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Massachusetts Child Support and DOR Information
Best Practices/Good Ideas
Child Support Program Profile: Massachusetts
The Massachusetts child support program asks parents to share in a common goal: "put your child first." To achieve this goal, the state has tried to maximize partnerships with other organizations that work with families.

Dads Make a Difference: Action for Responsible Fatherhood
The Governor's Advisory Commission on Father Absence and Family Support (now known as the Governor's Advisory Commission on Responsible Fatherhood and Family Support) was created by executive order on July 10, 1996, to make recommendations on how to address the crisis of father absence and to support the families of the Commonwealth.

Mission Statement
Our mission…to protect the economic well-being of children by enforcing the financial responsibilities of parenthood.

Collection & Disbursement
Child Support Card
Effective January 2005, the Child Support Enforcement Division (CSE), in partnership with JPMorgan Chase Bank, started making the Child Support Card, a Visa®-branded debit card, available to all parents receiving child support.

Customer Service Call Center Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about receiving and making payments.

How to Pay Your Child Support
Information about wage assignment by payee's employer.

Information About Our Billing Cycle - For Parents Who Pay Child Support
DOR’s Billing Cycle

PIP User Guide
The Payment Intercept Program User Guide (PDF) has been developed to assist users with the transition to the redesigned PIP system.

Payment Identification Stubs
To help make sure you receive credit for initial child support payments, you must use the payment identification stubs.

Payment Intercept Program
On Thursday, May 19, 2005, the Department of Revenue (DOR) launched its redesigned Payment Intercept Program (PIP) website. The new site offers enhanced features such as expanded match capabilities with DOR's Child Support Enforcement and Taxpayer Services Divisions' files, as well as newly added MassHealth files..

Payment Intercept Program.
Redesigned Payment Intercept Program (PIP) Website

Customer Service
Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement Case Manager.
On this site you will be able to get the latest information regarding your Child Support case.

Help us to help you!

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Programs
A listing of programs, shelters, and counseling services available to anyone seeking assistance with domestic violence.

Employer Services
Consolidated Child Support Payments
Federal and state laws recognize your vital role in the child support system by allowing you to consolidate all child support payment made pursuant to Massachusetts child support orders, into a single check.

EFT/EDI Transactions- Information for Employers
(EFT/EDI) allows employers to electronically transfer support-related withholdings, through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), a government facility that coordinates EFT/EDI transactions.

Employers FAQ's
Employers most frequently asked questions about child support enforcement.

Income Withholding Overview
Income withholding, the most effective tool for securing regular child support payments, requires you to deduct child support payments directly from the paycheck of your employee or independent contractor.

National Medical Support Notice - Employer Questions and Answers
Employer questions and answers pertaining to the National Medical Support Notice.

Enforcement of Support Orders
Administrative Enforcement
The Child Support Enforcement Division of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) is responsible for establishing paternity and establishing collecting and enforcing child support obligations.

Affidavit of Arrears Package
If you claim that the other parent owes past-due support (arrears) for a time before your application for services, we will not begin to collect the arrears until a court enters an order establishing the total amount due. If you want us to help you in getting a court order establishing the amount due, you must complete the Affidavit of Arrears package and submit it with your application for services.

CSE Delinquent Noncustodial Parents
Every month, thousands of parents in the Commonwealth fail to provide financial support for their children, in violation of a court order and in spite of a wide variety of enforcement measures used by DOR. This is a list of the names of 10,069 parents who owe more than $30,000 in past-due child support and who have made no payment whatsoever in the last 6 months, according to DOR's records.

DOR Bank Match Informational Update
This form allows all financial institutions who are required to participate in our Bank Match program to provide current and accurate information.

Financial Data Match Specifications Handbook (PDF)
Modeled after the Massachusetts Bank Match Specifications Handbook, the Financial Data Match Specifications Handbook (PDF) was formulated for use by all financial institutions for Data Match or Bank Match reporting to the states in which they do business.

The Massachusetts Bank Match Program and the National Financial Institution Data Match Program
Program information

Income Withholding
If you pay child support and the payments are withheld directly from your paycheck, please contact us as soon as possible. We can transfer the income withholding from your civilian employer to the Department of Defense (DFAS) so that your child support will be deducted from your military pay.

Medical Support
If you are ordered to provide health insurance coverage for your children, your call to military duty means your existing insurance coverage will end. However, you may enroll your children in the military health care coverage TRICARE.

