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Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
J. A. I. L.
Copied from www.Jail4Judges.org a group founded specifically to combat and change the judicial abuse that is now happening every day.

J.A.I.L. is a single issue national grassroots movement designed to end the rampant and pervasive judicial corruption in the legal system of the United States. J.A.I.L. recognizes this can only be achieved through making the Judicial Branch of government answerable and accountable to an entity other than itself. At this time, for all practical purposes, it isn't.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
~ Lord Acton, in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887.

Soon after the founding of our Republic, the Founding Fathers realized there was insufficient check on the Judicial Branch of government:

"The constitution, on this hypothesis, is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please. It should be remembered, as an axiom of eternal truth in politics, that whatever power in any government is independent, is absolute also; in theory only, at first, while the spirit of the people is up, but in practice, as fast as that relaxes. Independence can be trusted nowhere but with the people in mass. They are inherently independent of all but moral law."
~ Thomas Jefferson, letter to Judge Spencer Roane, September 6, 1819. "The Writings of Thomas Jefferson," edited by Andrew A. Lipscomb, vol. 15, p. 213 (1904).
In a government by the People and for the People, it is to the People that accountability must be enforced. With the passage of J.A.I.L., accountability to the People will be achieved by Special Grand Juries dedicated to this purpose. These People, who are not officers of any other Branch of government or members of the Bar, will be publicly drawn by lottery for limited terms. Complaints will come before them only after every other legal remedy has been attempted. They shall have the power to strip judges of their protection of judicial immunity who are the subject of civil complaints, and to investigate, indict, and initiate criminal prosecution of wayward judges.

The granting of such power to these Special Grand Juries can only be accomplished through amendment to the Constitutions of each state. Since there is a need for these juries on the federal level there is also a provision for a federal J.A.I.L. Bill. Since there are vested interests in the status quo, and because it is human nature for men always to seek more power and against it to surrender any of it, passage of more than ineffectual cosmetic reform will require the initiative process.

The need for the passage of J.A.I.L. is urgent. Lives and finances are being ruined, properties are being lost, innocent people are going to jail, and families are being torn apart and destroyed. As time passes these problems will only grow worse, manifesting all the more the need for the passage of J.A.I.L.


J.A.I.L. will end such practices as secret defaults, ignored laws, ignored evidence, falsified court records, sophistry, eminent domain abuse, confiscation of property without due process, involuntary assignment of do nothing probate lawyers that are unneeded, unwanted, and expensive, probate fraud, secret dockets, graft, falsifications of court records, and other abuses. When passed, decisions in family court will be governed by law rather than the vested interests of the state.

The initiatives can be viewed at the web pages for the individual states and for Washington DC for the federal version.


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Website Comments

J.A.I.L. is an acronym for Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
JAIL's very informative website is found at www.jail4judges.org
JAIL proposes a unique new addition to our form of government.
JAIL is powerful! JAIL is dynamic! JAIL is America's ONLY hope!
JAIL is spreading across America like a fast moving wildfire!
JAIL is making inroads into Congress for federal accountability!
JAIL may be supported at P.O. Box 207, N. Hollywood, CA 91603
To subscribe or be removed: AddRemove@jail4judges.org
E-Groups may sign on at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jail4judges/join
Open forum to make your voice heard JAIL-SoundOff@egroups.com
Ask not what J.A.I.L. can do for me, but ask what I can do for J.A.I.L.

"..it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.." - Samuel Adams

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is
striking at the root." -- Henry David Thoreau