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Divorce Attorneys

You can learn this the hard way or take it from me, most attorneys for men in divorce will not fight this unfair and sexually biased system. They go along to get along. The result is that men are almost always given the short end of the stick (to put it very nicely).  A few rare attorneys will fight "The Good Fight" to help fathers battle this clearly unjust and out of control judicial system. I am trying to compile a list of them here.  Very few will confront judges, even though this is their responsibility to their client. They fear losing their license by pissing off a judge they have to be in front of forever. I have seen many lawyers continue to ignore the law to the detriment of their client. This does not create justice, it is just a conspiracy of apathy.

Most attorneys for women will gladly stir the pot with restraining orders and other criminal charges as their major weapon knowing full well this is inappropriate. They then get rich off our pain and suffering, and that of our children. This is not so much an intentional conspiracy as a function of how the current system is set up. Each decision they make involves "what's in it for me", so a long string of decisions influenced by this steers the system toward a predetermined outcome - mom gets the children and dad gets all the bills for them with mom contributing little. 

I learned as a CEO for 16 years that most lawyers have a perspective that would drive any company out of business. If you did everything they wanted no deals would ever get done.  They seem to be incompetent, dishonest or both most of the time and only interested in maximizing their own billings. I have already learned dozens of things these lawyers never bring up in divorce that are to the father's advantage. To me this is a breach of their responsibility to their client.  They just coach you into submission to keep this money game going full speed every day.

Fathers are effectively harvested by the system to create a welfare system for ex-wives paid for by ex-husbands.  Child support is many times higher than it should be and people acknowledge this is hidden alimony, not really child support.  The excuse is the "best interests of the children" but in fact it is about the best interests of the lawyers and this corrupt system.  This may sound radical to some, but I am not one prone to conspiracy theories or radical positions --- it is simply in fact the case. It is not a conspiracy any more than Darwin's Theory of evolution is a conspiracy of the animals - the rules of the system encourage it to happen via all the little decisions made by lawyers and others daily.

Although I can not vouch for any of these attorneys personally, they have been recommended by other dads who are on the father's list who are fighting for their fundamental right to raise their children.

Educate yourself first by using this legal resources page

Fathers and Families has a legal referral service for members Click Here

Here are some attorneys with ethics that seem willing to fight for what is right, instead of what is easy and what the biased system wants. Most lawyers will NOT stand up for your rights because they are worried about offending a judge who they will see again and again.

Barbara C. Johnson, Attorney at Law - Specialist in False Allegations
6 Appletree Lane
Andover, Massachusetts 01810-4102
Phone 978-474-0833
Barbara is a tireless fighter for justice who has filed many appeals against the injustices thrust upon fathers in divorce. Although she is very busy, and expensive at ($325+/hour) she is a wealth of information on this specialty. Her web site has many motions and filings that can be helpful to read.  http://www.falseallegations.com/

Law Office of Attorney Gregory A. Hession J.D. -
A Specialist on Restraining Order s - Called 209(a) laws in Massachusetts
99 Forest Park Ave.
Phone: (413) 746.3333
Fax: (413) 746.6161
Email: hession@crocker.com
Greg's web site http://www.massoutrage.com has many stories of abuse of the restraining order laws by women and their lawyers for unfair advantage in divorce and custody cases. Greg is on a mission to stop the abuse of restraining orders.

Attorney Rinaldo Del Gallo
Spokesman of the Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition practices in family law in the Springfield area and creates a newsletter for fathers.
413-443-3150 for those needing legal help or support.

Pasquale DeSantis, Prince Lobel Glovsky & Tye - 209a Restraining Order Specialist
(617) 456-8045.  Pasquale did the Lattanzzi Appeal showing fear and verbal abuse is not enough to take away all the rights of men. In this case the mean was clearly verbally abusive and even pushed the woman (though this may have been by accident) and the judges had the guts to NOT grant the restraining order.

David Rubin - Divorce and criminal attorney
550 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01702
(508) 875-9595  DLR412@aol.com


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