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Free Legal Templates

These documents are offered as free examples of legal filings. You have permission to copy and paste them and edit them to your liking as you see fit. Lawyers are making a fortune for providing boilerplate documents like this. Give the economic situation created by divorce it is economically almost impossible (without going through a fortune in savings) to win any legal battle. We encourage you to consider representing yourself, the legal right of every person.

This page is a work in progress. You may want to use the "Search" link above and enter "EXAMPLES" to see other recent additions. You may also want to search by "Cites" to see various case law citations that should be helpful and MUST be respected by lower courts, though judges ignore this legal requirement and break the law and their oath of office daily by ignoring these. However, when they are entered the appeals court (a real court normally, not the kangaroo court of family law will respect these citations- BUT they MUST be entered in the motions and actual trail as new arguments are normally not allowed to be introduced on the appeal.

Other online legal resources and information

Sample Motion Form and Certificate of Service
(A certificate of service must be filed with each motion swearing the other side was served)

Sample Notice of Appeal            
(you must order tapes to get transcripts and notice opposing party too)

Form - File to subpoena person with documents they must produce  (another sample and Letter)
Taken from: http://www.masslegalhelp.org/page/157589;cat_id=2 where other information on filing subpoenas can be found

Massachusetts Precendent Cases  

Supreme Court Case Challenging Best Interest Doctrine

Sample - Response to Contempt Complaint for Non-Payment of Child Support Ordered 

 Motion to Dismiss Drivers License Suspension _ Also useful in many other situations where property was taken by actions of the state without due process as required by the constitution. This seems to be standard operating procedure now and courts and judge win by intimidation and ignorance of the law by the defendant (and their lawyers won't tell them because they are afraid of judges).

Complaint Against a Judge or other judicial officer

Pleadings to remove your case to federal court

SOURCE: http://www.indianacrc.org/myth14-federalremoval.html  
(Sample info here go to this link for complete instructions)
To all PARENTS who wish to MOVE their corrupted/wrong/bad/etc STATE case to FEDERAL court:
Note: you must be listed in the state court case as the DEFENDANT ("Respondent" is ok, too) to use these... and a federal removal can usually only be done within 30 days of receiving a "bad" order, or some other judicial event wherein you "first" learn that your federal rights [like basic due process, equal protection, etc., etc.] are/were violated. Been longer than 30 days since the last court violation against you? No problem. Simply file something - almost anything - in the state court, and when the crooked judge denies you again, presto - your 30 day clock just started all over...

Due to overwhelming demand, the following GENERIC FEDERAL PETITION FOR REMOVAL Packages are hereby made available to all. Inside the pleadings themselves are various RED NOTES to pay serious attention to, in modifying as necessary for your particular situation...


These packages can be slightly modified for use as EITHER:
  • A fit noncustodial parent seeking/demanding equal rights to custody; or,
  • Single/Both parent(s) fighting CPS/DSS/SRSS/etc for their child(ren) back

After downloading, you will have to FIX all of the currently combined singular/plural NOUNS and VERBS, such as:
he/she/they                   (pick one)
his/hers/theirs               (pick one)
Petitioner(s)                   (pick one)
Plaintiff(s)                       (pick singular or plural)
Defendant(s)                   (pick singular or plural)
Respondent(s)                (pick singular or plural)
"move(s) the court"          (singular or plural form of verbs)
ETC                                ETC

You will ALSO see where YOU must replace YOURNAME, YOURADDRESS, MONTH, and all etc.

For making the CORRECT modifications per your situation, you MUST look up the law yourself, and see if each citation applies to YOUR situation... or else your filings might be partially wrong, and inapplicable. Use the following resources to check:
on both sites above, there are links to state AND federal (US) Constitutions, laws/statutes/rules of civil procedure that are cited within the various pleadings you will download below.

Download the following ZIP package that is right for you:

Many more coming soon!  Please send yours to condor68@comcast.net
We will remove all names and identifying information if you desire.

Arguments for Parents right under the constitution - States have no right to over ride the constitutional rights for you to be a parent unless they prove you are harmful to your children, and even then only in the least possible way needed to protect the children.

Most motions are simply a statement of what you are asking the court to do with supporting reason this is fair and equitable. You can add affidavits and other supporting evidence that should be filed with the motion to the other side but you can as bring a memorandum of law, without any notice to the other side. The memorandum contains citations of case law which are decisions from higher courts that your judge (in theory but not in practice) MUST respect.  Family court judges do not seem to really care much about the law, never mind the case law. They are breaking the law every day, in nearly every case by ignoring the U.S. Constitution they are sworn to uphold. 

Filing motions is easy, making the correct argument to win and show a judge this is the appropriate action given the facts and the law is more difficult. It seems family court judges wish to rubber stamp based on stereotypes, not understand the individual facts of any one case. These judges actually refuse to take the time to figure out the case and try to push this off on lawyers who you pay a small fortune to instead. Unfortunately this mean disreputable lawyers are vested with the power they should not have to effectively decide the case in many ways - yet they obviously have an inherent conflict of interest and should not have this ability.  They also want the case to go on and on so they can make the most money from each person.  This in itself is, of course, unfair and illegal, as a judge is REQUIRED to listen to all evidence and testimony that is relevant.

For instructions on filing motions see: http://www.lawyerdude.netfirms.com/6025.html
More coming soon. Please send examples you may have to condor68@comcast.net
For the complete
U.S. Constitution Click Here   Other online legal resources and information
Parental Rights Citations
    More Parental Rights Citations

Please send suggested additions to condor68 at comcast.net