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Another Story of a "judge" Who Runs on Opinion and Prejudice, Instead of Facts and Evidence

My story goes like this: I was divorced in January 1999. It was a 4 day divorce trial that involved my father more than myself. Judge Robert Terry split everything 50/50. She got all the assets and I got all the debts. You heard it all before... February 27,2000, the home in which my ex and 3 daughters were living in, was destroyed by fire. The next day, restraining order saying I set the fire (although to this day the state fire marshal never said it was an arson fire). 2 months later, extended. six months later, extended. One year later, made PERMANENT!

Now I'm pissed. I hired the best lawyer in town and started putting up flyers all around the county saying that Judge Terry is abusing my children. (I got arrested and charged with harassment). One year later and $7,500 poorer I switched to a high profile Boston civil rights firm. $10,000 later I could not see my daughters so I dropped the "firm" and went back a "local" "affordable" attorney. 2003 my 2 younger daughters wanted to see me and things have been great with them ever since. We see each other every weekend and whenever they want during the week. Now for my oldest daughter... I hired Dr. John Daignault to evaluate the situation. "Worst case of PAS he has ever seen" But Judge Terry says its my fault because I should not have burned the child's home down. He has it set in his own mind and has dismissed the state fire marshal's report. It comes down to this... I've spent 6 years and almost $40,000 and my daughter still hates me because of what her mother has told her. Going to court is like beating a dead horse. But I wake up every morning, look in the mirror and ask..."What can I do for my child today?"

For what it's worth; it took me one year, over 30 faxes to the courthouse, approximately 60 telephone calls and three motions to release the GAL report to me! (This is the courts way of using up my valuable time and resources to ask for something that is required by law).  Then when they gave me the GAL report less than 30 days before trial and had a bunch of attachments.  The two major ones were; if any of this information leaked out to anyone, then I would forfeit the marital home.  If I reproduced this document and anyway I would once again forfeit all marital assets.  Let me remind you, this was all rearranged with her lawyer and all that the judge had to do was signed a bottom-line.  I've reprimanded the judge at trial saying that she was illogical to sign such a hideous order.  I embarrassed her by saying she was inhumane.  What judge in their left mind that  would evict would a quadriplegic from his marital home after that quadriplegic has spent over $100,000 to modify the house for his living.  What judge would send a quadriplegic to a nursing home while his estranged wife live in a brand-new house?  I have all the documentation if anyone is interested in seeing how ludicrous judges are in signing lawyers proposed orders.  When I was in trial I looked at the lawyer while giving testimony in the court officer told me to address the judge.  I told him I was addressing the person who is in charge of this case, who was her lawyer.  They did not find that amusing.

Our Response to

I am very sorry for your loss and that of your daughter who has been permanently harmed by this judge no doubt after so long.
Only exposure of these crimes by judges and federal law suits will help in my opinion.
Judicial immunity has allowed them to do anything they want, even unconstitutional actions which become void and make them personally liable.
The JJC is a JOKE!! You will eventually get a letter saying they completed their "investigation" and found insufficient grounds to do anything.
It is a stall tactic to let you cool down and most say they do nothing, not even interview or talk to the injured parties. It is a clear case of the foxes watching the hen house.
New U.S. Supreme court cases have opened the door to federal suits for civil right violations against fathers and the Rooker-Feldman doctrine, previously used by the state to hide behind and get federal case thrown out is disintegrating. I think the window is now open to sue successfully and hold both judges and the state responsibly for their actions.
The legal standard to terminate parental rights is "Strict scrutiny" which is very high and they must prove you are causing "actual harm" to your children.
Of course, we know this is all about money and sexual prejudice. The state gets HUNDREDS of million of dollars in federal funding for separating fathers from their families in the form of federal kickbacks for higher child support etc.

Today you need lots of money to BUY justice. Of you are alone the learning curve to know what you need to know is 1-2 years acting Pro Se and by then it is too late.

Did you hear about recent case in VT where a many was banded from the courthouse for having Judge "SOandSO" is a butcher of the constitution on his pickup truck.  He was awarded $250,000 from the county and $50,001 from the sheriff who served the warrant on him.
Seems like "harassment" is a stretch if you were telling the truth - 1st Amendment rights and all.
As I said federal court for civil right violations is probably the only way to go.
State courts are completely corrupt and protect their own people at all costs - including conspiracy, collusion, bribery and by sending each other business as payoffs.
I know several people suing judges in federal court now and expect this to become very common until this abuse stops.

Sounds like we have similar wives.
Mine spends hours demonizing me to her friend and family because her self-esteem is so low she can't have anyone believe she could be at fault for our marriage going south.  This with over 15 years of mental health treatment history with Paxil (changing her own dosage), crazy behavior, paranoia and lots more. She hid this well before the marriage and it got progressively worse. I think the Paxil helped at first but then made it worse.

Problem is judges choose not to believe the man the "she said" standard, so you basically need video of a mom shooting heroin in front of the kids to prove a mother is unfit or lots of independent witnesses.

Expert witnesses, examination by doctors and the like. Broken arms are common for kids and do not translate into bad mother or fathers as accidents happen but a history of mental issues, bad judgment that endangers the children etc. might get you somewhere. Problem is gathering this is very difficult to do and prove.
There is so much lying in family court only what she admits and independent experts say matters.