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Article 8 Alliance - MassResistance Sues Lexington Schools For Teaching Homosexuality to Young Children
April 26 Email Update
It's gone too far: Get involved! Join the movement to take back our government in Massachusetts!
(Feel free to pass this along to others)
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In this email update -- Homosexual movement continues assault on children in schools:

David Parker and other parents filing massive federal civil rights lawsuit against Town of Lexington and numerous public school officials over teaching homosexuality to young children.

- Press conference 1 pm Thursday at lawyers' offices in downtown Boston.

- "Today Show" and MSNBC have already communicated interest - waiting for Thursday's filing to happen.

- A groundbreaking legal action for the rights of parents!

"`The World is not dangerous because of those who do harm,
but because of those who look at it without doing anything."
- Albert Einstein

The time has come for parents to fight back. And that fight is about to begin, big time.

On Thursday, April 27, Lexington parents David Parker and his wife, along with Rob and Robin Wirthlin, will be filing a major federal civil rights lawsuit in United States District Court in Boston.

The suit is against the Town of Lexington, and both individually and as public officials: Superintendent of Schools Paul Ash; former Superintendent of Schools William Hurley; School Committee Members Helen Cohen, Thomas Diaz, Olga Guttag, Scott Burson, and Thomas Griffith; Director of Education Andre Ravenelle; Health Education Coordinator Jennifer Wolfrum; Estabrook Principal Joni Jay; and second-grade teacher Heather Kramer.

According to a press release from the attorneys, the lawsuit has three counts: first, it alleges violations of the Federal Civil Rights of the plaintiffs by the defendants; second, it alleges violations of the plaintiffs' Massachusetts Civil Rights; and third, violation of the State's Parental Notification law [which we wrote and got passed in 1996] which ensures notification to parents prior to discussion with students regarding human sexuality issues.

The suit is seeking, among other things, injunctive relief, compensatory damages, punitive damages, exemplary damages, and attorney's fees.

Pushing parents beyond the limit.

Exactly one year ago David Parker was arrested and spent the night in jail when he insisted that school officials notify him before they discuss homosexuality with his 6-year-old son. Lexington school officials had arrogantly refused. Instead of working with him, they charged him with criminal trespassing when he merely demanded to be notified.
Click here for our exclusive background report.

A few weeks ago, Lexington school officials defended the actions of a teacher who read a "modern" fairy tale of homosexual romance and "marriage" to second-graders. The teacher and principal told parents Rob and Robin Wirthlin that they could not remove their son from such this, nor could they get notice either before or after it happened. And that it might happen again.
Click here for our exclusive background report.

As you know, Article 8 / MassResistance exposed both of these horrific incidents to the world. Both incidents made national news and outraged people across the country and beyond. (Just today, we were on the radio in Australia about this! They could not believe this could happen anywhere.) Outrageously, Lexington has responded with even more acts of oppression, such as their yearly "Day of Silence" homosexual event at Lexington High School, which took place Wednesday. But everyone has been asking, "What can anyone do?"


"There are serious constitutional issues here that need to be addressed," said David Parker. "Parents are tired of school officials interfering with the moral and religious upbringing of their young, impressionable children."

Press conference Thursday at 1:00 pm.

The Parkers and Wirthlins are represented by well-known Boston law firm Denner Associates, which has experience in criminal defense and civil rights litigation, and is known for its toughness and ability to win cases. This is not a weak-willed firm! They are a very impressive bunch.

There will be a press conference at 1:00 pm on Thursday at the Denner Associates offices at 4 Longfellow Place, 35th Floor, in downtown Boston.

Already national interest. We've been told that both MSNBC and the Today Show have already communicated immediate interest in this issue, as soon as the suit is officially filed.

We do not know of any legal action of this type taken on at this magnitude, and with this much talent and will to succeed. Yes, this is serious. We feel that this is the beginning of the battle for our rights. Could this be the beachhead we've all been waiting for?

KEEP VISITING MASSRESISTANCE.COM beginning late Thursday for up-to-date information, background, and coverage of this groundbreaking issue.

Help Article 8 / MassResistance continue to do our job at this VERY CRITICAL TIME. . .

Donate to Article 8 by credit card

Donations can also be mailed to: MassResistance, PO Box 1612, Waltham, MA 02454

Contact us if you want to get involved.


Also, check out the MassResistance blog (for you red-meat activists)!


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