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The state-of-the-art in what is best for children of divorce. Every parent, judge and family law attorney must view this video to save their children from the ravages of divorce.
Click Here to Learn More.

Dan Iagatta, a quadriplegic, is being evicted from his childhood home of 43 years. Beverly Boorstien held his trial without him while he was in a hospital bed after his accident. View thee video by clicking below.

Educational Videos

View a video on Parental Alienation which has become an epidemic and is damaging children and parents. PA is a sickness in one parent trying to drive the other parent out of the children's lives.

Fathers For Justice at Stonehenge - Flintstones Demonstration

Fathers For Justice Videos

In the U.S. about 300 fathers plus 30 mothers commit suicide every month (over 10 per day) as a result of the effects of the divorce system and the grief from the loss of their children, home, property and future income. Their lives are destroyed by the stroke of a pen from a judge who has no idea what he/she is doing and no constitutional right to do it either!

In Australia suicide is close to 450 per month, worldwide it is estimated at many times this, likely more than 1,500 per month or 50 men per day. This is more than 11 times the suicide rate of women of divorce! What does this tell you about our system?

The BBC News online 'Day in pictures' section carries the shocking image of a Romanian father who set himself on fire in Bucharest in a desperate bid to get custody of his son who is living in Spain.

Boston CustoTEA Party Rocks Boston
Hundreds gather and thousands were informed of the injustices being committed daily in Massachusetts "family courts". 
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Here you will find over 1,200 pages of information helpful to people trapped in the broken, for-profit divorce system, which has been optimized for lawyers and states, not children and families.

The current system profits from family destruction in many ways, some hidden, including federal kickbacks on child support, federal payment for court employees, and many other perverse incentives.

Our goal is to educate parents and unite groups into a single voice to change the gender biased, unfair, money-driven, and corrupt family legal system. The "divorce and domestic violence INDUSTRY" is out of control and is literally ruining the lives of millions of parents and children daily.  Buckle your seat belts because what you are about to learn on this web site is a bit unbelievable. However, you will find all the evidence of corruption and incompetence here. If you have been in court, you already have a feeling about this, but most people do not have any clue how many laws are being broken daily, usually in every hearing by both judges and lawyers. The entire system is unconstitutional and set up only to make money for lawyers and the states. In fact it is far closer to a mafia and RICO scheme than a court of law, and literally ALL of the family court judges are prolific criminals under the U.S. Constitution.

To eliminate this problem, both parents MUST have equal custody rights in EVERY divorce by default, unless there is real proof to a "clear and convincing evidence" standard of harm to a child!  The U.S. Supreme Court has already stated this, but all 50 states are ignoring it to fund their judicial systems with this racket.  This is what the U.S. Constitution and most state constitutions say. These laws trump all state statutes under the law of supremacy. Therefore, any judge or lawyer not doing this is a civil rights violation for which they have no immunity. However, judges protect judges, and even federal judges are illegally dismissing lawsuits against these criminals! Our video series, "Lawless Family Courts," available here and on YouTube explains all the legal reasons why it is a racket, not a court of law at all. 

The divorce system has become nothing but a cash cow and power machine for lawyer$, judge$ and other government bureaucrats.  This system hurts families and children every day for its own convenience and profit—totally ignoring the fundamental rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. It is an ILLEGAL kangaroo court. These people have lost touch with "we the people." In fact, it is easy to show that more than 50% of all mental health problems are now caused by divorce judges and massive cases of sole custody. Actually, we have known for over twenty-five years that sole custody is child abuse, increasing social pathologies about 14,600%. Yet some judges and most states order as much as 91% sole custody! This is a crime against children and parents that has been getting worse for four decades since child "support" incentives were created by the federal government. It is literally destroying our country by destroying the family unit. Now, in 2018, the birth rate is at an all time low because men are refusing to marry, as they are certain to be abused, jailed, and even killed in divorce, often on the word of a women due to unconstitutional domestic violence laws. 

