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Judicial Abuse in Family Court - Sexual Bias, Financial Extortion and Kidnapping for Profit

What you will read here is unbelievable but 100% true. Thousands of people can bear witness to the atrocities perpetrated by the judges and lawyers of today's family courts. They are in the business of manufacturing sole-custody homes for profit. In fact we know as scientific fact that equal, or shared, parenting is far superior for children in every way. This is in fact only common sense as exposure to both sexes and style is the only way to understand and live in a two sex world.  Yet family courts generate the exact opposite with as much as 90% of custody orders being sole-custody!
Why? Follow the money!


Judges have run amuck, doing what they please due to lack of oversight and accountability. The power and discretion afforded to family court judges is truly an example of power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  In fact we believe every judge gets worse with more time on the bench due to the near total immunity they are afforded with no one and nothing to check their bad deeds. In fact there is not even a feedback system to allow them to know they are failing! Therefore human nature is to have the ego grow and for them to become drunk with power and ego. Family court judges are allowed to micromanage the lives of any divorced couple and their parenting. This is WRONG, illegal under U.S. Supreme Court law and harmful. It is also in the best interest of the legal system to generate the most possible money for lawyers at the cost of destroyed family bonds, children and finances.

The family law system has become a SCAM for a lawyer to plunder the estate of a divorcing couple using children as bait. Most anyone who goes through this will eventually realize this - but it is usually far too late. It is the perfect SCAM, made legal by the state and judges who benefit from it. It is morally bankrupt as anyone with ethics will not be a lawyer in the family court system. Therefore it has become a cesspool for lawyers without any ethics with few exceptions. Any lawyer that speaks up is disbarred so this extortion scam continues for the profit of the others. In Massachusetts alone this is a $2 BILLION business with $1.2 billion in legal fees and over $550 million in related "services" funded by federal monies. The state governments are taking BILLIONs in incentive funds (Under Title IV(d)) from the federal government. This creates a clear conflict of interest for every judge in every decision of child support and other matters also. In fact the states get as much as $1 for every three in child support awarded. His means that a child support order of $300 per week generates $100 per WEEK for the state for as long as 23 years!!

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Judicial Abuse - The Chris Kennedy Story

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