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Government Bureaucrat Abuses In Child Protective Services (DSS) and the "Legal" System
Statement of Honorable Joe Baca, a Representative in Congress from
the State of California

I would like to thank Chairman Herger and Ranking Member Cardin for having this very important hearing. The lives of our children and stability of the family are in danger. While it is important to review state efforts to change this destructive system, we should not do that without first hearing the personal testimony of those families that were ripped apart and destroyed by local child protective services (CPS).

That is why, two months ago, I sponsored a Town Hall Forum on CPS Reform in San Bernardino, California. The forum was held to hear testimony and receive evidence of what many parents, grandparents, and advocacy organizations describe as "a festering cauldron of fraud, corruption, abuse of power and exploitation of children."

During the eight hours of testimony, impassioned tales of rampant abuses of power, denials of due process protections, violations of civil rights, and accusations of blatant defrauding of the American taxpayer were presented by documentation, video, and prepared statements. In addition to local and regional activists, Arizona State Representative Ray Barnes and other staff members representing California legislators joined in the forum. Testimonies included documentation of a scheme designed by state counties and service providers to "maximize the federal funding stream" through financial incentives. While this in itself is not irregular, the focus on revenue at the cost of safety may be putting children and families at risk.

The testimonies continued unabated as parents and extended family members presented the committee with documentation of violations of state and federal statutes, denial of civil rights and predation upon vulnerable children and families by child welfare workers that regularly exceed their authority.

According to testimony, the unwarranted seizure of children from non- neglectful homes has become a national problem of staggering proportions. At any given time, there are now more than half a million children in custody in the United States. It was reported in the forum that an estimated one out of every twenty children goes into government custody and that CPS routinely violates the constitutional rights of parents and their children in the process of their "intervention."

Nearly one-and-a-quarter million children now come under government observation each year in America. Witnesses stated that only about three percent of the children who are seized or taken into custody were physically abused. What is even worse they said, is that the children who are taken into state custody have an eight to eleven times greater chance of being abused than those who remain in their own homes.

Although most states have laws requiring a speedy trial to test the flimsy and often anonymous allegations against the parent, evidence was given that showed that often nearly a year passes before the parent even gets a partial chance to tell a judge their side of the story.

According to the forum there is little protection for the family once a court focuses its attention on a parent. Witnesses told stories of courts circumventing such basic rights as burden of proof, presumption of innocence and rules of evidence. They routinely violate due process, and equal protection rights. The system moves into a parent's life and does nothing to help. As news reports and evidence from the forum has shown, scandals and abuse of power exist within the family and juvenile law industry.

As evidenced by this forum, abuses and errors in judgment are common. Instead of receiving comfort and encouragement, innocent parents and grandparents are often drawn into a system that has a sub-par record of protecting the children entrusted to it. I am hoping to learn from this hearing what can be done and what has been done to protect our children and their families. It is a good start to monitor the states and review their practices. I hope that the result of this will yield concrete steps to protect our children and families from false accusations and destructive policies within the state CPS.

Please find attached the list of witnesses at the CPS forum in San Bernardino.
Speakers from Southern California

Ms. Patricia Barry Esq. Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Darla Elwood Mother of five children Saugus, Los Angeles County

Fred Baughman, M.D. Retired Neurologist San Diego, San Diego County Mrs. Trini M. Estrada-Brown Paternal Aunt Riverside, Riverside County

Mrs. Margaret Estrada-German Paternal Grandmother Norwalk, Los Angeles County
Mr. Howard Jeff Blaydes Father Lakewood, Los Angeles County

Rev. Joseph Campbell Mrs. Cheri Campbell Grandparents Morongo Valley, San Bernardino County
Mr. Peter W. Carissimo, ASA Author and Corporate CEO Newport Beach, Orange County

Ms. Cynthia Curry-Gilmore Maternal Grandmother, Guardian, Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District
Member, United Teachers Los Angeles

Member, California American Family Rights Association Tujunga, Los Angeles County
Ms. Betty Curry Maternal Great Grandmother D.A. Investigator, Child
Support Division (Ret.) Moorpark, Ventura County,

Mr. Kirk DeWitt Father Victorville, San Bernardino County
Ms. Desiree Nelson Fourteen-year-old victim of abuse

Mr. Paul Nelson and Mrs. Linda Nelson Parents of victim Simi Valley,
Ventura County Candace Owen Mother West Los Angeles, Los Angeles County

Ms. Linda Wallace Pate, Esq. Attorney at Law Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
Mr. Herbert Weisel Grandfather Adelanto, San Bernardino County

Speakers from Northern California
Ms. Karen Anderson Certified Mediator in accordance with the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act Certified Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Counselor by Office of criminal justice, Ione, Amador County

Ms. Theresa Cook Mother and Advocate Co-Director, Parents Against Corrupt System (PACS) Member, NAACP Santa Clara, Santa Clara County Ms. Donna Crowder U.S. Army Veteran Nurse Grandmother, Mother of a Marine Past President North Kiwanis, Merced Addressed State Senate Health and Human Services Committee, April 5, 2000, regarding abuses of power by County CPS. Member, Lost Cherokee Tribes of Arkansas and Missouri

