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Other Legal Citations Regarding Abuse of Power by Judges and Government Officials
Gross v. State of Illinois, 312 F 2d 257; (1963).
"State officials acting in their official capacities, even if in abuse of their lawful authority , generally are held to act "under color" of law. This is because such officials are " clothed with the authority" of state law, which gives them power to perpetrate the very wrongs that Congress intended Section 1983 to prevent. " Ex parte Virginia, 100 U.S. 339, 346-347
"It is not a judicial function for judge to commit intentional tort, even though tort occurs in courthouse." Yates v.
Village of Hoffman Estates, Illinois, 209 F.Supp. 757

"Law requires not only impartial tribunal, but that tribunal appears to be impartial." 28 U.S.C.A. 455.
In Re Tip-PaHands Enterprises, Inc., 27 B.R. 780 (U.S.
Bankruptcy Ct.)

"Governmental immunity is not a defense under (42 USC
1983) making liable
every person who under color of state law deprives another person of his civil rights."
Westberry v. Fisher, 309
F.Supp. 95 (District Ct.- of Maine - 1970 "Judicial immunity is no defense to a judge acting in the clear absence of jurisdiction."
Bradley v. Fisher, U.S. 13 Wall. 335 (1871)

"Government immunity violates the common law maxim that everyone shall have remedy for an injury done to his person or property." Fireman's Ins. Co. of Newark, N.J. v.
Washburn County, 2 Wis.2d
214, 85 N.W.2d 840 (1957)
Immunity fosters neglect and breeds
irresponsibility, while liability promotes care and caution, which caution and care is owed by the government to its people." Rabon v. Rowen Memorial Hosp., Inc. 269 NSI. 13, 152 S.E.2d 485, 493 (`1967)