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What's Wrong With the Family Court Systems and Why?

As an experienced CEO these issues are all obvious to me now after over a year of watching a learning about the family law system. I have spent decades setting up strategies, compensation plans, management systems and organizational development systems for companies that will motivate people, develop them further and align the goals of the organization with the individual to drive success.  All of these things are sorely missing from the government run family law monopoly and most government organizations, though the military does a much better job here because their lives are on the line, not the "customer's".  This system is out of control!

I can see how many people would not "get" this as it comes from my personal experience, but let's break this down into the many components that have allowed this system to veer off course for decades. This is NOT a conspiracy anymore than Darwin's theory of evolution is a conspiracy among the animals. It is simply the natural reaction that people have, with all their flaws and personal self-interests, when dropped into a system with this set of motivations and pressures.

Firstly I believe the root causes of the essential corrupt family and district court judicial systems are:
  1. A total lack of accountability of judges and lawyers. This is deadly and causes failure in any industry eventually. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Judges do their own bidding based on their opinions instead of enforcing the actual laws. Weighting their own moral system, convenience and personal agenda into nearly every decision. They are required to 1) Find the facts and 2) Apply the law. They seem to almost never do this from what I have seen. A jury was the ingenious solution that our forefathers provided as the check and balance for this natural tendency of bureaucracies to become corrupted by personal interest and outside special interests over time. We have here a government bureaucracy run amuck (too many levels without a united vision and goals). Each level further distorts the purpose and mission based on self interests of the people in that level. Without a clear vision personal agendas will eventually rule.
  2. Money Driven and allowed by the poor ethics of lawyers where personal and money motivations override the interests of the "customer" served.  This is a total lack of a clear "fiduciary" responsibility and accountability. A compensation system which pays more for bad (slow) results than for good results. Compensation is always at the core of problems like these. This is a common problem in the "consulting" professions and most often creates far more work than necessary because it is easier to milk the current clients than to find new ones.
  3. No Pressure to Improve - Lawyers  swear to improve the system when they join the bar but go along to get along and do not challenge the out of control judges who ignore the law to favor who they please.  Whistleblowers are brutally attacked and crushed by the system and loose their livelihood.  This HORRIBLE system has gotten worse each year it seems with the help of the domestic violence industry that is government funded and filled with completely one-sided radical feminists who exaggerate the statistics by 100% to over 100X (literally - see * below).  Most industries have a nature selection pressure (Darwinism) that eliminates those that do not do well. The legal system is supported and endorsed by the government as a monopoly. The write the laws that allow them to prosper in spite of horrible performance for their clients.

I have seen laws broken every time I go to court without fail. Judges and lawyers break the laws for their own personal convenience or agenda every single day in most cases. They take shortcuts to save judges time at a huge cost to the party who gets the wrong decision because all the evidence is not presented etc.  They feel no responsibility to the constitution (in theory our highest law) or even the Supreme Court rulings that often clearly say what they are doing is illegal.  The SJC has found that ANY LAW that takes away rights granted by the constitution is unlawful and can not be enforced by any state!  Yet we have MANY laws that fly in the face of the constitution and no one in government cares. 

*I recently heard a feminist say during a radio interview: "I heard on the radio just the other day that 37% of emergency room visits are due to domestic violence." Obvious this violates common sense for anyone who has actually been in an emergency room. Maybe she heard "37% of emergency room visits are the result of things that happen at home" and then decided this must be due to DV.  Or maybe she just made it up like NOW obviously must have for their membership figures (10X actual claimed)?  Maybe the person speaking was like her and did not understand the difference between facts and what someone "says".  Ned Holstein, of Fathers and Families, was also on the radio program as the other point-of-view and later tracked that figure down as actually 0.3%, but the damage was done for that audience. One good lie can cause a lot of damage.

I have heard it said by an attorney that these district court judges brag about how they "overturn the appellate courts every day". Even making this statement is admitting they are breaking their oath of office which requires them to apply the highest laws, not their person social engineering agenda.

It is clear to anyone who knows the law that judges and lawyers take advantage of people not knowing these laws for their own personal benefit and agenda. This is like a doctor using the quickest treatment instead of the best because it makes them more profit.  I suspect this does not happen much in the medical profession because doctors have good ethics and a clear responsibility to the patient only.  They know how they must decide. 

Clients are FORCED to pay GALs fees when EVERY lawyer should know the state needs to pay for this if the client merely objects. If they do not tell their client this then this is a clear ethical violation, putting the judge above the client. However, lots of lawyers make $200 per hour being GALs and they are on both sides of that mistakes - their buddies and them get to participate in that boondoggle.  Some claim they "don't all know this". I believe this is silly and is like claiming a painter with 10 years experience does not know he can't paint in the rain because no one told them this. THIS IS THEIR JOB AND A SIMPLE THING TO LEARN FROM ANYONE. Clearly they do not want to "offend" the judge and system and they cave in, forcing more (illegal) fees on their client. This is not acceptable when they are paid to work for the client and MUST do what is in their best interests (in theory).

Men need to start standing up for their rights.
Take action or you have no one to blame but yourself. T
hey are dividing and conquering us daily. Fathers Unite!!