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Reports from Child and Family "Services" or DSS

Well I heard all the stories about how these bureaucracies have gotten out of control and are just rubber stamps for whatever agenda the judge wants. I heard how some average $5,000 per month for every homeless child they can create. How they came up with opinions that were 100% based on hearsay (boy is that true), which is not even admissible in any real court of law, and how they had financial incentives to separate parents from their children. However, until I was told my report was "completed" today without even interviewing me, or seeing me with my children, I thought they would at least go through the motions and not be so arrogant as to file a report without even meeting me.

Well - SURPRISE, SURPRISE these folks are totally psychic and come to conclusions without both sides of the story - as long as it is the mothers. They don't need any of those pesky things like communications, fair play and hearing both sides to complete their investigations. So even though I have not even seen this report yet - I already know it must be totally bogus - as no reasonable person would file a report on someone without at least interviewing them, and ideally seeing them interact with their own kids.

Well I just got back from reading it and it is pretty much what I expected, reading "this reporter with only one-side of the story has no choice but to recommend full custody to mother" - all without even picking up the phone to call dad, telling him the report was available for review of any such pesky process to ensure input from all sides.

Here are some other comments from people who have seen this process first hand: (more unbelievable stuff)

The report is written to a Judge and is not copied in theory,  (WINK, WINK! ) by anyone.  Everyone copies but just pretends they did not. Making notes could be comprehensive as dictating into a machine - i.e. you can dictate the whole thing.  I know one guy who took a small portable scanner in and copied in the hallway.  Maybe he can loan you the scanner or tell you the brand.

The report will replete with hearsay which is not checked by those involved. It is a good way to get hearsay into the record if the hearsay favors you.  Be aware. 
The Probate officer's chief qualification is a relative  in the legislature - its a patronage job as I hear it.
The job of the probation officer is to input the kids perspective into the process.   My GAL got confused and thought it was a "Roast " of the father.  I was so mad at the GAL after I read her report I could have done terrible things.  I was very insulted at the whole thing. There was no balance, no fairness or any pretended effort at it.
Be prepared to take the PO into court and cross examine thoroughly.

When an expert in family law was asked: "Well as a Pro Se shouldn't you have the same rights as any lawyer to copy these reports?"

Ha Ha.
All of them have the nerve to do whatever they want. Deny you minor civilities and deny you your most fundamental rights, you income, your property and your children.
We need to stop, to stop this tyranny...We need to get the message out to the public to stand against these people
You can't make a Xerox copy (i.e. a copy machine). You can make a handwritten copy or even bring in a tape recorder to record your reading of it.
No Xerox copies otherwise you may let the public know precisely what the 'GAL or family services officer said -and perhaps discredit her words in some way. (lawyers can make a Xerox of the report though)
Yes, it's all a load of crap to do two things: 1) make it seem so official and professional determining that you shouldn't have custody. and 2) a way for the system to make more money for more of their services.

I have wrestled with whether to participate or not either.  If I do participate, I hold no illusions about 'educating' these buffoons to see the light of day.  They are COMPLETELY incompetent at best, TOTALLY corrupt at worst.  I tend to think they are more incompetent than corrupt, although I think they are both.  Have you ever had a conversation with a state employee about anything?  These people are mentally deficient.

Rob, I disagree completely. I'm glad your situation worked out, but I think that DSS is the most incompetent government or quasi-government agency that there is, and they are corrupt on top of that. There main mission is to get funding, and the more fathers they find to be in neglectful or abusive the more money they can justify demanding, and getting, from us the taxpayers.

A state cannot foreclose the exercise of constitutional rights by mere labels.  
   BIGELOW V. VIRGINIA, 95 S.Ct. 2222, 421 U.S. 809 (1975)
Call it what you want,  but it still a government agent interfering with a parent and his children's interaction.   And likely non-professional one which just adds to the seriousness of the problem.