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The state-of-the-art in what is best for children of divorce. Every parent, judge and family law attorney must view this video to save their children from the ravages of divorce.
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Terms & Conditions
This site is provided "as is" with no promises or warranties of any kind.

It is made available under the first amendment right to free speech.

We are not lawyers and do not offer legal advice and this site consists of the opinions and work of hundreds of people. We do NOT track the source of all information as it comes from so many sources.

Please use it carefully and check all your facts. We do not trust most lawyers as they have too much conflict of interest and financial interest in the current divorce INDUSTRY and system. This system intentionally drains divorcing families of their assets without adding any real value. Divorce should be a very standard process with mediation and does not belong in the legal system in most cases. However divorce lawyers use children and money as bait to cause legal battles that should not happen. This is a huge drain on the economy, criminalizes fathers, and harms children and family bonds deeply and often for life.

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