out of state and would like to leave the country for import/export opportunities.


I at minimum need my probation ended. There were serious ethics violations in sending me to prison so my court case should be thrown out.


Please help me as no one else will dare go against powerful, corrupt officials in Connecticut.


I think you and your staff does care and do want to help.


I posted the following on the Internet:


‘My story’ doesn’t make sense to people that are not aware of what happens in the real world or haven’t been chewed up and spit out by authorities bent on a personal vendetta against them. So here goes yet again, I’ll try and put my story down again for those of you emailing me claiming my posts are too numerous and not well organized to get the grasp of my beef. Well, here goes, yet again: (more in the ‘Read More” section)


Well I ended up in Connecticut with my wife in 1994 after successfully bidding on a HUD house, a single family 4 bedroom house on 3 Brown Ave Ext., Stafford Springs, CT. We missed the Massachusetts HUD auction as the bank was late with our approval to go to the auction in Mass.

I was a founding member of the crime watch in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

One of the other couples got fed up with 24 hour drug dealing going on in front of their house and let the bank foreclose on them just to escape the hell of living in downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

The living conditions we were living under, the vandals and drug dealers taking over our property, and being hassled by police for trying to get them to protect and serve downtown property owners contributed to our getting divorced.

I sold the house, and was determined to buy multi family houses for my retirement and income. I bought 3 and 5 Church St. Stafford Springs and 18 School St. Somersville, Connecticut for 9 total apartments in 3 houses. The 2 adjacent properties in Stafford Springs were boarded up and were just shells and eyesores that led into the center of town.

I wrote in newspapers starting with my outrage at the State Police for chasing down Connecticut Sheriffs arresting them, etc over a power struggle in mid 1998. I was also working with State Senator Anthony Guglielmo and former State Representative Mordasky to force police and the courts to protect and serve all citizens equally regardless of their occupation and geographic location.

I faxed both a 4 page list of criminals, their names, crimes, and details that I had passed on to Connecticut State Police where police did nothing. Representative Mordasky’s aid, Rosemarie told me that the Connecticut State Police were angry with me from the highest ranks and were going to retaliate for my having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police legislation, for lodging complaints against officers and members of the judiciary, and for embarrassing police with what I wrote in newspapers.

Rosemarie suggested I sell my properties and move out of Connecticut before the police got me.

Barbara Sattal (sp.?) was allegedly dispatched as a Confidential Informant of the Connecticut State Police to find a way to compromise me, take me down, shut me up, and make me lose my properties. She started shadowing me from mid 1998.

Barbara S. confessed that she worked for the Connecticut State Police and was trying to get me to drive drunk to get nailed for that and was looking for anyway to take me down. She said she was serious about wanting to spend her life with me.

The fact that she started dating me to ruin me and had lied about being married made me disgusted with her. Barbara told me if I didn’t continue dating her that I could be ruined or protected by the Connecticut State Police at her discretion. She referred to a high ranking police officer at Connecticut State Police, Troop C Tolland, as “Dad.”

Barbara stalked me and a woman I was dating was pulled over twice on her way home, searched twice, and hassled and threatened for dating me allegedly by Connecticut State Police Officers. I never saw that woman again.

I rented cars, hid in my house, and tried to have somebody with me whenever I drove in Connecticut. I was living in fear of the police retaliating for my Free Speech and for having proposed legislation police didn’t like.

Police refused to give me any protection and service and threatened me with arrest for reporting criminals and crimes.

I was being terrorized by a police informant that was telling my tenants he was going to kill me, would beat on my door after midnight telling me he’d cut my penis off if he caught me out in my yard, and left threatening voicemails.

After two weeks of hiding and working late, I came home and he jumped me and beat me in my dark driveway. Connecticut State Police officers refused to take my complaint against my attacker and arrested only me for resisting the beating I was taking, refusing to arrest their informant, Brian C Caldwell.

Peter Coukos told me that Connecticut State Police Officer, Mulcahey and Stafford Officer Prochaska had told him to harass me out of Connecticut. Peter Coukos left about 40 threatening voicemails over a weekend, made sexual comments about my then 14 year old daughter and her friend Leanne, and left a voicemail threatening my daughter with death if she didn’t come to him and call him, “Mr. Coukos.”

I called Troop C Connecticut State Police and was told to call the Resident Trooper, Mulcahey. I brought a tape of the threats against me and my daughter to Mulcahey and Stafford Officer, Prochaska. Mulcahey told me he would arrest me if I lodged complaints against Coukos for threatening and harassing me and my daughter, and if I didn’t leave Connecticut ASAP.

I didn’t want to be arrested again for being beaten up, so I left Connecticut for Massachusetts.

Connecticut State Police Officers and Stafford Town Officers were bragging that I would be getting prison at my trial.

I told State Senator Anthony Guglielmo that my trial would be rigged for me to go to prison and that the Rockville Connecticut Court prosecutor refused to give me any deals, would not ‘unarrest me’ after I had forced police to do an investigation where I was declared the victim, and refused to sign the arrest warrant for Brian C. Caldwell when a police report determined Caldwell guilty of Threatening, Assault, and Breach of Peace for his stalking and terrorizing me, finally catching me out in the open when I returned from work.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan told me I was guilty and going to prison before the trial began. My Attorney Michael H. Agranoff let a worker for the police to be on the jury to become jury foreman not using our strike option as I had asked him to. Agranoff informed me late in the trial that Judge Jonathan Kaplan had forbidden him from defending me, in not disputing police perjury, or the prosecution’s shaky case.

I was sent to prison and sentenced to 3 years probation with no previous criminal record to ‘overreacting’ to be beaten during a robbery attempt ending the beating with pepper spray. What!!!???

I read while I was in prison that repeat offenders, a rapist, and even an armed robber with a lengthy record got probation and I got prison no deals for being a crime and stalking victim on my own property.

I lost my home, dog, retirement, contracting business, investment properties, contact with my daughter and other family, credit, health insurance, and the sum total of my life’s work for having tested Free Speech and for proposing corrupt police and members of the judiciary didn’t like.

I wanted to be able to be a police officer or game warden later in my life. I can’t now with a bogus criminal record.

I can’t get gainful employment, nor travel, nor interact with family and friend with restrictive and abusive conditions of probation.

I should have never been arrested nor imprisoned.

Should police decide what you are allowed to say, what legislation you are allowed to propose, whom you can date or marry, whether you can own a home, operate a business, or live out freely among other citizens?

Is Connecticut and is America a Police State?

Well if no one involved in the crimes to violate my civil rights and shut me up isn’t even investigated, never mind being punished, I can only think that the US Constitution doesn’t apply and we aren’t free in America.

Try putting “Steven G. Erickson” or “Arthur L. Spada” or “Connecticut State Police Misconduct” in a yahoo search engine for more information on my case.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083-0730

cell 508-558-8861


Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029

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