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By Chris N. Columbus, Court Watchers Staff Reporter

This is a little known story about how an honest citizen can be sentenced to Death Row by out of control judges of the Domestic Relations Court of Franklin County, Ohio and other similar places around the nation.   Letters this writer has received from readers of his earlier stories confirm there are many other such stories.    This is only one of them.   Many friends have said this story is so bizarre that I should write a book, so I am doing that now.  This reporter used to believe that innocent people could never be executed under our system of justice.  Having now seen our system of justice up close along with the low quality of many people who work in it, including clerks, lawyers and judges, I don’t believe that anymore. What’s more, I now know there are many ways to lash, flog, stockade and legally execute and extort the harmless and the innocent, especially from those who cannot afford to mount a defense.    Yes, this can even be done in the lowly Domestic Relations Courts of this country and this could happen to you. 


 This is also a commentary on the Judge Nodine Miller atrocity, a mindless  judge from this very same Franklin County Common Pleas Court (Criminal Division),  who released two child killers last August and has brought shame and outrage to the people of Columbus.    Both of these stories are worthy of extensive Commentary that local newspapers dropped after their initial coverage in August  so we must get the Nodine Miller outrage from Chicago Tribune Columnist Bob Greene.     No editorial has ever appeared in the Columbus Dispatch about this judicial crime although many “Letters to the Editor” were received by the Dispatch.  A Dispatch spokesman said, “The Dispatch would not address the topic further.”   So the people of Columbus  must get follow-up coverage from The Chicago Tribune and The Oprah Winfrey Show.   Constitutional issues and court activities in the tradition of the Waffen SS Gestapo are happening in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court with frequency and there is intrinsic evil at work there.  It needs the attention of the City of Columbus and of the nation.   This evil criminality is difficult to uncover when Columbus newspapers will not follow up on such stories.




            Bob Farley founded, owned and operated Farley Paving, Inc. from 1966 through 1984.  The company was believed to be one of the largest paving firms in Columbus for several years in the early 1970’s.   Farley retired from the paving industry in 1984 and operated a real estate investment company in later years known as The R. T. Farley Company.   He has been active in the Columbus business community for over 40 years and is respected in Columbus business.   He or his companies are former members of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, The Ohio Contractors Association, the Associated Builders and Contractors Association, the Associated Builders & Contractors Association, the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association and the Boca Raton Hotel & Club.   He is still a member of the Brookside Country Club, a Senior Member of the Builders Exchange of Central Ohio and a lifetime member of the Ohio State University Association and the United States Golf Association.    In short, Farley was a solid citizen and a man you would be proud to have in your community.  Unfortunately, our legal system attempts to crush such people.


In late 1996, Farley’s ex-wife Barbara filed for a divorce after a 13 yearlong separation from Bob. In 1984, a voluntary self written separation agreement was freely signed by people, who then went their separate ways.   Although it had some flaws, the agreement definitely spelled out the intent of the parties.   Through the following 13 years, Bob paid nearly $ 500,000 to his ex-wife in separation and settlement money, including their previous Worthington house on two acres plus several cars.

In the trial Barbara first denied any such agreement ever existed, but when confronted with the signed document, she then said the agreement was signed under duress and fear of her husband, a well worn attorney tool  when one is “trapped in truth.”   Stories of threats and abuse are the favorite tools of divorce attorneys representing women. Perjury runs a close third and Barbara practiced a lot of that and she was well schooled by Scum Bag lawyer Kim M. Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy.

 Barbara reinvented her story several times to fit the circumstance and Dana Preisse, a sympathetic rookie judge and “died in the wool” feminist seemed to fall for every change she made.   Barb confessed that she had “stayed in the house another 10 days or more”  after she signed the agreement in spite of her alleged “fear” of Bob,  while she made arrangements to move furniture and her personal possessions to an apartment within a few steps of  Mr. Bob Lang, a lover she had been having a secret illicit affair with for some time.  Lang  was only one of her multiple affairs over many years.   It is now known that Ms. Barbara was a promiscuous bar fly and a profligate pill abuser and alcoholic, not to mention the mental problems.  

