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-------- Original Message --------
Subject:   [Mention] Re: Forced mediation
Date:   Thu, 24 Mar 2005 04:06:35 +0000
From:   Roger Eldridge <eldridgeandco@eircom.net>
Reply-To:   mention@yahoogroups.com
To:   --A GROUP <eldridgeandco@eircom.net>
  I was asked recently if we have information about forced mediation and shared parenting. The position of the National Mens Council of Ireland is that we do not believe it is in the interests of children for their parents to separate. Full stop. There is NO EVIDENCE anywhere that shows that children benefit from having their parents choose to stop protecting them and to care for them on a part-time basis, even 50% of the time. We believe that Marriage is in the interests of children. The Husband's natural propensity and indeed the expectation in law is that he will protect his children. He plainly can not do that if they are not with him due to a 'separation'. We have stopped using the term 'separation' in our own work as it implies consent. There is rarely voluntary consent. If there is we can not support a man consenting to relieve himself of the duty to protect his children.

In our experience and according to known statistics it is almost always women who desert their marriages where there are minor children. A unifying bond between fathers in the National Mens Council of Ireland is that they are deserted by their wives and forced, against their will, into being separate from their children by order and physical force of the state. Family law as it stands in Ireland (and everywhere else also) benefits the defaulter and as such is anti-marriage and persecutes father-headed households. No man should submit himself to such laws as they are entirely abusive and unconstitutional to his duty and right to protect his children. Law must be moral otherwise it commands no respect other than as a show of naked force and totalitarianism. The last dregs of morality in Family law, left after the state has taken out most of the protections of Marriage, is being usurped by collusion between the vulture solicitors, in particular the Legal Aid Board and members of the Court Service. Any man that submits to that set of immorality exposes his Family to certain injustice.

Women are being seduced by the guarantee of financial and property settlements in their favour and the knowledge that they will gain control of the Husband by exploiting the children. We see our main function as stopping the holocaust of children being bewildered and abused by their parents not living under the same roof as them all the time and having arbitrary restrictions imposed on their relationship with them. This is being achieved through the persecution and destruction of father-headed households (ie Marriages) by the state.

If women knew that they would not get 100% control of the children it would reduce their appetite to desert their marriage. However this is not the solution to the problem as the state would undoubtedly rig some other process to destroy marriages. More importantly for us even 50/50 presents a solution that is inconsistent with our primary goal of preventing children from suffering the incredibly traumatic experience of their parents abandoning them - even if for [only!] 50% of the time.. Our focus must remain on promoting a rational debate on the virtue of Marriage for children and the Common Good so that people understand that they not only have rights but more importantly, if they want to have a family life and live in a society where dignity and liberty is assured for every individual, they also have a DUTY to get married and STAY married! Our work therefore is to force the state, against their will, to bring back laws and social policies which support Marriage.

Roger Eldridge, Chairman. National Men's Council of Ireland, Knockvicar, Boyle, Co. Roscommon Www.family-men.com Tel: 00 353 (0) 71-9667138 Email: familymen@eircom.net