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Index of Domestic Violence and False Allegations Research and Stories

Judges in many states (not all) give out restraining orders "like candy" as the lawyers say. Usually to a women against a man even though about 50% of domestic violence has been proven to be initiated by women by many studies.  This is often a violation of a person's civil rights as it denies that person property, liberty, family income and their home without anything having ever occurred! - Often there is only a claim of fear with ulterior motives to evict the man from the home and control the children and income.  PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED EMOTIONALLY, FINANCIALLY IN OTHER WAYS WITH NO CRIME EVER COMMITTED (just a claim of fear).  In fact even if there were proper due process, which most of these judges are ignoring completely - since often NOTHING has ever happened it is unconstitutional and an illegal order anyway. See what legal scholars say about this.

Here are references proving how big and destructive this abuse of our legal system is today. Lawyers are not helping to fix this because it drive UP legal fees - since in a divorce now two lawyer need to be in-between each and every communication. This is a holocaust that is destroying children, families and even their estates because once started it usually escalated to a full scale legal and custody battle (Boy do the lawyer love that at $100,000 plus per case!).

Massachusetts alone issues between 25,000 and 40,000 restraining orders per year. Lawyers agree that between 50% and 95% should NOT EVER be issued. They are very harmful to the person they are issued against and a tactic in divorce to prevent fathers from getting fair custody and visitation rights.  See one lawyers web site dedicated to this outrageous abuse of our legal system.

A woman whistle Blower tells how three out of three
divorce lawyers encouraged her to abuse of the domestic violence laws
by saying that is what she needed to do to get full custody of her children


The Very Broken and Likely Unconstitutional Law:


Massachusetts Restraining Order Law


Expunging a Restraining Order Form Your Record


Permanent Restraining Orders are not legal


Restraining order Legal Citations   Corrado Case which requires that abuse be proven (ignored by judges)

Larkin Case


Restraining Order Bill Proposed


Restraining Order Violations Advice    Abuse of the 209a Statute


Justice Denied - Domestic Violence Arrest Policies




Research and Studies

  SUMMARY:  This bibliography examines 196 scholarly investigations: 153 empirical studies and 43 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.  The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 177,100.

Family Violence Study May 2006


Restraining Order Violations Study


Flawed Reports, Skewed Studies and Propaganda to Secure Funding For People with an Agenda


Restraining Order Virginia Study


Violence Against Women Act a Threat to Families - Report    Reconsidering the unintended consequences of VAWA

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Clarifies (And judges continue to ignore) IAMELE CASE:
Massachusetts’s highest court has ruled that the standard of proof for the renewal of 209A emergency restraining orders must be same as the standard used in the original hearing for the issuance of the order. In Iamele v. Asselin, the court held that the “plaintiff seeking an extension of a protective order must make a showing similar to that of a plaintiff seeking an initial order -- most commonly, the plaintiff will need to show a reasonable fear of imminent serious physical harm at the time that relief.” (Emphasis added). In addition, judges must now articulate the standard by which they make their decision.


Restraining Order Renewal required complete reproof of "Serious Imminent Physical Harm" - Request a full hearing


Restraining Order Abuse




A big cause of the abuse:     

Child Support Incentive Abuse
A $358,000 bounty on the head of children (using $50,000 income avg. and 23 years maximum payments) is a serious incentive for many unethical women to use the domestic violence laws to throw the father of their children out, take the house and get up to 23 years of tax free payments.

Index of Child Support Information which drives false allegations of over 50%


Restraining order stories   1     2    3  Outrageous Cases


Sexual Bias Proven By Restraining Order study - Which was then shut off by the state

More on the study done in Gardner Massachusetts by Fatherhood Coalition


Restraining Order Abuse in Illinois


Charlie Sheen Restraining order issued because his wife chased him to the  car and tried to prevent him from leaving   with Denise Richards Declaration


David Letterman Restraining Order for Sending secrets signals with his eyes to lady he never met



Recommended Ways to Stop the Damage to Families and Children

A guide for Reforming the Massachusetts Restraining Order Laws