So much for her fear of the Bob Monster.  Any libel there?  Nope, these are all the sworn confessions of a Worthington housewife (and a 32 year mental patient) in her secret Camelot with Lang while her husband worked his job and tried to grow his company for their family.   The litigation is now in the fifth calendar year with over 870 pleadings filed to date and no end in sight.  It is still going strong after many recent Reversals of Trial Court Judge Dana S. Preisse by the 10 th District Appellate Court.   Bob has labeled  these trial court reversals the  “THE GREAT APPELLATE COURT ANTI-NAZI  DECISIONS  OF 2000.”

After 13 years of separation, 34 months of litigation and a trial extending over four months,  rookie Domestic Relations Judge Dana Suzanne Preisse, a first term trainee judge assisted by another rookie, staff attorney Melynda Neal, handed Bob Farley a draconian divorce decree that effectively awarded Barbara Farley some $ 2 million on top of the $500,000 Bob had already paid her.   Bob would end up with about $ 200,000 after a lifetime of work and after paying all taxes as the Judge ordered him to do.  Without doubt, the biased decree was the most sexist and heavy handed divorce decree a man could expect, essentially stripping Bob of all his assets. Fortunately for Bob, the 10th District  Appellate Court has recently  REVERSED much of the Preisse Decree by ordering that the taxes be divided equally between the parties, along with many other corrections.













Until the Appeals Court jammed it down her throat however,  the obstinate young judge dug in her heels at any such equitable suggestion.   Before the Appellate Court Decisions, Bob had filed over twelve  objections with Preisse, always including a paragraph that read, “There is reasonable doubt that the Ex-Parte Orders granted by this Trial Court on November 18 and November 24, 1999 are lawful.  These issues are one of the three appeals being considered at this time by the 10 th District Appellate Court. . .”     In every instance, the obstinate Sleeping Judge invariably ruled “The Defendant’s objection is denied.”   This thick headed Judge has no j-u-d-g-e-ment and should resign or be removed from office.  As one who previously had a smidgen of faith in the system, the conduct of this ignorant person and incompetent judge quickly smashed that faith.


            Bob says “the Preisse factor” is bad public policy and horrible logic because it clearly dictates to divorcing husbands the avoidance of “doing the right and honorable thing.”   Threatened by “The Preisse Factor ,”   the guys may just take their $ 500,000 (more if possible),  and “head for the hills”  immediately after a separation, rather than stick around and get double hammered later by some mindless judge for trying to do “the right thing.” Bob Farley now strongly recommends the “head for the hills” approach to current day divorce situations.


This will not bode well for divorcing wives, but it will be better than being tossed in the gutter by a mindless domestic relations judge who doesn’t understand The Ohio Revised Code, Civil Rights, Due Process and the U. S. Constitution.  Bob recommends this course of action for all men who are able to pack it in and flee from such monsters as Dana Suzanne Preisse as early in the game as possible.   Dr. Steven Baskerville explains it all quite clearly in his prolific writings.  The deck is heavily stacked against Men nowadays and it is time to start thinking outside the box.


The 1984 Separation Agreement was ignored by the judge who decided it was not valid.  She also conveniently called the $ 500,000 Bob had laid out as “support money.”  Although the agreement was clearly a “meeting of the minds,” Preisse would not even allow that as she planned to force her own brand of feminist justice on the Farley’s.    Bob said, “There were some years when Barbara’s income in real estate sales exceeded mine.  Dim Dana missed all of that.   It was all laid out in a large spread sheet for the judge,  but she did not understand it.”    Several attorneys and other litigants around the Courthouse have opined to Farley that “this judge is just not very smart and she is green as grass.”    Bob calls the Divorce Decree a “crime on a par with the Boston Brinks robbery.”   Post decree litigation continues in the Trial Court  to address the MANY REVERSALS made by the Appeals Court  so the case is now actively on-going for 48 months.   Mr. Farley believes another year or two might be involved, that everyone will be bankrupt by the end of the litigation and liquidation and the attorneys still working for Barbara are living in denial.   At the time of this proof reading and rewrite, the case has been going on nine calendar years with over 2,000 pleadings.   Another 2-3 years may be required.   It is just insanity.           