Mrs. LaDonna Gonzales, daughter Miss Yolanda Valenzuela, granddaughter

Mrs. Jeane Nelson, mother Merced, Merced County
Mrs. Nancee Crowell California-Nevada State Director, National Foster Parent Coalition Benton, Mono County

Ms. Myrna Fernandez Mother Burlingame, San Mateo County Ms. Donna Fryer Paralegal/Law Student Sole Custodial Parent Former CPS Victim Campbell, Santa Clara County

Ms. Mary Gilbert Mother and Advocate Butte County Employee Affiliate, California Protective Parents Association Affiliate, Government Watch Magalia, Butte County Ms. Michelle Tidmore Grandmother and Advocate Legal Eagles Law
Research East Contra Costa Legal Education and Advocacy Project

Working in cooperation with Contra Costa Bar Association Antioch, ContraCostaCounty
Ms. Shawna Tidmore, Mother of Zierra, Kierra, Joseph and Logan

Ms. Miche1le Lujan Mother of Kerri, Jason, Justin, Jacob, Chuckie, Alan, and Angel several of whom have been taken by CPS Contra Costa County
Mr. Joseph K. Brown Father of Austin, Cheyenne, Cheyne, taken by CPS Network Administration Consultant Volunteer Firefighter Connecticut

Mr. William O. Tower Father, Victim of Abuse by Human Services as a child and as a parent both in Maine and California Member of American Family Rights Association Mrs. Anne E. Tower Mother, Victim of Abuse by Human Services in Maine and California Member, American Family Rights Association Fair Oaks, Sacramento County, California Speakers from Outside California

Mr. Fred Baker Former Foster Care Provider in Los Angeles County North Carolina
Ms. Patti Diroff Paralegal Member, Children's Rights Council Aunt of
a 5-year boy and a 2-year-old boy Testifying on behalf of their
family from Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina

Mr. Glee A. Burt Maternal Grandfather

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Burt Maternal Grandmother

Mrs. Jennifer McLean Mother
Mr. Joe McLean Stepfather Jacksonville, Pulaski County, Arkansas

Ms. Sherilyn Claverie Mother New Orleans, Louisiana

Ms. Elaine Wolcott Ehrhardt Mother Member, American Family Rights
Association Port Orchard, Kitsap County, Washington

Mr. Ted Gunderson FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge (Ret)
California and Nevada

Ms. Judi Amber Chase Co-Founder, The Earth Harmony Foundation Co- chair, The International Rights Children Committee Creator, The Every Child is Everyone's Child Campaign Author, "Walls of Secrecy" to be released Spring 2004 California and Colorado

Mr. Tom Hanson Public Advocate for Poor Children and Family Rights Former Foster Child Texas
Mr. Matthew Kneen Ms. Lori Fields Parents of two children who died
while in foster care Minneapolis, Minneapolis County, Minnesota

Ms. Christine M. Korn Mother, Grandmother Director of Colorado Family Rights Association Affiliate, American Family Rights Association Representing American Family Advocacy Center of Colorado Penrose, Fremont County, Colorado
Mr. Earl David Retired Airline Pilot Father of an abused son Member,
Judicial Reform Member, J'Accuse of Oklahoma Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

Mrs. Joanna Wright President, Hope4Kidz, Inc. Making Time For Kids, Because Kids Can't Wait for Time Advocate, Foster Children in State Residential Treatment Centers Houston and Austin, Houston and Austin Counties, Texas

Message: 9
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 01:59:14 -0800 (PST)
From: "Ms. Stewart" <ravenwaverider@yahoo.com>
Subject: little class!

This is a simple way that is very affective..
Constitution Constitution and guess what.. Constitution!
Next step.. Affidavits with guess what.. a Constitution attached..
Next step, file a 28 USC 351 notice of hearing and guess what a Constitution! (Court Watchers form to everyone in the case! Yes, everyone who MIGHT Be there!)

Next step, go to court with a few friends as court watchers... who have some idea what a violation of their rights are...

last step file a disability form against the judge for every VIOLATION of constitution.. and not with the good old boys club either..

1. Sen. Specter,
2. Federal Judicial Center, and
3. Court of Appeals for the Circuit
4. U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform,
5. Counsel Office of Professional Responsibility,
6. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales,
7. FBI, Hate Crime Division.
8. Governor,
9. State Grand Jury
10. Chief Justice
11. State Commission on Judicial Performance,
12. Senate President Pro Tempore
13. Presiding Judge,
14. State Attorney General's Office,

The way this works is we refuse to allow the dirty little secrets to be swept under the rug by some "good old boys club in LOCAL government!"

Sink or swim!

This is self help, either you help your self or you LOOSE! We are all in the water trying to make it to shore! We are families just like yours!

Know your rights, demand your rights, or have NO RIGHTS! It is that simple!
The internet lets you get an education, at no cost, in the privacy of your own home, at your own leisure!
The 2.6 million reports of child abuse & neglect, 66%, were unconfirmed, but NOT RETURNED 2 the family. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/courtwatchers
People who are disabled, poor or retired, are seen as easy targets by the "system" so put a fight up, don't be Easy! BE a Court Watcher! IF you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.
I am NOT an attorney. I will tell you how I did it, FOLLOW only you're HEART!