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The state-of-the-art in what is best for children of divorce. Every parent, judge and family law attorney must view this video to save their children from the ravages of divorce.
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MassResistance Sues Lexington Schools for Teaching Young Children Homosexuality


 And The Truth Continues.....   Krights goes around the world interviewing and investigating to get the truth. This could be our most important and explosive show to date.   Dave Ellison, Graham Manson, Dave Pyke, Stephen Baskerville, Dr. Mark Klein and Jamil Jarbar pull back the veil that covered Fathers 4 Justice!   Full Story and Active Program Link to audio program: http://krights.com/0004justice.php



On Friday January 13th 2006, Andy Srougi coordinator for Fathers-4-Justice Quebec filed a class action lawsuit at the Montreal courthouse valued at about 125 MILLION Canadian dollars. The lawsuit was filed against the Quebec Bar Association, the Quebec Bar Association’s Responsibility Insurance Fund, the Attorney General of Quebec and the Ministry of Revenue. The lawsuit is asking for 25,000 $CAN punitive damages per victim of judicial abuse and corruption. Fathers-4-Justice evaluates that there are about 5,000 fathers in Quebec who have been victimized by illegal practices by the Quebec legal system and discriminated against when it comes to the custody of their children. In December of 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered a decision in the Finney case, that held the Quebec Bar Association responsible to the tune of 25,000 $ per person in matters of judicial misconduct. As a result, Fathers-4-Justice predicts that if all 5,000 fathers sign on to the lawsuit, and should the lawsuit be won, the Quebec government will be forced to pay out over 125 MILLION dollars. At a minimum the Quebec government would have to pay out 15,000,000 $ for Fathers-4-Justice’s 600 members alone. To download a copy of the lawsuit with evidentiary documentation (10 meg. PDF file) click here. To participate in this class action lawsuit (complete and remit form) click here. The lawsuit will be presented before the court for approval on Monday February 13th 2006 at the Montreal Court House, room 2.16 at 9 am. Your attendance will ensure that the lawsuit gets accepted.
Joint custody to be Italian norm
ANSA - Rome,Italy
ANSA) - Rome, January 25 2006 - The Italian Senate gave the definitive green light Wednesday to a new law that strengthens the access and custody rights of divorced fathers .

”The legislation makes joint custody of children the norm when parents split up. This means single-parent custody - which usually goes to the mother - will now only be granted in a minority of cases.”


"The most important aspect of this measure is that, for the first time, it has established the principle of co-parenting. With this law, one divorces one's spouse, but not one's children." The new legislation will revolutionize the application of family law in Italy, supporters said. In 2004 judges gave the mother sole custody of children in 84% of cases, while fathers had custody in 6.5% and joint custody was granted in 8.8%. The law, which had bipartisan support in parliament, guarantees both estranged parents the right to regular contact with their offspring .

Hear recent radio Interview with our founder Wednesday December 28th on KRights Radio


Judges in Family Court are OUT OF CONTROL and they do not even realize it!!
 Here are Some of the reasons why:
  1. They have no accountability. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
  2. They have huge biases from several factors. They are severely biased against men, pro se litigants, self-employed people and more.
  3. They have no feedback loop, as any business must, to know what is happening to its customers as a result of their orders, adjust and improve the system.
  4. They seem to get worse, instead of better with more time on the bench as their arrogance builds and their immunity allows them to lash out at people without any consequence.
  5. Their egos prevent them from doing their real job: "Determine the facts and apply the law".  In family court they do nothing but listen to hearsay (from lawyers) and then do whatever they want. In fact what they make most of their decisions on is actually INADMISSIBLE in any REAL court of law.

    Judges crush men emotionally, financially and in every other way possible to make themselves think they are the knights on white horses saving women and children, when in fact they generate truly evil results that a) alienate ex-spouses and result in 1-30 years of harm to children, deny children their fathers and financially ruin families. Divorce should be simple, but lawyers make far too much money making it complex and getting spouses to fight by keeping them apart. This is one of the biggest frauds hoisted on society in history. They have just created laws over the decades to perpetuate and protect this money driven, evil system.