Family courts today are not a solution for divorcing parents, but a hindrance to the process and very harmful to children and families.  Most state family courts operate unconstitutionally, without regard to the highest laws of the land by ignoring supreme court rulings, case law, and the many fundamental guarantees of the U.S. and state Constitutions. Calling them "kangaroo courts" would be too generous as kangaroo courts go through the motions to pretend there is justice and due process—family courts often issue "judgments" without a trial or even an evidentiary hearing as required by the U.S. Supreme Court to even limit parental rights.

Spouses and parents must work around the system and not feed it money. They must use mediators who are not lawyers and divide both children's time and assets equally or fairly. Lawyers will bait you into fights and create an unequal playing field on purpose to generate legal fees. Some lawyers target 40% of your estate before they "let you settle." This is essentially a criminal conspiracy, fraud and anti-trust. It has become so common that they even think it is okay to do; however, it is like a doctor injecting you with a disease so he can sell you a cure. This is an evil system and industry!   And, hence, everyone working in it is working to destroy children and families for profit.  No well informed, moral person could work in this industry.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the average custody battle now costs $78,000! This is a $50 billion industry that destroys children for profit because all the research shows that sole custody is harmful to children (see Fatherlessness Statistics page via left navigation bar for proof and sources of this research), driving up social problems and pathologies 14,600%. This is the #1 social problem of our time because it is the root cause of at least 20 other social problems including: teen suicide, mass murder, crime, drug usage, parental suicide, teen pregnancy, and even over 50% of all mental health problems in the U.S. today. The divorce industry is essentially a criminal racket that is destroying society for its profit motives—literally! 

Judges generate "temporary orders," which almost always become permanent, in order to lull you into the belief there will be "real due process" and fairness later. However, this fairness and due process almost never comes. They just take you to the cleaners financially and get you used to not seeing your kids. About 86% of the time "sole custody" is the judgment (almost always void by constitutional law for skipping required due process) when 50-50 custody is scientifically proven best for children and even required by the Fourteenth Amendment for equal treatment under the law. Why? Because they want to maximize child support to get billions of dollars in annual kickbacks. These amount to around 23% of child support they order (a clear conflict of interest and violation of the oath of a judge in every case), which comes from the federal government under a program called Title IV-D!

Most often, orders are 100% based on your gender and income, not anything that is appropriate given the best interests of children. We know the best outcome for children is almost always near equal time with both parents, except in the case of a physically abusive parent or drug addicted parent. These are the exceptions, not the rule.   Even fathers who are primary caregivers and who spend equal time parenting are often forced out of their children's lives.  In fact, 40% of kids lose all contact with one parent in divorce! Usually fathers will lose contact with their children after divorce, resulting in many teen problems.  In many states, like Massachusetts, there is an order for sole physical custody around 90% of the time!  This has been proven by science to be the worst possible scenario for children. All 50 state judicial systems get these Title IV-D kickbacks on child "support" from the federal government totaling billions of dollars annually. If you believe these billions do not influence judges and policy, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I want to sell you. 

This type of behavior by the courts is tyranny by definition. It is technically called acting under “color of law” and is a civil rights violation in virtually every case from day one.  Learn how to protect yourself in our Lawless Family Court video series here. Abuse of the people by the court system is why many left England for America.  History is repeating itself.  The courts are hurting families for the financial gain of states, lawyers, judges, and a spiraling government bureaucracy.  Basically, it is run for the "insiders" not for the benefits of citizens and families. 

