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Civil Rights Actions and Suing Judges and Lawyers
Under Their Constant Violations of These Rights
From the Indiana Civil Rights Council

Topics in this digest:

1. Class Action Information - 06-16-05 Statement | Mr. Torm L. Howse, President, Indiana Civil Rights Council
From: Stephen Patrick <stephendpatrick@yahoo.com>


Message: 1
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 09:31:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: Stephen Patrick <stephendpatrick@yahoo.com>
Subject: Class Action Information - 06-16-05 Statement | Mr. Torm L. Howse, President, Indiana Civil Rights Council

Indiana Civil Rights Council <indianacrc@netzero.net> wrote: From: "Indiana Civil Rights Council" <indianacrc@netzero.net>
To: "Stephen Patrick" <stephendpatrick@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin | ~ Can someone help this individual who is in the 7th Circuit?
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 20:51:30 -0500

Thanks for your continued interest!
(UPDATED 06-16-05)

As you can imagine, we are swamped with emails daily, asking various questions about the 40+ class action lawsuits filed on behalf of the estimated 25 million or more noncustodial parents nationwide. Therefore, we are forced to use this auto-reply, and ask you to understand if we are not personally able to respond to your important email. We know there are horror stories literally everywhere, and that's just another reason why we filed these lawsuits.

No matter what, strength usually comes from numbers, not "do-it-yourself"... You might find more immediate help with your own personal cases by contacting people and organizations listed for your state on this page:

- Get your OWN Petition for Modification of Custody (demanding the court to correct your case to full, joint legal & physical custody of your child[ren]). These are for YOU to file directly into YOUR OWN custody case, in your own county court, and are based heavily upon some of the very same constitutional rights stuff used in the classaction lawsuits, and more legal authority amassed since the original classaction filings. Since your county court *took* jurisdiction of a custody case over you (which in itself is actually illegal sometimes...), they cannot - repeat, CANNOT - wiggle their way out of ruling on the merits of the constitutional challenge itself, like several of the federal court judges have tried to do so far... In a nutshell, this means that, by filing your own Petition, you will force the local county judge to make a ruling on your constitutional right to be (remain) a parent... a FULL parent, with all the *equal* rights and responsibilities that are, and already were, YOURS to begin with.
- Get your OWN Motion for Automatic Change of Judge. Although designed for Indiana noncustodial parents, many other states have this same right to an automatic change of judge under certain circumstances, especially in conjunction with a petition for major change of custody. Contact your state coordinator or local online group for more details of this general right in certain situations.
- Get your OWN Petition to Correct Child Support in Accordance With Law. Most child support orders in this country are in violation of both state and federal law, and legally (the *real* legally...), they cannot - repeat, CANNOT - be enforced... at all. This means, to you, that most or all of the child support amounts ordered so far, including any arrearages, may be made legally null and void - as a matter of law. Beyond that, there are also several legal ways to have child support corrected (way down...) to a more realistic and much more reasonable amount - again, under the *real* law.
- Get your OWN complaint package for suing the ex, her/his attorney, and certain others (like a GAL, etc.) for damages ($$$) for unlawfully interfering with your visitation and/or custody rights to your children.
- Also, get samples for filing contempts, and etc.
- A new style federal class action complaint is starting to be used in some states, which adds the state Governor, Attorney General, and Chief Justice as additional defendants, due to their various duties and responsibilities, under their OWN state's law and/or state constitution, to PROTECT your legal rights (i.e., including your constitutional right to be and remain a full parent to your child[ren]), and/or to ENFORCE that the law(s) is/are followed. Get the picture?

- Another federal class action is under development even now, and almost in completion. The defendants in these suits are actually the family law attorneys and judges themselves (NO!, do NOT believe that judges are *always* immune... it's simply NOT true, under the *real* law!). In a nutshell, family law attorneys and judges have violated their SWORN OATHS to uphold and support the United States Constitution, as in your parental rights, and this boils down to either willful and/or reckless failure and/or negligence - any of which makes them liable under the law for the damages to your constitutional rights, and removes any immunity for judges, since they cannot act outside the law... Get the picture?