            Part of the $ 500,000 settlement money that Preisse brushed off as “support money, ” included the marital residence,  a nice ranch home on two acres in Worthington which Barbara quickly sold  to daughter Jill Carroll who still lives on the property.     She bought a luxury Condo in Upper Arlington with her money while Bob started over again in a $ 35,000 condo apartment with a mortgage loan.   Some attorneys say they have never seen anything so lopsided in their entire career.  Although forked tongue attorneys can argue nearly anything,  most agreed they have never heard of the marital house being called “support money.”   

Anything is possible in the biased Preisse Court where it is Judge Roy Bean and “Law West of the Pecos.”   Worse yet, Preisse, assisted by “Deputy Dawg” Neal, a back office law clerk in a tiny law firm just three years earlier, ORDERED the R. T. Farley Company closed and liquidated after 40 years in business.    This order made Robert unemployed at age 65 for the first time in his life and deprived him of any income at all except Social Security, government retirement income that he had never planned to collect.  Bob’s entire retirement program was his small company, now closed forever.    Get a case before “Sleeping Judge” Dana Preisse and these atrocities could all happen to you.




             Judge Preisse was sometimes seen to be asleep during critical testimony of the trial, hence the nickname  “The Sleeping Judge”  has been pinned on her by Farley.   Any libel here?   Nope, the good Judge was caught napping on the bench by Bob Farley, two attorneys and a major witness. 




$ 51,000  PER YEAR.


On top of an already Draconian Decree,  Preisse and “Deputy Dawg,” Staff Attorney Melynda M. Neal, also ordered Bob to pay Barbara $ 1,500 per month while he was unemployed and  liquidating his company until seven of his 21 properties were sold.  Bob was also ordered to manage things and do all of the selling and the heavy lifting while turning the loot over to Barbara who was bringing in a cool $ 51,000 per year at a local real estate firm.   Finally, the good judge ordered all Court Costs to be paid by Robert,  just for good measure.   Wow!  FAR OUT Your Horror!   The Sleeping Judge was clearly in another world.  

Bob believes it is one formerly known as Law West of the Pecos starring “Hang Em High Judge Roy Bean.” Former Farley attorney Philip M. Collins called it “a real travesty.”  The worst j-u-d-g-ment of all was the naïve belief that someone would commit financial suicide and actually do everything The Sleeping Judge Ordered!   Attorneys Collins and Douglas Jennings quit Farley in June of this year, obviously hoping to put a lot of distance between themselves and their horrible loss to two attorneys who worked out of their home.




“Deputy Dawg” staff attorney Melynda Neal, fresh out of law school at Detroit’s Wayne State University (1995) is thought to have done much of the heavy lifting in the last stages of the case.   Sleeping Judge Preisse, went on a 60 day maternity leave and was home changing diapers and warming bottles for a new baby while her hormones settled back down.   


It now seems obvious that the “Twenty Something”  Neal may have written much of the multi-million dollar Decree after attending none of the trial.   Ms. Neal was a back office legal assistant in the one man law firm of Bradley Frick in 1996. Passages in the Divorce Decree indicate a total lack of accuracy from both trial testimony, exhibits and the transcripts.  In 1998 Neal apparently moved in with opposing counsel Kim N. Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy at 634 North High  Street.   Her name appeared on the door with Cohen-Murphy-Murphy’s while Cohen-Murphy-Murphy represented Barbara Farley.


