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James and others,
The act of filing a grievance against a Judge is not enough to cause for grounds of recusal. Only if the JTC complaint is successful is it solid grounds for recusal. Substantial case law backs that up, as far as you have to succeed on the JTC complaint to overcome the presumed impartiality of a "judge."
I lost my disqualification hearing after two hours on Friday, so I moved to have it heard De Novo before the Chief Judge, because right after the hearing the Judge was more than happy to sign an Order to Show Cause Against me for the other side for Contempt outside immediate presence of court, and without an affidavit.
I am also trying to get a Federal Complaint together by tomorrow to file in Federal Court on the specific issue of Due Process Rights being violated. Only asking for a Declaratory ruling, once that is established I plan going further with it.
At this point, the test is, they failed to give me the hearings that I asked for per the statutes here in Michigan as well as the Michigan court rule on three occasions, its a vacuum test for denial of due process. This should also conflict the judge out, because I name him and the Friend of the Court on it as parties.
I plan on getting a solid JTC complaint on the issues later, but I need to establish that my federal rights have been delayed and denied in my case. No money, no nothing, just a statement that : yep, they didn't follow the rules. No injunctions, no directives from the federal court to the state courts. As simple as I can get it.

James Nollet <JNollet@WORLDNET.ATT.NET> wrote:
Here's another way to create a recusal situation.  I have tried it withOUT success.
Find a way to file a complaint with the Commission on Judicial Conduct against your judge.  Say that the judge did A, B, C, & D that was against the rules and against the "Canons" of his profession.  Show how the judge ignored the law.
Don't just give the Commission a pile of crap, however.  Do your very best to show how, specifically, the judge violated his job.
This will surely piss-off your judge.  That's the disadvantage.  Now the judge will PERSONALLY be pissed off at YOU.  However, the better your complaint, the better your basis of recusal is.
This now can help your case.  You can now say that the judge should recuse himself because there is manifest reason to suppose that the judge has a personal animus against you.  You can also argue, how can a judge possibly give me fair, impartial justice when I have a complaint before the CJC against that very judge alleging illegal and unethical behavior?
And -- you have an advantage in that you're NOT an attorney.  A professional attorney will not gladly anger the judge because he will have to face that judge again and again in other cases.  But YOU don't have to worry about your professional standing with the judge because you have none.
And, if I were a judge with a complaint against me, while I'd want to screw a pro-se litigant, I'd do so VERY carefully.  I'd actually try to do my job right in order to get him. 
Doing his job right is much of what we ask judges to do.