- HOW TO FIND AND CONTACT **ALL** OTHER NONCUSTODIAL PARENTS, to grow more support and action in your area... Using the power of the FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act), and a template request provided, people in each state (or even each county) should be filing these - immediately - with the child support collection agencies (again, either state-based or county-based, depending upon your state's structure). Because they want to, and are also required to under law, have the various information on child support "obligors" (noncustodial parents), a simple FOIA request will generate contact information for MOST noncustodial parents in your county/state, including last known addresses and last known phone numbers... POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!

- For more information on the above, and any new developments, including when/where to download these, please consider staying informed, by joining the online IndianaCRC email group:
If you go to the above website, and join as a member, you can access the "Files" section...

Being a potential ("proposed") plaintiff of the classaction in your jurisdictional state is rather automatic. Please see the class description located within the orange/yellow popup box that is on any page of our website (http://www.indianacrc.org), or click the top-green-line link to force a separate pop-up page, if you have Windows XP or some other pop-up blocker software in use.

BUT!! In many of the state class actions, you can file simple papers to get OFFICIALLY involved as a full, bona-fide co-plaintiff (as opposed to just a "proposed plaintiff" under a "proposed class"). Please contact your state's coordinator to check on getting a copy of this paperwork. There is no cost for this opportunity, except printing and mailing. Not every state's class action lawsuit is "active" at the moment, so, again, check with your state coordinator to be sure.

Also, please contact your own state's coordinator directly for more detailed information on your own state's general progress, other contacts, or for how you can get involved in other ways. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS, you know... You can see the contact information for your own state coordinator by clicking the appropriate link on this page:

More information on each state's class action can now also be found here:

If you happen to have direct involvement with the State of Indiana, whether that is your current state of residence, or that your personal custody case is under an Indiana court, please re-visit our website, and automatically join the action alert group email list, by clicking on the "Join Email Group" button located on the left side of any webpage there. This will lead you to a Yahoo Group open discussion area at:

***There is particular interest in the Indiana counties of Hendricks, Madison, Boone, and Carroll - if any one of these is YOUR county of battleground, put the county name in your email subject line, and we will make special effort to get back with you shortly***

There is a growing list of useful attorneys that you may wish to contact here:

Please note that at this national coordination center, we just simply do not have the amount of extra time necessary to investigate or litigate any individual cases, much as we would like to do... Thank you for understanding.

For those custodial parents who are concerned about abusive ex-partners, please note that the specific design and language of these lawsuits is *NOT* to help any parents who have been already proven with abuse or neglect towards any children, but only the other vast majority of fit noncustodial parents who otherwise have an inherent right to equal time, custody, care, and management of the same children that you love as well.

For parents who have not seen their children for more than 30 days, the plan is to provide a "probationary period" of monitored, progressive parenting time exchanges, which, upon successful completion, will also entitle such actively responsible "noncustodial" parents to the same benefits and rights as those who currently enjoy ongoing relationships with their children. Also note that the plan includes harsh penalties against a custodial parent who refuses to allow such an opportunity.

You may review the above proposed [visitation/custody restoration] plan here:

There is a wealth of other material online at our main website (http://www.indianacrc.org), and generally more at each state's individual main website. Please take a few moments to explore our main website in more detail, as there are several pages of great information that may be helpful to you and yours...

Lastly, if you feel led in any way to donate even a small amount to the cause, we would certainly appreciate that, as finances are actually needed to help defray even just the basic costs of continuing the fight of righteousness and truth for us and our children. Please click the "PayPal" button at the top-right of any page on our website, which allows securely made donations via several methods for your convenience. You don't have to "join" PayPal just to make donations or purchases on the Internet, and you can use any bank account or credit or debit card...


Mr. Torm L. Howse
President, Indiana Civil Rights Council