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Money Is What Drives Most of the Problems In Divorce Courts

Some do not think money is what drives the divorce court problems. I assure you that it is in fact the root of all evil in the family and probate courts. Here is why.

The money creates the incentive for lawyers to stir up the pot and make sure the parties do not resolve their differences easily. Without his gravy train many of the divorce court problems would go away. Also the incentive to prevent shared parenting (85% guys!) would evaporate, as the financial rewards for controlling the children would disappear.

The MONEY is insidious because it affects every little decision in every case at the tactical level. Few lawyers will try to settle a case quickly when the parties can afford a good battle. They basically try to get the biggest piece of every ESTATE that goes through divorce that they can.  This is a common problem in most legal battles, even civil and corporate litigation. Lawyers intentionally isolate the parties and minimize communications to prevent any settlement.  Everyone KNOWS that communications is the only way to resolve conflict! Yet they always minimize it intentionally!! "Oh no you can't talk to the other party".   This is a problem in most legal battles - they are one of the few professionals who get paid more when things go badly. There is a huge FINANCIAL disincentive to resolve the conflict.
Did you ever notice how when interviewing divorce lawyers their FIRST few questions will be about your ASSETS? Anyone that does not believe this is driven mostly by MONEY, with ego and power a strong secondary factor is either naive or uninformed. MONEY impacts every little decision made by the people who guide these cases - the lawyers - - and MONEY is the reason the wife will battle to the death (fear of none).  No matter what the law is lawyers will find a way to continue and extend the conflict. CHILD SUPPORT (MONEY) was defined by a committee consisting mostly of lawyers, as I understand it. What would possibly qualify them for this?!  Absolutely nothing! Their desire to create a huge incentive to fight, and therefore spend more MONEY on lawyers, is why they are intimately involved in this.  They "volunteered" to "help" in this process.
MONEY is the way that the National Organization for Women (NOW) pushes its propaganda with government funds and sets up unfair laws that are hugely female slanted.  MONEY is CLEARLY the root of the problem here and discounting that risks attacking the wrong issues and problems. The ex-wives use our children to get and control MONEY so they can do whatever they want instead of working like we have to.
There would be no forced child support at any level with 50-50 parenting.  In fact if there was no child support our wives might even be pushing our kids on us for 50-50 time so they could reduce their expenses and have time to earn more MONEY to support themselves  Instead they hoard and control OUR children so there we are forced to pay to support them forever, when they have chosen to abandon us.  They stop doing what they id for us, and we are forced to continue to do everything we did for them under the excuse that this is best for the children.  Everyone should support themselves in a in a free and fair society.  This is nothing short of slavery. 

If the MONEY incentive goes away lots of lawyers will be out of a job and that is probably the biggest single force maintaining the horrible status quo. $250 BILLION per year! HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in kickbacks from the fed to support state initiatives to collect "CHILD SUPPORT" (excuse me CHILD EXTORTION).

I really do not see how anyone knowledgeable in this area can deny MONEY drives this system in many ways, and that taking the MONEY out of the formula would deflate the problems in divorce court. If this were done lawyers would have no incentive to cause more fighting and set up this unleveled and sexist playing field.