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Who Could Possibly Believe The State is a Better Parent Than The Parents?
Only power hungry politicians Bowing to Special Interest Groups
This is WORSE Than 1984 - It is the State Kidnapping Our Children
To the Editors,
Gov. Lynch has gone on record as an opponent of parental notification before a minor child has an abortion.  Of course, this comes as no surprise.  Lynch has ALWAYS been anti-father, and pro-feminist.  Now, he's leaning toward being anti-MOTHER as well.  Well, that's no surprise, either.  Elected because he was a clone of Jeanne Shaheen, he is now parroting the feminist party line just like she did.  Because of the outcry from the fathers' rights groups, most people have come to believe that feminism is strictly anti-male.  That's true to a large extent, but not completely.  Feminism has it's roots in Socialism.  Shaheen stated publicly that she believed the STATE was better equipped to raise and educate children than parents.  In another forum, she stated her belief that the STATE should grab those children at the earliest age possible, nursery and pre-school.  State ownership of children is a hallmark of Socialism, and New Hampshire is heading rapidly down that road. When a divorce is filed, the state takes ownership of the children, and makes decisions which effect every aspect of their lives.  Mandatory sex education classes, taught in public schools with a state created curriculum is another way of denying parents their rights.  Denying parents the rights to approve or disapprove of their daughters' abortion is another. 

      Parents who believe their children belong to them, and not to the state, should finally realize that John Lynch is not a Democrat, but a Socialist, who wants to take away their Constitutionally guaranteed right to parent their children.  Opposing parental notification is just another step along that road.  Mothers should realize that what the state and federal government have done to fathers can just as easily be done to them.  We urge them to resist the entitlements the state holds out, and resist the urge to sell their children to the state.  Join with the fathers, even in divorce, to protect BOTH parents rights.  Live up to your responsibility to your children, and insist that John Lynch and his Socialist, Feminist friends keep their hands off. 

Paul Clements

Concord, NH