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Contact Information For Politicians Regarding VAWA

First news of the hearing for me...

Here are the email addresses for Senate judiciary committee member holding VAWA reauthorization hearing tomorrow morning. The witness list (link below, labeled as tentative) is clearly limited (5 people, apparently no men, from the DV industry).


Orrrin Hatch - http://www.senate.gov/~hatch/index.cfm?Fuseaction=Offices.Contact
Mike DeWine www.dewine.senate.gov
Lindsey Graham www.lgraham.senate.gov/email/email.htm
John Cornyn www.cornyn.senate.gov/contact/contact.cfm
Jon Kyl www.kyl.senate.gov/contact.cfmrpwm
Sam Brownback - http://brownback.senate.gov/CMEmailMe.cfm
Tom Coburn - http://coburn.senate.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.Home
Schumer - http://schumer.senate.gov/SchumerWebsite/contact/webform.cfm
Dick Durbin - http://durbin.senate.gov/contact.cfm#contact

The list of witnesses, as of Monday morn, is found at:


-------------- Original message ----------------------
From: Mike Franco <mv-franco@JUNO.COM>
--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kathi Kelly <kelly@space.mit.edu>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 16:45:09 -0400
Subject: vawa


July 15, 2005

Washington - The upcoming hearings on the Violence Against Women Act are drawing fire from a broad range of groups who charge the July 19 hearings may provide the Senate Judiciary Committee members with incomplete and even biased information about the proposed the law.

Today those groups released a letter to the Judiciary Committee, calling for it to "receive testimony from a diversity of witnesses, including male victims of domestic violence, women who can testify to the harm VAWA has done to them and their families, and researchers whose work is based on scientific principles rather than ideology."

The letter is signed by the American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC), the Eagle Forum, American Family Association, Coalitions for America, Religious Freedom Coalition, RADAR, Renew America, Population Research Institute, and others.

A full-page advertisement in the current Washington Times Weekly Edition also targets the Senate hearings, saying the hearings "only serve special interest groups." The ad is sponsored by the Colorado-based Equal Justice Foundation.

"The Violence Against Women Act is deceptive in its purported aims and is destructive to American families," warns Stephen Baskerville, ACFC president. "Well-intentioned lawmakers are being misled about its purposes and effects."

Women are also criticizing the proposed VAWA legislation. In her June 29 article Fox News columnist Wendy McElroy condemned the discriminatory nature of VAWA: "tax-funded domestic violence shelters and services assist women and routinely turn away men."

And in her July 1 column, Kathleen Parker charged that VAWA has "demonized men and made women into martyrs and victims."

Last week RADAR, a group concerned about domestic violence bias, released a report that concludes, "VAWA tramples on persons' basic human rights, undermines the family, and makes a mockery of fairness and justice." RADAR calls on lawmakers to "make sure VAWA helps all victims of domestic violence."

Research shows that women are just as likely as men to commit domestic violence. "Family violence is an important social problem," Baskerville notes, "but ignoring male victims leaves half the problem unsolved