Today, men are often treated like criminals in these courts, and sometimes not even believed, so that the judges can do whatever they want. The "preponderance of evidence" standard is a joke and cannot be used to strip parental rights or put someone in jail! Yet many states are doing this daily to enslave people and DOUBLE their tax income via Title IV-D kickbacks, which can represent a new 6% tax on income for states (26% of income X 23% kickbacks = 5.98% of income).  Men are guilty until proven innocent. Mothers and woman are innocent until proven guilty, to a ridiculous and impossible standard, wherein you cannot even get the proof because judges will prevent access to it.  This is a system designed to enslave men and get a portion of their income for 18 to 23 years for the government and lawyers. It is essentially this century's form of slavery. Illegal under the U.S. Constituion, as "peonage."  Not only is it unlawful, but it is an act of treason by judges because they are intentionally ignoring constitutional law. This generates federal funds by fraud and by pouring gasoline on the fire of divorce to feed the divorce industry over $50 billion per year!

This is happening to varying degrees in all 50 states, and virtually all lawyers (95%) participate passively or actively in this racket. 

On this site you will find over 1,200 pages of free educational material, legal templates, and resources from fathers and mothers who have fought to retain their parental rights against this gender biased, corrupt, and unfair system, which is driven by money. We are not lawyers and cannot—and do not—offer legal advice.

Our mission is to reform the gender biased, unfair, and corrupt family legal system across the nation. The divorce system has become nothing but a cash cow and power machine for lawyers, judges, and other government bureaucrats that hurts families and children for profit. These people have lost touch with "we the people" and their purpose. They have become criminals and child abusers, virtually every one of them. They are evil and complicit in racketeering.

Family courts today are not a solution for divorcing parents, but a hindrance to the process and very harmful to children and families.  State family courts operate unconstitutionally, without regard to the highest laws of the land by ignoring supreme court rulings, case law, and the many fundamental guarantees of the Constitution. This makes their actions unlawful under the law of supremacy, which says the U.S. Constitution and civil rights trump all state laws. They are ruining lives and families for the financial gain of states, lawyers, judges, and a spiraling government bureaucracy. 

Expecting government to manage sensitive family matters is like making an omelet with a bulldozer. There is NEVER any good outcome.

  Senator Creem Supports Child Abuse For Profit

Bob Norton speaking in Washington D.C. at the Family Rally

View a 2-page flyer on Senator Cynthia Creem that you can
give to friends, family, and neighbors.

We now know for certain that sole custody is child abuse. Anyone that supports the current system, which generates about 86% sole custody, is either ignorant or evil. People in Massachusetts can call their legislators at (617) 722-2000 and ask them to support equal or shared parenting as the default parenting rights without spending an average of $78,000 on an unneeded custody battle.

Videos:      Stonehenge New Report 
Officials acting under "color of law" have no immunity.

Family court$ have become a $CAM for lawyer$ to plunder the estates of divorcing couples using children as bait!

In 2004 85% of MA voters voted for shared custody! Why isn't it law? FOLLOW THE MONEY! The judiciary committee, which has thus far STOPPED shared parenting legislation and the will of the PEOPLE, is loaded with  lawyers who make a fortune on custody battles!

The pain inflicted unnecessarily by "family" courts is indescribable. Over 330 parents commit suicide every month in the U.S. alone, and over 1,500 worldwide, as a result of the vicious and unethical treatment doled out by "family courts." Families are driven into bankruptcy, foreclosure, and mental breakdown by kangaroo courts with incompetent and overloaded judges and greedy lawyers who consider it their job to "destroy the other side."   Of course, the victims are mainly the children who most often lose one parent for the benefit of the other. Over 40% of divorced children lose total contact with one parent due to the adversarial, money-driven system.  It is the #1 social crisis of our time because it is developing different social pathologies in our children.   This is MADNESS and against U.S. Supreme court law. So how and why does it exist? Follow the MONEY!

Parents are destroyed by the kidnapping of their children, demands to pay ransom (child "support"), and financial rape by lawyers and the state to generate federal kickbacks that benefit staff and government. Massachusetts alone receives over $550 million in federal funding each year to support and build the divorce industry so it can destroy families further. They throw parents in jail for not obeying impossible and illogical orders. These courts are operating unconstitutionally and unethically and solely for the profit of lawyers and the state. They must be either reformed or completely abolished.

