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Judicial Conflict of Interest - Child Support Kickbacks From The Federal Government

It is unconstitutional for one branch of the government to make payments to another. This was designed by our forefathers to create checks and balances on PEOPLE who they knew would be corrupted eventually by power as happened in their previous homeland.  Yet this is happening each day by the Federal executive branch paying BILLIONS of dollars to states for INCREASES in child support.

Because judges swear to not be involved in any case with a conflict of interest it can be argued that they are breaking their oath of office in every case because of the very existence of this contract and financial arrangement which benefits them indirectly, and in some states directly (MI), by generating higher retirement fund additions based on these increases in child support.

Here is the contract, obtain via the freedom of information act that proves judges have an inherent conflict of interest in award child support. They want it as high as possible so that their salaries, retirement, staff and other expenses are funded. Like everything else, over time, it is ALL about the MONEY.

Cover Letter

Doc1 Page 11

Doc 1 Page 12

Doc 1 Page 21

Doc2 Page 1

Doc2 Page 4

Doc2 Page 13

Doc2 Page 22

Doc3 Page 2

Doc3 Page 5

Doc3 Page 14

Doc 3 Page 23

I think is the page that shows how much money was transferred by way of interdepartmental transferrers,( ISA ) from DOR/csed to the P & F.

Doc8Budget    Doc8 page10     Doc8 Page19

Doc9 Page 20

Doc 6 Page 8        Doc6 Page 17

Doc5 Page 7       Doc5 Page 16       Doc5 5 Page 25

Doc 4 Page 3   Doc 4 Page 6     Doc4 Page 15    Doc 4 Page 24

Doc 7 Page 9        Doc 7 Page 18

If you go to the court web page and look for the financial report, you will see that a lot of money is missing




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Information on Child Support System that is really child Extortion
for the profit of lawyers and government