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Unprecedented Move by Federal Judge Allowing Federal Racketeering Action to Proceed Against Arizona State Court Judges
Published: Mon, 20 Jun 2005, 01:48 EST
Edited by Carly Zander
Staff Writer, Send2Press.com
Case Also Involves High Ranking Prison Employees and Arizona Attorney General

PHOENIZ, AZ - June 20 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- On June 5th, 2005 Federal Judge David Campbell of Phoenix allowed a Federal Racketeering Action to proceed against Arizona Superior Court Judges Ronald Reinstein, Jonathan Schwartz, Gregory Martin, Edward Burke as well as employees of the State prison system and the Arizona Attorney General, it was announced today by Anant Tripati. (CIV 2003-1122 PHX DGC (DKD))

According to the complaint filed by Tripati, lawyers employed by the Arizona Attorney General have a well documented trend of falsifying evidence, obtaining false affidavits, manufacturing evidence and destroying evidence. Tripati states the in-house legal department of the State Prison System assists the Attorney General's Office in this matter.

Prison employees are given raises, promotions and plum assignments when they assist the lawyers in this activity. Because of this Tripati was injured in his property which was a subject matter of cases CIV 99-20757; 2001-11718; 2002-15874 and 2002-11710.

Tripati asserts Judge Edward Burke functioning as a Deputy Clerk destroyed records so as to cover-up for Judges Gregory Martin, Jonathan Schwartz and Ronald Reinstein because in an affidavit a Judy Gabbert employed by the State swore she got a call from Judge Ronald Reinstein about Tripati and other documents generated by the State show these judges asked for the destruction of evidence favorable to Tripati and adverse to them.

When asked, Tripati states, "I am glad that Judge Campbell has directed these individuals to answer. These people are worse than criminals because they falsify evidence to win cases. They are no different than organized criminals. I hope when these people argue they are entitled to immunity, the judge would defer ruling until after discovery. There are thousands of documents proving what I state. I have been contacted by a great number of lawyers who practice in Arizona and all of them have uniformly told me what I have asserted is correct. The only thing I ask is for the court not to make any decision until after full discovery."

On his website www.corruptarizonacourts.com Tripati has posted numerous documents regarding corruption within the State Of Arizona.

Anant Tripati may be contacted through Attorney Frederick Romero at (213) 622-8366.

J. R. I. http://www.judicialjustice.us   Let the Constitution Speak!   To be removed please reply to justice@judicialjustice.us type remove in the subject line.