Everyone in Massachusetts is becoming aware of the system's incompetence and corruption, which is a government-driven holocaust perpetrated on families and children. Fathers-4-Justice and over 100 other organizations have formed in order to drive change. See more at: F4j.US

Many documentaries have been made about the incompetence and outright corruption that is this industry. And it is beginning to collapse in the scandal it deserves. However, we need to spread the word to everyone. Watch these films, and send links to anyone you know involved in a divorce—before, during or after:

Watch a video about the pain and suffering caused by family courts.

Watch DivorceCorp - Exposing the financial conflicts of interest of judges and lawyers. 

Watch a video about the insanity of child "support" system.

Romeo Misses a Payment shows the incompetence of the government system that is literally killing 330 people per month just from suicide. 

Watch Support System Down here, which exposes the hidden and huge industry of paternity fraud and incompetence of the federal and state systems. 

Watch The Red Pill documentary by a feminst, Casey Jaye, who was forced to decide she could no longer be a feminist after she looked under the covers of what used to be called "feminism."  Feminism has evolved into radical feminism, which is all lies, propaganda, and man hating. If you still believe women earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men, you have been fooled. 

For more videos and information about Fathers For
Justice, CLICK HERE.

Massachusetts gets over $550 MILLION per year in federal kickbacks for awarding SOLE-CUSTODY! This is a CRIME against CHILDREN, parents, and society!

Our kids are everything to us!

Shared parenting would take the financial motivation out of the divorce BUSINESS that is making lawyers rich at a huge cost to divorcing families and children.  It would take the HUGE profits out of custody battles for mothers, judges, states, and lawyers. Husband and wife are intentionally pitted against each other with HUGE financial and custody motivation. The only fair solution is equal rights and equal responsibilities unless a parent is PROVEN unfit or harmful to a child in some way in a court of law by a JURY.

86% of Massachusetts voters voted for shared parenting in a non-binding referendum.  0% of legislators have done anything about it!
Change is coming!  Justice is coming!

Click for the new report about the damage Violence Against Women Act is causing to families.

The family courts are broken, corrupt, and completely unconstitutional! 
They are all about the MONEY, POWER, and EGOS, not our children!
"Best interest of the children" is a lie; it is all about "best interest of the lawyers" and the easiest solution for judges driven by decades of gender prejudice and MONEY.

This web site is replete with proof of these statements from many sources. It might sound unbelievable—as it was to me before I was abused, ravaged, and railroaded by the system—but judges are breaking the law every day in nearly every case in some way. There is no real accountability or oversight.
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!  There is no better example than today's family court judges.

Family courts still live in the past with enormous gender bias. They use this bias as an excuse to generate huge revenue for lawyers by awarding 86% custody to mothers and about 14% to fathers most of the time. They generate as much animosity as possible between mom and dad to drive legal fees to 5-10 times what they should be.  This generates hundreds of millions of dollars in kickbacks from the federal government to support the judicial system.  Then, loving fathers have to spend a fortune to fight to get these rights back that should never have been taken away. They bury you in ILLEGAL orders and appeals processes.

Fathers want more time with their children, and this is now proven by all the most recent scientific research to be better for them too. Mothers should be required to provide equal financial support and given equal time and responsibility unless this is otherwise agreed by the separating parties. 


1) Shared Parenting Legislation REQUIRING EQUAL RIGHTS for both parents in divorce, unless a jury trial decides this would be harmful to the children
Change in restraining order laws that abuse men far more often than they protect women by taking away their children, homes, and income whenever a woman says the word "fear." Today, all men are guilty of domestic violence until proven innocent due to a decade long propaganda campaign by radical women's groups. Government figures say domestic violence exists in only 0.5% of all homes, but it is claimed in a large percentage of divorces for unfair advantage.
Family Law Reform including full accountability for judges who break the law and their oath of office every day by being prejudice against (mainly) fathers. The U.S. Supreme Court says that parental rights cannot be limited without "clear and convincing evidence" that a parent is UNFIT.