Incredibly, Neal had earlier sat in on a one hour conference with Frick and Bob Farley while Bob  told his life story during a Frick interview in late 1996.    Neal took copious notes.   Near meetings end, Farley asked Frick about any relationships with Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy, the attorney of Barbara Farley.   Ms. Neal advised Frick that they were “still working a couple of cases together,”  at which time Frick told Farley he could not represent him under those circumstances.   Bob had no idea of the close relationship between Neal and Cohen-Murphy-Murphy and Bradley Frick, nor did Frick mention that possibility to him. Farley says staff attorney Neal “should have never been anywhere near my case.”    Bob says that “Neal’s activities in my case do not seem to pass the smell test.” 


Throughout her long Decree, The Sleeping Judge made no mention of the multiple infidelities,  proven lies under oath and unconfirmed story inventions of Barbara Farley.  The rookie Judge was clearly influenced by the Academy Award winning tears, hyperventilating  and drama of Barbara,  all orchestrated on cue with storm trooper like precision by Kim Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy.   It  was clearly a heavily biased one-way street.    Additional bias was seen as Neal and Preisse flogged Bob with color commentary, in the Divorce Decree,  writing with a psychiatrist like conviction that,  “Bob  is a very controlling and obstinate individual. . .”    Say what?   


Commentary of this type is very biased, unprofessional and reveals an agenda other than justice  in Farley V. Farley.   It’s clear that Preisse and “Deputy Dawg”  were out to punish Bob for some imagined malconduct or possibly just because Bob was a male facing two fierce feminists and they were going to

prove a point.   


“Imagined” is the word, for her Decree is fraught with  misstatements and a clear lack of familiarity with the trial evidence was obvious throughout the document.    Another clear problem is that neither Preisse nor Neal are trained in psychiatry so  “control analysis” is well beyond their skill levels.  There was no such judicial commentary about Barbara in the Preisse Divorce Decree, even though her emotional testimony, lies under oath and story inventions were obvious to the Court.   Such was the wisdom of  “The Sleeping Judge” and her Deputy Dawg.



Controlling,”  is currently the  favorite buzzword of the N.O.W. generation of  ladies.  The word is presently so “pop culture” that companies are  pitching subtle “anti-control”  messages in their commercials and advertisements aimed at impressionable young women who may feel maligned.     These lady Legal Eagles fell right in step with the times, saying in essence,  “white males of European ancestry have to be punished,” a standard N.O.W. line that often comes in right after the word  “controlling.”  


The problem for the ladies and the flaw in their perverted logic was that Bob has not had anyone to “control or be obstinate with”  for about 13 years.   Trial evidence confirmed that Bob did not follow, stalk, bother or call Barbara over those years while she carried on her 14 year romance with Bob Lang.    Attorney Collins asked Bob “did you care what she did at all?”   Bob answered, “No, I didn’t.”   So much for “control.”    


Bob and The Barbara lived completely separate lives for 13 years after 1984.   This included separate homes, separate check books, separate businesses, separate friends, separate medical  and life insurance policies, separate vacations with others, separate everything!   All of the decades of that “DeFacto Termination  Law stuff”  went “right over the head” of The Sleeping Judge who seemed to invent her own law on the fly with which to hammer Bob.   Heavily pro-female Ohio Domestic Law gives her wide latitude to make biased and emotional decisions and she took every advantage.   These laws must be tightened up to eliminate “The Preisse Factor” in future years, or men must just leave the state, the country, or whatever it takes to avoid such feminist monsters as Dana Preisse..  


Courthouse attorneys are calling it “The Preisse Factor,” another hazard divorce attorneys must now watch out for in Courtroom 61.    Bob’s “obstinance” that Preisse refers to in the Divorce Decree may flow from the fact that he had to cancel a Hearing before the Judge at the last minute.  It seems Bob was laying unconscious on a gurney in the Intensive Care Coronary Unit of Riverside Hospital.   He couldn’t stay conscious long enough to make it on down to Courtroom 61 that day, “may it please the court.”   The long plastic catheter in his heart also presented a problem to him as a cardiologist checked each valve and vessel,  something the good Judge overlooked with her insulting written thoughts about Bob’s “alleged illnesses,” as she described them in her criminal divorce decree.  Her vile and degrading comment revealed bias beyond the pale. 



