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Family court Judge Chuck Weller of Reno Nevada


Below you will find some excerpts and direct links directly to the sites from all the "Bad Judge" Web sites that feature Washoe County Nevada's Family Court Judge Chuck Weller. He is increasingly earning himself the reputation of being one of if not the most abusive and unfair judges anywhere to be found in America. As you read what people have to say about him you will start to understand the outrageous conduct on Weller's part.

Here are just some of the quotes from what people who have been in his court have said about Weller's behavior in the court room:

"Yes. I think Weller is on the take."

"He has been very angry and aggressive towards me"

"get this HITLER off the bench."

"The NEW TERRORISM! Judge Chuck Weller of Washoe County Family Court has people (both men & women) running from his courtroom in TERROR. He threatens to take your children, your freedom, your property!"

"Weller uses whatever tactics to force you to submit to his imperial demands and tyrannical orders"

"All witnesses had sworn affidavits that my son was being molested by my ex and yet Judge Weller released him into her custody."

"Judge Weller is not only incompetent, but a very big danger to all those other children in that situation."

"he had his mind made up before he even entered the room". A COMMON COMPLAINT

"He is a bully and abusive.He states his decision at the beginning of each hearing."

"The top Family law attorneys are kicking Weller off their cases at the beginning of each case at a "epidemic level"."

"I work very closely with a non-custodial group, and I hear and see these abuses every day. It is out of control. To top it off, nothing is ever done about it."

"I am one of many who have been destroyed by his punishing attacks. This man should be in jail not on the bench."

"...victims of Weller and others talking about the outright abusive behavior that Weller is dishing out."

"If I hadn't seen this with my own eyes I could not have believed their horror stories. I have seen some of the CDs and what they are all telling me directly and posting to the legal reader is true. Completely outrageous"

"...prevent an unsuspecting person from falling into Weller's court and being destroyed like many of the ones who have already gone before him."

"Take for example Judge Chuck Weller. He was elected to serve in the Washoe County Family Courts for 6 years and has been wrecking havoc on families from the moment he was seated."

"It is my opinion his cowboy law, personal bias, and lack of regard for what is in the best interest of children is demonstrated through each and every open, closed, and emergency hearing he holds. His style and demeanor foster greater hostility between parties and rarely result with a fair and equitable resolution. It appears he rules through fear and intimidation, threatening parties and imposing blatantly biased terms and conditions."

Have you read enough yet? There is much more and you don't have to go very far to find more plees for help and more stories of corruption and abuse.

Just to be the devil's advocate we need to look only at the facts. An interesting "FACT" is that one could say that the reason that bad things are being said on the Internet and elsewhere is because Weller is a public figure or a judge. Just to dispel that theory I checked ALL three of the other family judges in Washoe County and could not find one bad comment on the google or on the Internet for that matter about anyone of them. I then checked all these sites that list "bad judges" to see if there was another judge in America that was on all of the sites or even two or more of the sites and if there were any with such bad comments and could not find one judge in America that matched Weller with such negative statements about him. Looks like Weller in a class of his own but the ones who have been before him all knew that.

Next beyond the abuse and destruction being caused by Weller. We understand a number of investigations are going on including the information we are being given about how contributors of Weller's campaign are almost unanimously winning landslide judgements in Weller's courtroom where as the attorneys who didn't contribute to his campaign are losing horribly for their clients. The preempting statistics for attorneys kicking Weller off the case at the beginning tell the story. There really is an epidemic of preemptions by attorneys mostly if not all non Weller campaign contributors.
The numbers don't lie. These are the statistics for 2005 and through Feb.

Family court Judge Hardy - preemptions by attorneys - 5
Family court Judge Schumacher - preemptions by attorneys - 12
Family court Judge Doherty - preemptions by attorneys - 24
Family court Judge Weller - preemptions by attorneys - 68

We have been informed that some of the top family attorneys in Reno have said "I would withdraw from a case before going in front of Weller" and "If my client doesn't want to pay for a preemption to get out of Weller's courtroom I will pay it out of my pocket" and "Weller is dangerous, I can't afford to take my clients in front of him"

Don't forget that Weller was involved with having the Federal Trade Commission making him pay some $60,000 to a redress fund due to being involved with selling fraudulent stocks to the elderly. You can look that article up on google as well.

Someone must do something about Judge Chuck Weller's behavior as family court judge. This is an extremely important position that effects countless lives and this community and it's children need someone who will not use and abuse that power to destroy so many lives.

Below are the links that we have found on the Internet about Weller:













May whoever reads this make an impact on the lives of not only those families who have and are under the destructive arm of Weller but all those children and families that are yet to be destroyed by Weller.

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