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Illegal Kickbacks and Bribes Are Now Documented From
The DOR to the Family and Probate Courts

I recently, after much official hassling, received a copy of the inter agency agreement between the Mass. DOR (Office of Child Support Enforcement) and courts.  There it is in print:  The DOR (OCSE) pays the courts $3,371,649.00 per year (as of July 1, 2004).

Such payment to the courts is, of course, a violation of the separation of powers mandate of the state and federal constitutions.  Since the DOR presents itself as a party to the action before the court, the payment and receipt of those payments amounts to criminal bribery.  Moreover, it gives the appearance of impropriety, which is sufficient cause to sanction all judges in the family court by the Judicial Conduct Commission. 

To obtain a copy for your your own use, ask DOR (not the courts) for the document by the above title. 
MMARS Document ID is: B G CN- D O R - 8001 - 0 5 T R C 0 4 1 0
Write to:  Marilynn Sager, Senior Counsel and Disclosure Officer
MA. DOR, Child Support Enforcement Division
P.O. Box 9561
Boston, MA  02114-9561

It's long, with numerous attachments, and cost $15 to have it copied and mailed.  I could provide copies of the actual document (about 48 pages) without attachments (mostly blank forms), for anyone who's interested. 

Paul Clements