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The state-of-the-art in what is best for children of divorce. Every parent, judge and family law attorney must view this video to save their children from the ravages of divorce.
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Reconsider - An Appeal to the Parents of
America about the Destruction of the American Family
Americans today are rightly concerned about the family. We hear of a 50% divorce rate and an alarming out of wedlock birth rate. We see the effects on the children of divorce, who are more likely to commit crimes, abuse drugs, suffer mental and physical ill health, do poorly in school, become marginally employed adults, and lack the skills to keep their own marriages together. We see the effects in our own homes and on our own children. We hear controversies surrounding marriage being debated on the federal and state levels. We see our governments spending millions of dollars to promote marriage, fatherhood, and family stability. But what many Americans do not realize is that families g forcibare beinly dissolved by family courts and other agencies of government.
The weakening of America’s families is caused not simply by social forces or cultural decline. It proceeds directly from programs and policies of our governments, paid for with our tax dollars. Important facts about divorce are being obscured and ignored by the media and by our leaders.
You need to know these facts:-
Through no fault of their own, divorce is forced upon unwilling parents who are guilty of no grounds, such as adultery, desertion, abuse, or the like. Few realize that family courts usually force divorce upon one spouse (and sometimes both spouses).
Federal family policy drives the destruction of American families. Taxpayers’ dollars subsidize the destruction of families. Divorce has become a major revenue source for state governments. The federal government’s financial incentives paid to states to collect child support (US Code, Title 42, Chap 7, Subchapter 7, part D, sec. 666.) prompt states to set support guidelines so high as to encourage divorce. Federal financial incentives remove the moral and political incentive for states to reduce divorce rates.
Federal child support law is undermining morale and readiness in the Army Reserve and National Guard. The Bradley Amendment and US Code, Title 42 Sec 666 sub sec(a), Para (9) part c, bar courts from reducing child support arrearages. Many reservists deployed to Iraq with child support obligations had no time before reporting for duty to seek court ordered reductions on the grounds their military pay was insufficient to pay their current obligation. Thousands of reservists could return home to face financial ruin and jail!
Over 4,000 children’s relationships with their parents are groundlessly impaired or severed by family courts in America each day
Young men are now reluctant to marry, knowing they can lose their children, homes, earnings, and can be jailed, groundlessly. This is at cross-purposes to stated policy objectives encouraging family formation, including programs costing hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to promote marriage and fatherhood. A 50% divorce rate has created a huge army of financially ruined, heartbroken, alienated, and angry parents deprived of their children and is responsible for an alarming increase in divorce-related violence.
Family courts routinely violate the constitutional rights of parents. Parental rights have been recognized for centuries as among the most basic constitutional protections. Family courts routinely defy the Supreme Court’s recognition of parents’ fundamental “liberty interest” in the “care, custody and companionship” of their children.
Please join us to stop an abusive and runaway family law system: We invite parents to join us in demanding that our elected officials at all levels investigate the machinery of family law and child custody and render a full and candid account to the American people.
Your assistance will allow us to place this advertisement in other newspapers. It will also help us persuade policymakers in Washington and nationwide to confront the true causes of American family decline.
Please send your tax-deductible contribution to the: ACFC, 1718 M St. NW, #187, Washington, DC 20036, Email: info@acfc.org Tel: 800 978-3237, or contribute on the Internet at www.acfc.org 
Stephen Baskerville, President
Michael McCormick, Executive Director
American Coalition for Fathers and Children - ACFC