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"The Fixer" Tackles Corruption of U.S. Judiciary
NEW YORK---The United States legal system is built to be corrupt and not to make justice.

Teddy MooreSo says Teddy Moore, author of the book "The Fixer", a book which chronicles what he says is the most-kept secret in U.S. history----extreme corruption of the U.S. Judiciary.

A television interview with Moore will air on cable on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 6.30 p.m. on Channel 56 in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and on Dec. 20 at 3.30 p.m. on Channel 34.

For those who cannot watch it in New York, the interview can be accessed via the Internet at http://www.cinemazo.com/TheFixer.wmv Moore was an attorney admitted to the New York Bar and the federal courts in New York for nine years. Most of his work was concentrated in appellate review of state and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme court.

The interview addresses major issues plaguing the judiciary, the court of appeals, lack of supervision by the congress. Moore offers his opinions as to how to overhaul the system.

Moore says the main problem with the legal system as he sees it is that the legal system doesn't admit to the obvious which is that the legal system is corrupt. "You don't know about the corruption because the media doesn't report it", Moore says. "They call it a single bad apple but the bad apples are everywhere…on the top of the barrel, in the middle, on the bottom….everywhere…they refuse to report it for what it is".

The legal system is built to be corrupt and not to make justice. Moore says. "This is the uniqueness of the US legal system. The U.S. legal system created a system to make money for attorneys and judges. In order to do so, they created a kind of extortion of attorneys…an extortable attorney. An extortable attorney to the judge has to comply with everything the judge asks him to do and can only be explained as the extreme means of greed of the judiciary".

"Attorneys fear the judiciary because the system is built in this way…so they can be easily be extortable to the judge….the judge can easily accept money from the other parties for the extortion. People who believe that they come to court to decide their case based on the facts and the law are terribly mistaken. It's a mecca of just siphoning money to the judges", Moore asserts in his book.

He says that Congress is part of the problem. "Most of the Congresspeople are attorneys that are afraid of the judiciary, afraid to be disbarred and sanctioned, look forward for the time they are out of Congress and join the corruption and make a buck for themselves. Therefore they cannot be part of the solution".

The Court of Appeals allows the corruption to continue and money to flow, he says.

"The Court of Appeals is a phony show in the US. The outcome of an appeal is well known. The only one who doesn't know the outcome of an appeal is the client who paid the money for the phony show. Had he known it was a phony show, he wouldn't have paid the money". Moore says.

"The facts in my book suggest that the legal system in the United States is terribly corrupt because the hypocrisy of the United States, the rich and powerful are interested in the system giving them the judgment they want for the price they can afford".

"The US Supreme Court supervises the racket of extortion, bribes and extreme corruption." The author claims that the US judiciary is liable for more damage and injuries to US people then the Nazis.

Moore is currently working with others on an adaptation of the book into a screenplay, which he says eventually will be produced into a feature film like "Civil Action " which starred John Travolta, or a kind of Erin Brockovich type of movie.

No shooting date for the movie has been decided yet. For more information about the book and the movie, see http://www.thefixer.info/ 12-1-05

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