Judges have become the executioners of evil in family court. Their actions are illegal, immoral and totally inappropriate. In fact they are often acting "under color of law" which is treason to the U.S. under the law. This make them personally liable, yet no one in their system will admit or prosecute this because they all love the status quo. The system must be choked with its own rules, appeal, suits, impeachments and other actions that bring public attention to this travesty.
Fight, Fight, Fight for your rights.
By 2009 one out of five NCPs in America will be a woman.  This equals 4.4 million moms being harmed as badly as the 17 million + dads harmed by our out-of-control custody system.  Isn't it a shame it's come to this?


  1. Demand a full "evidentiary hearing" and to call and question your witnesses. Any refusal of due process makes the judges order VOID with no effect or legal force and often they deny you these constitutional rights. If you do not KNOW and ASK FOR your rights you will be treated as if you have none.
  2. File a notice of appeal (free) to protect your rights after any unfair order or judgment. This is a simple letter stating you will appeal, but it must be filed within 30 days of you getting notice of a decision. An interlocutory appeal is an appeal to a single justice for review and a faster process.
  3. Demand a finding of facts. This requires judge to record what conclusions they made. These must be supported by testimony and evidence. If they are not supported by the testimony and evidence then the judge is clearly overstepping his authority.

    Do not be intimidated by "contempt" threats. Criminal contempt requires a jury trial. Demand it. Most contempt is civil and judges are abusing their power to intimidate and force men into illegal, void and impossible orders. Civil contempt requires a "purge" amount to be paid to be release, as it is not punitive but only to coerce cooperation. Even if you are found guilty you must be release with a payment plan which is limited by federal law.

    The game of divorce in Massachusetts, and many other states, is rigged by a corrupt, money driven system. People with money are put through a ringer to extract as much of the estate as possible under the guise of "the best interests of the children" and other excuses.  The proof of this is apparently people without money get through divorce without any lawyers at all, people with middle income and assets pay very significant legal fees, and people with high incomes and assets pay enormous legal fees. The proof of this is that among the first questions lawyers will ask when interviewing you is about your assets.  I know one person who had a prenup and has been milked for over $500,000 in legal fees in what is basically a simple basic divorce with all the usual issues.

    Unfortunately due to the very strong feminist (read the man hating militant feminists) lobby the laws, procedures, training and foundation of this system has been chipped away at and slanted further and further now for over three decades to favor women.  The issuance under extremely lax and unconstitutional domestic violence laws is one pillar of this corrupt system.  These orders are used  to eject men from their homes with no notice, garnish an average of 40% of their take-home pay and kidnap their children - all often without the father even being able to say a single word, without any real trial and without any conviction, or sometimes even an accusation, that any domestic violence occurred.  These lax domestic violence laws are the nuclear weapon of divorce.  However, in the absence of enough malice between the divorcing parties the purposely unleveled playing field will suffice. By offering, primarily the women, enormous and unfair financial benefits and custody of the children the woman's attorney can usually stir up the pot enough to increase the hostility to generate $50,000, $100,000 in fees or more, for what should be a very standard process to divide assets and share child custody.

    This system is basically out of control and it is the case of the "foxes watching the hen house". The judges are breaking the law and their oaths of office nearly every day in nearly every case by ignoring the higher laws of the land including, but not limited to, the constitution and supreme court law. Many of these citations of law are available on this site (use the search function above to find these or click here

Learn your rights under the constitution. For the complete U.S. Constitution Click Here  

Parental Rights Citations    More Parental Rights Citations


Children need both of their parents in their lives. A father is just as important in the life of a child than is a mother. Fathers-4-Justice was established to bring social change that would allow children to be raised by both parents. We have chapters in many countries...
Fathers-4-Justice Québec  Fathers-4-Justice Canada  Fathers-4-Justice Netherlands  Fathers-4-Justice United Kingdom
Fathers-4-Justice United States
Information on this site is NOT legal advice. We collect and publish comments, opinions, links and documents from other sources and public records and lists that are helpful for non-custodial parents (mostly fathers) to fight for their "Fundamental constitutional rights" to raise their children without state interference. They represent the opinion of the contributors.

Search This Web Site With Keywords For Relevant Information: (Child Support, Custody, Pro Se, Restraining orders etc.)

