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Modern-Day 'Poll Tax' Costs GOP Votes

by Barry Weinstein
Posted Oct 04, 2006

The Democratic Party’s instituted policies and pandering to the radical woman’s movement are responsible for at least 1 million non-felons—divorced American men commonly known as fathers—who are today being denied the right to vote. How is that possible? It is done by the imposition of a new-fangled “poll tax” by activist judges.

Here is the short of it. Right now, there is estimated to be 1 million individuals in county jails on any given day. Curiously, no statistics regarding non-felons in prisons are kept by the Justice Department.

The issue is now playing out all across America’s 3,141 counties and parishes. These individuals who have not committed any crime are the target of activist judicial discrimination based upon their sex. They have not been accused of a crime. They have not had a trial by jury of their peers. In fact, they have not been convicted of any crime. They are in jail until they—even if they cannot comply—pay a judge’s arbitrarily established sum in order to be released from jail. This is a clear violation of the 13th Amendment and federal statues against peonage, slavery as well as involuntary and indentured servitude, respectively. This mirrors ransom as well, as I see it. This is not a joke!

Unless the money is paid, the person will remain in prison for an alleged debt, unconstitutionally I say, deprived of his liberty. According to press reports, there is one individual in a Pennsylvania county prison for more than 11 years. He has not had a trial by jury or been accused of a crime; the judge wants money he does not have.

Now comes the inconceivable part. The incarcerated I speak of are innocent individuals; about 95%, or more, are males. They are non-felons who are being denied the right to vote in this current 2006 election because of an alleged debt.

This is occurring in both state and federal elections across the entire country. They are, in fact, constitutionally viable voters in the upcoming federal elections. It is for them to late to vote in the primaries, which have come and passed.

Of the states and politicians that I have so far tuned into, here is the current situation:

In Connecticut, where the liberal Democratic Sen. Christopher Dodd rules, no individual in jail is allowed to vote—felon or not.

In Tennessee ex-felons who pay off the court costs are allowed to vote—unless they owe child support.

In the state of Washington, a recent Supreme Court decision stated that it is unconstitutional to prevent recent former felons from voting if they owed court costs. Yet, nothing is said about men who are alleged to owe child support, as they are non-felons in jail, though they never had a trial by jury of their peers.

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.) says nothing about the longstanding denial of the right to vote by way of a “poll tax” for these American men.

In New Jersey, a Democratic-leaning state, the fathers in jail for child support are not allowed to vote, although if one is a pretrial detainee—to clarify, let’s say being held for murder—that person is allowed to vote. At the same time, the Democrats also demand that terrorists—at Gitmo and everywhere else—get constitutional protections, which divorced American men do not get and the pro-terrorists left is deathly silent about it.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats are focused on the issue of enlisting new voters who are not constitutionally approved voters. It is no secret Democrats would be thrilled to welcome illegal foreigners to vote in federal elections. This is now taking place in California and probably other states as well. Democrats actually oppose any photo I.D. being presented as proof of U.S. citizenship prior to anyone exercising the right to vote.

Republicans should stop sitting on the fence looking and waiting to see which way the cows went so that they may be corralled in their barn. Radical feminists do not vote for Republicans. Get used to it!

Republicans can take full advantage of this situation and the concomitant votes by merely standing out front and publicly directing all jails across the nation to provide all necessary information as if these innocent voters were at home and at liberty. Add to this recipe absentee ballots, which clearly must be provided to non-felons.

This can be done by way of their campaign organizations, which can also provide Republicans factual information directly to those affected, as opposed to the “lemming” left-wing newspapers and media. This would compensate the Republicans for the unattainable votes from the radical feminists who vote exclusively for Democrats.

Mr. Weinstein is an activist who was once the innocent target of New Jersey prosecutor Nicholas Bissel. The indictment against him was dismissed with prejudice.

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