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Mothers Letter of Family Court Corruption and Problems


Please, please, assist in getting the message to America that the Family court system and divorce industry are not "American"  These courts and their system have made a multibillion dollar per year business out of divorce, constantly violate the U.S. Constitution and their actions must be corrected.

This horror for our country defenders being victimized by the family courts is the frosting on the cake for a system that is so gender and disability biased that it is truly third world mentality.  Our constitution means nothing to the family court and family court judges will readily tell you that they do not have to abide by the constitution.
The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is a prime example of the discrimination that is abounding on an hourly basis against the male gender and disability. 
November 20-24 has been declared "National Family Week" I find it very difficult to understand this declaration when it is very obvious that this nation is truly not supporting a "family" image. Families are broken, children are being denied their right to both parents, parents are denied their right to time with their children, parents (especially fathers) are being destroyed financially, physically, and mentally by the actions of law enforcement, social services, child support enforcement, and the courts, and this is happening on a minute to minute basis...
The orders of family court judges are something from a horror story and certainly not aligned with the "American Dream" of freedom and democracy.  Hundreds of family court judges are carrying out the nightmare and in our family's case has been and continues to be Judge Juanita Rice - Arapahoe County District Court - Denver Colorado  These judges must be stopped, the family court system must be investigated and revamped to align with our U.S. Constitution.
Caring mother and grandmother
Sheryle Hutter - Colorado

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