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 Personal Stories of Father's Denied Access To Their Children Without Cause


Thrown in Jail and Punished For being Divorce With the Cruel and
Unusual Punishment of a Taking Their Children

Today's family courts are a financial extortion system that forces fathers to pay extortion money to mothers who kidnap their children. They call it "child support", in fact it is welfare for ex-wives and mothers which has nothing to do with the cost of the child, but is a percentage of the father's income and goes only one way usually (from male to female). Often the figure is arbitrary, pick out of the air by a judge who knows a percentage of that goes to fund his salary, retirement fund and generates well meaning but totally illegal federal kickbacks to the state.  This is driven by courts and lawyers with HUGE conflicts of interest who charge $300 per hour for custody battles that are unnecessary. They are the equivalent of a mechanic who put your car up on the lift, breaks something intentionally and then comes and tells you you need a new one.  There is no difference - lawyers want custody battles and do their best to separate the parties using restraining orders, refusal to communicate and both financial incentives and the children as leverage. Today's family courts operate unconstitutionally by violating many laws daily in most cases. The ignore the requirement of equal rights and other constitutional laws which MUST be held superior to state laws and statues. In fact these family court judges would appear to be the most prolific criminals on the planet given that they seem to break the law (and their oath to uphold the constitution) about every 5-10 minutes.

For no good reason other than the sexist and outdated views of older judges, stillliving in the past, and their personal self-interest and fear of media exposure, judges are abusing the rights of fathers in most divorces and breaking constitutional laws daily in MOST cases.  Fathers are constantly abused by the judicial system today in divorce and until their children all reach age 23 year. Here are just a few of their stories, but I assure you that you can ask nearly any father of divorce and hear a story of abuse, bias and corruption in the family law system.

We hope these help connect you with others who may be able to help, and let you know it is not about you, but about a broken and corrupt system that MUST change.

Most fathers are unconstitutionally denied access with NO Good Reason Other than Family Court Prejudice Towards men.  Everyone has a "fundamental" constitutional right to parent their children. This rights is supposed to be legally seen as above many other rights in importance to pursue liberty and happiness. Yet every day courts abuse their position and deny father's equal rights to their children. Why because they want to generate MONEY for lawyers and the system. They want dad's working and mom's caring for children because that is what pays their salaries, either directly or indirectly.


  • Kevin Thompson writes book on the corruption in the Massachusetts family courts. Judges try to illegally (without jurisdiction and direct conflict of interest) ban this book ignoring the first amendment right to free speech! As usual this is a story of a good father who simply wants equal rights to his children.
    Click here to see the "temporary" Restraining Order illegally issued by the judge to protect herself from exposure
    Click here to see the "Order of Impoundment" lasting until 2021
    • Father in Iraq held hostage and arrested for non-payment of $1,425 in child support on his return
    • Father Was Primary Care Giver And Now Gets 6 Hours per week With His Daughter
    • Marc Snider - Patriot to Disenchanted Father
    • Letter to Connecticut Legislator
    • Convicted Murderess Can Get Custody but Decent Fathers Can't By Glenn Sacks
    • Chris Kennedy - Father is stabbed by mother yet mother gets full custody of children while he is
      restrained form seeing his children for years and personally attached by a corrupt judge
    • Father Shot By Police While Trying To Maintain Contact With His Son After Restraining Order Issued
    • A Fathers Story - Fighting For Justice and All Children
    • A Mother confesses to the corruption of this system. Lies are encouraged by lawyers and domestic violence activists to get money, government funding and custody of children.
    • Volunteer worker at Bethany House woman's shelter of Northern Virginia tells all.
    • Disabled father pays half of his disability to mother making lots of money while she is abusing the boy
    • Father Slits his own throat after jail sentence for being $7,000 behind in child support due to loss of his job
    There are thousands of new stories like this generated every day.
    Most men hide this pain and are destroyed by this system.
    Every month about 300 men commit suicide as a result of this. 
    Send your story to condor68@comcast.net
    The jury trial process has been subverted by family courts. Our forefather designed the jury system to prevent abuse by judges, congress and state legislatures enacting bad laws because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Justice is coming! This is a tyranny and tyrannies are always destroyed when they oppress people too much. This has now gone on for decades and over 10,000 fathers groups have now formed to fight this evil system. However, they need to unite under one umbrella organization for political and financial power to be focused on this issue.

    For the complete U.S. Constitution Click Here  
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