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The state-of-the-art in what is best for children of divorce. Every parent, judge and family law attorney must view this video to save their children from the ravages of divorce.
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Assistance For Fathers Abused By The Current System

It is an unfortunate fact that many fathers will be made criminals by the unfair and abusive child support system and orders given today that are unfair, impossible and d not allow you to survive financially.  Fathers are constantly:

1) Sent to jail for sending a birthday card to their children,
2) Imprisoned for not paying impossible child support while being held hostage in Iraq or in the hospital
3) Force to live in their car or on the street if they even attempt to pay what is ordered.
4) Sentenced to jail for simply losing their jobs
5) Essentially made a criminal by the process of divorce and illegal actions by judge, who often ignore the facts and law to do whatever they want in probate courts
6) Drivers licenses and work licenses removed, making it impossible for them to earn any money and forcing them into jail (the absurdity of this is beyond belief even for a government bureaucracy)

These are just a few real life examples and all of them are happening just about every day. As you read this there are likely 22 men held in prison with accused murderers and other violent criminal in the Cambridge Massachusetts jail alone for nonpayment of child support. And these men can not get "earned time" for good behavior like the murderers do!! The system is out of control due to one sided lobbying of the vocal minority feminists who are organized and chipping away at men's rights every day.

There are several "underground railroads" in the spirit of Harriet Tubman, (http://americancivilwar.com/women/harriet_tubman.html) who helped slaves escape the south prior to the civil war and slavery becoming illegal. The parallel to fathers being enslaved for "child support" (really child extortion) are scary and real.

It may only be a matter of time before this catches up with you. If you lose your job for only a few months you can become a felon for nonpayment under the existing laws and thrown in jail - While in jail you have no way to earn and pay - so you could literally sit there are rot for the rest of your life. Although this does no one any good the example to all those other fathers that judges and lawyers in family and probate court effectively extort for their own financial benefit, both directly and indirectly is made this way.

If you need a place to hide out and a place to work from, some can get you work as well that they cannot trace.

"You are better to your family in hiding and rebuilding, than in jail"

Are we not all crazy, we would be crazy not to help!
We do not help fugitives on the run, so don't tell us about it, we only help those who help themselves. We do not care about your legal/supports issues, but we can help NCPs under financial stress who need a place short term.

Go to: www.MensCustodyShelterNetwork.com and search the web.
For obvious reasons we can not list all these here.

In Canada: http://www.canadianequalparentinggroups.ca/alberta.htm