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Custody and Visitation Index Page

It is a scientific fact that shared parenting with near equal time with both parents is by far superior to sole physical custody with "visitation". There are HUNDREDS of scientific studies that have proven this. The best source to find most of them is the book Father and Child Reunion by Dr, Warren Farrell at: www.WarrenFarrell.com or Amazon.


But David Luevy, an attorney and president of the Children’s Rights Council, based in Washington D.C., says that, overall, shared parenting works better than sole custody arrangements.

Making it Work: The Children’s Rights Council suggests the following custody schedule.

Age Recommended contact with both parents
Under 1 year Part of each day
Ages 1 to 2 Every other day
Ages 2 to 5 Not more than two days w/out seeing parents
Ages 5 to 9 Alternate weeks; "off duty" parent getting a mid-week visitation
Over 9 Alternate weeks

Luevy says studies from the American Psychological Association show that children tend to fare better emotionally when both parents are involved, minimizing the lasting effects of divorce. And fathers who share custody are also more likely to pay child support.