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 The Fatherland Concept


Do we Need a New Nation To Get The Rights Our
Forefather's Guaranteed in the Constitution?
Assume you are a citizens of Fatherland, Assume in Fatherland country you are automatically granted 50/50% custody, zero child support.
In the country of Fatherland, the US family court, probate, DOR, and IRS do not apply nor hold any jurisdiction.
You now can sue the US Courts for your children, based on your Fatherland laws and rights.
You can legally retake your children.
You can enroll your children in a school where it is required to have daily interaction from you.
Your doctor is required to evaluated and treat your children.
This Fatherland country may be an island just off the coast of the US and you can still work and live in the US through a student or work visa program or an ambassadorship program or social program.
This Fatherland country has non-stop flights and ships daily and will transport its citizens and their children at no cost to/from most major US cities in order to establish near 50/50% custody.
The Fatherland country has a tax base that pays for this transportation, medical, and school system.
In this country it is also a requirement that the children work every week on social projects and their Father is on the board of directors. (IE, your children get paid to play with you!) Perfectly legal and legit. PS: there is no welfare in this country, very simple laws.

Van Woolley
Call me, 877-629-2271, to discuss the real details, we are talking about saving lives, not screwing anyone over or getting out of their child/parent obligations.

How many NCPs in the US that transferred to this new Fatherland Country, would it take to cause a massive implosion within the US child welfare and family court system?
1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 50%
100,000; 500,000; 2,000,000; 5,000,000; 10,000,000; or 20,000,000 NCPs What if just 100,000 from Massachusetts transferred?

PS: We ended slavery, did we not? Did we get equal rights? Did we end taxation without representation or did we just fool ourselves? Did we really receive constitutional freedom and rights?

PSS: Any NCPs with an island for sale?