The family law system is clearly sexist, unfair, and unconstitutional, but lawyers, judges, and states see a $250 billion per year power and money train and continue obsolete traditions. In a world where women have equal earning power, and should have equal responsibilities too, alimony is basically obsolete except in extreme circumstances as a temporary bridge for spouses after a divorce. Parents need to share time and cost of children equally. 

See Your Constitutional Rights to Be a Parent  2

For the Complete U.S. Constitution Click Here

Sample Memorandum of Law for Custody Battles

Save a fortune in legal fees by representing yourself and making arguments your lawyer will refuse to make because he does not want to upset the massive money-driven conspiracy or judges.

Today, men in divorce are forced away from their children, under penalty of incarceration, and forced to continue what they have done for their wives during the marriage—pay "child support." This is really "child extortion" because it is ransom for kidnapped children who we truly want to support directly in our homes.  It is also "child extortion" because it is based on your income, not the actual cost of raising a child. It can often be 4 to 5 times the actual cost of raising a child!  It is therefore nothing but alimony disguised in the form of ordered support.

The ex-wife most often gets the children 86% of the time and is required to do nothing for the husband after the divorce. These standards are applied only to men, like "imputed" income (non-existent income invented by judges to drive up child support numbers). Why? Because states get federal kickbacks for higher child support! 

Additionally, this creates a HUGE financial incentive for the wife to say negative things about her husband, alienate the children from him, and covet them to protect an undeserved financial income source. Why? Because the federal government offers UNCONSTITUTIONAL INCENTIVE payments worth BILLIONS of dollars to states for INCREASING child support each year—creating a huge conflict of interest for judges and other state and judicial bureaucrats.

Today there are 60,000 government employees who are tracking parents of divorce. This is 13 times more than drug enforcement agents!

This book is a must-have resource for every American, but it is even more crucial for those of you visiting this site.

On Amazon.com:


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If you live in America, the legal system is almost certain to negatively impact you at some point. This book offers preeminent protection from the system. It avoids utopianism and instead provides realistic solutions to legal problems. Learn how to beat a vehicular violation, handle small claims, survive a divorce, fight criminal accusations, resolve landlord-tenant issues, and much more despite our wildly corrupt legal system. There is no better resource anywhere in the nation to be ideally used as a preventative aid to protect you from the system or, worst-case, to be used as a remedial tool to assist you if you are already entangled in it.

"A masterpiece"Amazon reviewer

"It's like pulling back the curtain in The Wizard of Oz."Amazon reviewer

"The most important book written for Americans this century!"Amazon reviewer

"Not just a book, but a public service"John Kiriakou

"Thank you so much for your book."Senator Marco Rubio

"A must-read"Doctor Ron Paul

To people in the United States: we cannot emphasize enough how critical this book is to you—whether you realize it yet or not. Don't make the huge mistake of thinking that being struck with the legal system is an "other person's disease." Being protected beforehand is far better than trying to repair the damage afterward.

Click on the book image to read a sample or to protect yourself now by getting a copy. A portion of every purchase helps support the cause.

Will you be prepared, not if, but when the legal system strikes?

Fathers show their love and support by earning money, and this is immediately used against us in divorce court as the reason to take away our children and to order unfair child support payments. These are often 4 to 5 times the actual cost of raising a child and drive many men to suicide, exile, and bankruptcy and also trap them in jail permanently for the inability to pay.

"It is sad that the public is so uneducated, unconcerned, and blinded to the TRUTH by the media and that the judiciary of our once great nation has been allowed to sink to these depths. And while I say that the conditions that exist today can be laid at one doorstep, that of the judiciary, I must ultimately say that the fault really lies at our feet, we the weople, for it is we the people who have allowed the foxes to guard the henhouse."

Robert H. Bork, Judge,
Supreme Court Nominee &
Professor of Law

[Fathers United]. Please Spread this Information Freely.