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      Barbara Johnson, Attorney For Fathers and Children's Rights Jailed for Contempt on October 19, 2006.
      The judicial System is Afraid of the Truth Barbara Speaks and has Manufactured a False Case Against her

Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 6:52 PM
Subject: Re: Proposed Plan, Reminder Items & Miranda Rights for Men

  • a right to due process,
  • a right to equal protection,
  • a right to a presumption of innocence,

and whether we all have a right to a a jury trial in family court  disputed, rightly or wrongly,
but the judges do not allow them.
I certainly am in favor of using juries: they would ease the work burden of attorneys and pro-se parties, they would shorten the time in the long run for the divorce process, they

BUT BUT BUT the judges DEPRIVE us of those rights.
The reason for doing so is that some judges
  • are simply not knowledgeable or
  • are simply not competent or
  • are following orders from on high in the judiciary for monetary purposes
  • are brain washed by feminist policies, encouragement, and support.

We simply are NOT GETTING THEM. 

See her site at:  http://www.FalseAllegations.com

How ironic they are using false allegations against Barbara to destroy her credibility!

Barbara was made a target because she was revealing the corruption in the Family Court system, which is optimized to extract as much money as possible from families of divorce. This is done in legal fees and by maximizing child "support"  which drives federal kickbacks to the state and funds judges salaries and other useless jobs that only hurt families rights to their children and act on the unconstitutional taking of children of divorce from one or both of their parents. These unneeded jobs, that are appointed by judges (GALs, Special Masters, Psychologists etc.) are in a silent conspiracy to maximize the money generated from the couple during this crisis. These things are needed in a small fraction of cases, or would be if the judges did their jobs - not the majority of contested cases.   The children are used as bait and as pawns and permanently damaged by the lawyers creating more problems. The average mediation of a divorce costs about $3,000, the average for a couple using two lawyers is Massachusetts is nearly $100,000!! Why? Greed and intentional infliction of problems. Restraining orders are a primary weapon lawyers use to separate the couple, an the children, and guarantee and long and costly divorce and the ongoing need for them until the children reach the age of maturity (23 in Massachusetts).

The Divorce Industry has evolved into a SCAM to extract as much money as possible from the couple using their children as bait.

Shared Parenting (equal rights for both parents) would alleviate the need for this process and put these unethical lawyers out of business. It would also not make your children's future dependent on how a single judge feels about you one day. In fact what Massachusetts and other states do today is COMPLETELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  Equal rights for both parents, and equal time with both parents for children has been proven best for them - YET 80% of divorces end in "Sole physical custody" with "visitation", which has been show to be the ABSOLUTE WORST SCENARIO FOR CHILDREN. 
MONEY! Greed? Bureaucracy? Corruption! Government job creation.
Federal incentives to increase and collect more child "support".

Reform Family Courts Now! Our legislature is either asleep or letting the lawyer friends rape our families intentionally. Which do you think it is?


Here is the Order of Imprisonment


Below is the exact order of    contempt. as written. There  is no term of imprisonment. It could go on forever under this order if she doesn't comply. There are findings that go on for another 5 pages or so which just give the Order of Disbarment and how she violated it.
                                    IN RE: Barbara C. Johnson
                                        ORDER OF CONTEMPT
IT IS ORDERED that the lawyer, Barbara C. Johnson, be and hereby is, adjudged in civil contempt of this Court for her failure to effect timely compliance with provisions of the Judgment of Disbarment requiring her to close her IOLTA account, give notice of her disbarment and submit an Affidavit of Compliance pursuant to S.J.Cl Rule 4:02, sec. 17.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the lawyer, Barbara C. Johnson, be immediately committed to the common jail at Boston, in and for the County of Suffolk, in said Commonwealth, until such time as she may purge herself of the said contempt by complying fully with the terms of this Court's August 9, 2006 , Judgment of Disbarment.
                                                    By the Court (Spina, J)
Entered Oct. 19, 2006