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Judge Fined $50,000 For Sexual harassment

Just another example of the arrogant and overzealous judges of Massachusetts being out of control. Even when found guilty the state pays TEN TIMES what the judge does for this illegal act.

Why is the state paying to settle personal sexual harassment claims against a judge? Why aren't they liable for the sexual bias they direct towards men and fathers in Probate court?


(CBS4) A Plymouth County judge will serve a one year suspension to settle sexual harassment charges.

Juvenile Court Judge Robert Murray is accused of making inappropriate phone calls to a court clerk, and giving a court officer an unwanted kiss.

60 year-old Murray will pay a $50,000 fine in addition to his suspension. He has been on paid leave since the beginning of the year.

In a written statement, Murray apologized for his "inappropriate conduct," saying he was struggling with unspecified medical problems at the time.

The two victims have already been paid a total of $250,000 by the state to settle the sexual harassment claims.

When Murray returns to the bench, it will not be in Plymouth County.

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