Military Reservists & National Guard
Information for parents to better understand how the call up to military duty can or may affect their child support case, specifically regarding Income Withholding; Modification; Medical Support; and Passport Requests.

Military activation may mean a sizeable reduction in monthly income. The change in income may justify a change in the amount of the child support order

Passport Requests
Your call to active military duty may require you to obtain a valid passport prior to deployment. The State Department will refuse to issue or renew passports to parents who owe $5,000 or more in past-due child support.

Power of Attorney
Our policy prevents us from discussing a child support case with anyone other than you or the other parent in the case without your permission. If you have been called to active military duty and want to designate someone else to speak with us on your behalf, you must provide a completed Power of Attorney Form to us.

What to Remember About Active Duty and Child Support
General information about What to Remember About Active Duty and Child Support.

Suspension of Licenses
License Suspension
If you have outstanding child support obligations, your professional and/or driver's license may be suspended and you will not be able to renew it until the Department of Revenue has removed your nonpayment status.

Establishment of Cases
Child Support Case Information Form
Basic information for establishing a child support case.

Introduction to DOR/CSE Services
Common questions about Child Support Enforcement Services.

When the Noncustodial Parent Lives in Massachusetts
Questions and answers pertaining to when the noncustodial parent lives in Massachusetts.

Intake (Applying for Services)
Application and Agreement for Child Support Services (PDF)
This information will help you complete this Application and Agreement for Child Support Enforcement Services.

Application for Child Support Services
In applying for Child Support Enforcement services, you may complete our online Application for Services or download the application.

Massachusetts Application for Child Support Services
Welcome to the E-CSE Application for Services website.

Establishment of Support Orders
Child Support Guidelines
Links to online Child Support Guidelines

Child Support Guidelines Worksheet
An automated Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.

Entering Agreement
Answers to questions commonly asked about entering into a child support agreement.

Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines
Factors to be Considered in Setting the Child Support Order.

When the Noncustodial Parent Lives in Another State
These questions and answers pertain to when the noncustodial parent lives in another state.

Laws and Policies
Information regarding recent legal decisions affecting child support.

Probate and Family Court
Information about the court system and how it works.

Child Support Project
Child Support & Family Law

Ten Most Wanted
Failure to pay child support may get you on Massachusetts' Ten Most Wanted List.

CSENet 2000 State Contact Information
The states with whom Massachusetts is currently exchanging interstate information via CSENet.

Citizens' Guide to State Services
State Administration/Revenue: Child Support/Federal Parent Locator Service

Medical Support
National Medical Support Notice
This Notice is a federally-mandated standardized form that all state child support enforcement agencies are required to use.

New Hire
Employer New Hire Reporting
Associated Forms and Information for Employers
Associated Forms and Information for Employers for New Hire.

New Hire
State Directory of New Hire
Instructions and System Requirements
In order to use the Massachusetts New Hire Reporting System, you must be registered with the Commonwealth as an employer to withhold and remit personal income tax payments on behalf of an employee.

New Hire Reporting System
Information for using the New Hire Reporting System

Online Employer Reporting System
Online New Hire Reporting System log-in.

Register to use the System
Registration form for (new)online new hire reporting

The Massachusetts New Hire Reporting System
Employers may choose any of the following methods to report newly hired employees and independent contractors: the Internet, or the New Hire Reporting Form, Form NHR.

The New Hire Reporting System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently asked questions regarding New Hire Reporting

Public Information/Outreach
Forms and Information
These are the most commonly requested forms and worksheets.

Frequently Asked Questions
These are frequently asked questions relating to various child support issues.

Home Page for Massachusetts
Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement Home page

Links relating to additional information about child support enforcement.

Massachusetts and Federal Legal Forms
Child Support forms and information

Various articles, briefs, and testimonies written and prepared by staff of Child Support Enforcement Division.

References and Resources
Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement Web site library

Site Map
Site Map of Child Support Enforcement Division (CSE).

Vocabulary for Parents
A glossary of child support terms and definitions.

What's New
Latest updated child support related information.

Financial Data
Child Support Executive Summary
Massachusetts Department of Revenue Child Support Executive Summary.

Review & Adjustment
Modification Package
For parents a package of materials to assist you in asking for a change in the amount of child support.

Request for Review and Adjustment
We will use the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines in our review. The Guidelines consider several factors including both parents' income and ability to earn income, the number and ages of your children, and the cost of health care coverage for the children.