The Liberty Bell Union Pro Se course "Take Charge of Your Case" starts shortly - Call 617-SAD-DADS to reserve your seat. This is the best training available to avoid expensive lawyer who will lead you to slaughter.

Liberty Bell Union's  'Take Charge of Your Case in Family Court' is ready to run. We hope to start as early as the first week in January! We need to get a headcount now.

The course will be given in Framingham from 6:30-8:30 pm - one night per week.  It will run for 9 or 10 weeks. It's geared to allow you to understand and carryout the procedures to handle your case. If you maintain a lawyer, it will allow you to determine what kind of job he's doing.

We haven't decided which night, but  email me as many nights : Mon - Thurs. as you wish, and give my your first, second, etc preference.  I'll decide on the night depending on the greater number per night.

The course cost will be $275. About the cost of only 1 hour of a lawyer's time.


We want to help unite the hundreds of fathers and father's rights groups nationally to work together by providing a platform for fundraising, education and support that smaller groups could never offer alone. A united strategy and resources will be necessary to crack this entrenched tyranny.  There are too many fragmented groups. Together they would be powerful, alone they are not. We need unity and a unified and coordinated strategy. One that addresses all the things needed to change this corrupt, totally unfair and unconstitutional situation that is clearly hurting an entire generation of children and breaking the hearts and backs of good fathers.

A Father's Online Shopping Mall (www.FathersMall.org) will be coming soon to direct a percentage of your online purchases to this cause and your local group at no extra cost to you. This will also provide incentive for these groups to join together to leverage their combined voice and power by building membership lists and donations. We will also ask fathers who can for a $5/month automatic credit card charge with 100% going towards this cause and to eliminating unfair custody laws and practices as well as unfair "child support" payments which are often many times the cost of raising a child.


The enjoyment and company of our children and the responsibilities that go with that are "fundamental constitutional rights" that can only be restricted to the minimum extent possible by "substantive due process" when a parent is "unfit" or DANGEROUS to their children.  In other words legally these rights can not be taken away without  a "compelling interest" of the state AND proper due process. Yet this happens ILLEGALLY every single day in most family courts in the nation.  These courts have become kangaroo courts that ignore the real law (the constitution and U.S. Supreme court) because there is no jury, oversight or liability.  Family courts routinely grant custody in ten minute hearings only to mothers based on pure sexual bias, tradition and stereotypes with no real examination of the facts, evidence or situation. They railroad everyone through a RUBBER STAMPED process that is illegal!

Danger or harm to the child, not anything else, MUST be PROVEN to deny fathers (or any parent) their rights to raise their children.  This constitutional guarantee is broken every day in every state in most divorce cases.   This has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme court and yet is ignored by state courts every day illegally.  Judges should be going to jail, but have made themselves immune and do whatever they want.  Why?

Follow the MONEY. Lawyers are getting rich off the intentional imbalance created and maintained by them in this "legal" system. They cause as much contentious fighting as possible, keep the parties apart and hence drive up their legal fees. Anyone know parties must communication to resolve and negotiate - but what do lawyers do? They do everything possible to separate the parties and break down communications.  Getting a restraining order is the first strategy that instantly separates fathers from their children by PRETENDING there is danger or physical abuse when there is not. Lawyers admit in private that at least half, and some say as many as 95% of all restraining orders issued (in Massachusetts) are bogus. Women are simply using domestic violence laws, which are designed to protect battered women, as an offensive weapon in divorce against men never involved in any such incident.

Most courts today awarding custody under the "best interests of the child" doctrine, which is a complete sham to circumvent the constitution.  This policy is so vague it must be considered unlawful (as per U.S. Supreme Court).  It allows any judge to make any ruling, without any support, evidence or accountability of any kind to any one based entirely on personal opinion, personal bias or anything else they want.  Often this is a snap judgment at a temporary orders hearing done in ten minutes that will impact your children's lives and yours forever!  Then this uninformed temporary order becomes the basis for the permanent order later.  Most often who is the "primary caregiver" is all what matters most - as long as it is a woman.   It is a winner take all system when both parents have equal rights to their children.

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