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The state-of-the-art in what is best for children of divorce. Every parent, judge and family law attorney must view this video to save their children from the ravages of divorce.
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      A Father's Story - Mike Defeudis
      Discrimination against Men in Family Courts is Obvious and Illegal

Mike Defeduis was a retired, stay at home dad. His wife works in a senior position in the Lexington school system and makes a six figure income. Immediately upon filing of divorce, due to the usual abuse of false accusations that leverage the ridiculous (guilt till proven innocent) domestic violence laws when none has occurred the family court terminated virtually all his parental rights. A common story as women get vindictive and also look for maximum leverage and money in divorce.  Mike, though he is 62 and has health problems was ordered by the court into the forced work program to pay more child support. Any women with the same story and long term marriage would have gotten the house, children, child support and alimony - but Mike is a man. The judge told Mike "It is time to stop leaching off your wife" - to a woman he would have said "you deserve to receive alimony, get the house because obviously you are a loving mother who has given up your career to stay home and take care of your children.

Mike was sent to jail for contempt three different times for as long as 120 days because he did not get a job and/or turn in enough job applications weekly. A man goes to jail for being a "stay at home dad" and a women get supported for the rest of her life for the same behavior. This is a violation of the equal right required by the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Due process was constantly denied Mike as hearings. In Cambridge the judge pull any attorney from the hallway to get around the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that anyone subject to a jail sentence have legal representation. This is a farce and the attorney does nothing - it is a violation of both the letter and spirit of representation when this lawyer does not know the case, is intimidated into going along with the judge's desire to incarcerate the person and sometime says practically nothing. Jail sentence issued!

MIKE'S NOTE FRO JAIL October 15th 2006:

Everybody wants me out of this marriage; and I do too. One issue is in the way; my children.  I am being egotistic too say my children need me?!  I am being narcissistic to believe the courts and my wife have no right to take my children from me?!  I am being to purist to expect that the courts should uphold my right to be a parent?!  I am being too political to want to have the loving relationship with my children that I once had!!  I raised my boys.  I was there for them when my wife would have them in daycare!!!  I nurtured them and enabled then to be what they are!!! And my wife has used that to her benefit to keep them from me.  I maintained that they be concerned about obeying their parents.  I, instilled in them the respect for their parents.  I taught them to follow directions from their parents and teachers and elders.

    Their mother intimidates me and my children and she uses the courts to do this.  I was the parent that kept and insisted my boys be active in Boy Scouts and be true to their commitments and follow through with their responsibilities.  I taught my boys to have allegiance to themselves as individuals, brothers and sons, teammates and students.  I instilled in my boys all that wasn't present in my life as a child.  I took everything that was wrong with my childhood and purposefully enabled my children to be what I wasn't. What I didn't have my boys got. More so than Sean.  I totally invested myself into my guys.  They learned to be competitive, imaginative over come the childhood fears by being secure for them.  My children suffer fear and anxiety for themselves by fearing, "What Mom will do to dad next."
     The family courts are tyrannical, treasonous, and criminal.  They have taken a perfectly good pair of boys and turned them into paranoid psychos.  They repress all their emotions and feelings because they want to protect their mother because they believe she is their only comfort in life.  Their mother aligns me to them, undermines everything a father could be for them.  Unteach them this fear or let them mature prematurely and they will run from her.  She is teaching them to be cowards, fearful of the next step forward.  She has isolated them from the real world and she will intimidate them from the truth.  She says to them, "What is happening to you and your father is your father's fault."  What more fear can you instill in a child about a parent than a parent who perpetuates hell on himself and his children. Tell them the truth that she uses the courts to incarcerate me, separate me, keep my influence and determination of truth from them.
     The fear is not being incarcerated, the fear is how will my children develop, what effect will her lies have on the rest of their lives.
     Yes, I want away from this demon, yes; I want out of this hell, yes; I want this monkey off my back.  I don't want to loose my children, and that will happen with the decision to be rendered from these courts. Their agenda is predetermined and all about MONEY. Money for lawyers, money fro the state from federal child support kickbacks, money for psychologists, GALs, visitation centers and any other phony government invented reason to charge divorcing parents and plunder their estates at their most vulnerable time.  Not one finding of facts have been issued from all the decisions rendered by these judges.  They are transparent and villainous in their intent to uphold the treason they maintain.  Their clear intent is to impose their malicious intentions on my family; my boys and me.