The Sleeping Judge seemed to place heavy emphasis on some 120 letters Bob had written to Barbara over 15 years,  including many simple business notes to Barbara when she worked in the company back in 1982.  The challenged and confused Barbara who could not distinguish between a business directive and a personal note, saved nearly every one of them.  Of these, about  80 percent were triggered by a call or some type of harassment by Barbara.  


The ex-wife rarely wrote things down.   Usually, she would just call a hapless Bob by phone, often in the evening and often drunk, and raise hell about some imagined problem.    Bob’s letters answered her many calls.  They pertained to money issues, tax issues, children issues and other similar problems that many divorced or separated couples routinely experience. Plaintiff attorney Doug Hart made much of the fact that Bob once brushed  Barbara sharply when she call in a drunken stupor with what Hart defined as “a serious problem”  with an overheating radiator”  as though that also was Bob’s fault in some way.   Say what? 


Bob has just been released from Massachusetts General Hospital after “serious problem” with cancer surgery.  Completely separated for two years at that time, Bob wasn’t really too worried about Barbara’s overheating radiator as attorney Hart thought he should have been.  Bob testified, “there is something about cancer that doesn’t leave you worrying too much about an overheating radiator of a drunken ex-wife who can take care of it herself.”    Bob said, “the judge was obviously in sympathy with poor little Barbara and her radiator problem.”  


Farley’s attorneys advised the trainee Sleeping Judge that many divorced or separated couples communicate only by letters, especially where there is great animosity, so there was nothing unusual about Bob Farley’s letters, except in “Preisse World” a world of law from beyond the stars.   


Preisse glazed right over Bob’s frequent opening lines in many letters, “In response to your call of last night. . .”  lines which confirm the Barbara whining and harassment pattern of many years.  Bob had explained those connections in sworn testimony to the judge,  but it “obviously went right over her head.”    Bob says the moral of this story is that “Preisse doesn’t  understand the First Amendment of the Constitution either.”     He adds, “don’t ever write a letter to your ex-wife, whether separated or divorced, or some mindless judge will try to flog you for it later,” another indicator that guys should probably just leave the state right away in order to avoid the later castigation of monster Dana Preisse types.  If you hang around and try “to do the right thing,” you may be flogged “down the road” by some judge for your good intentions.  



Another indicator of “The Preisse Factor” and the First Amendment occurred later when Bob started his Bye Bye Preisse Campaign and wrote her a letter.  The trial was completely over at that time.  The Judge tried to restrict Bob’s First Amendment Rights of Free Speech by bringing subtle political pressure on Farley’s attorneys to stop him from writing to her.  With a Journalism Degree from Ohio State and a former article writer for several years for a trade journal, he does not like to be muzzled by political pressure, especially when funneled through Bailiff Jerry Daily.    Obviously, the trainee freshman Judge did not like the “heat in the kitchen” that Farley was generating.

          While Bob does not like his First Amendment Rights trampled on, he did fear that emotional Contempt Charges might be filed on his attorneys by the Judge, given her “unjudicial” emotional decisions and rulings of recent past months, so he stopped writing.   Trying to work “in the system”  didn’t fly for Farley either though.  Such is the nature of Kangaroo Justice in the Preisse Courtroom.    Our legal system is a bully pulpit.   Biased Judges and staff attorneys with personal agend-as can write unprofessional decrees loaded with flogging color commentary, errors, unconfirmed and  slanted opinion.   Most of them do not like the “incoming fire” when you answer back.   Farley and his attorneys could quickly see that much of this decree did not “pass the smell test” for reasons still unknown to them.





The fix was in and that is still under investigation.   The former Farley attorneys did not participated in his investigation.  Naively, Collins and Jennings seem to have trouble believing that anyone in their beloved legal system could be guilty of any wrong doing. Neither of these former lawyers were exactly “two fisted alley fighters”  that would pursue such wrong doing and they have since run from Farley’s battles like scared rabbits, obviously trying to put distance between themselves and their horrific early loss of the case.    Defendant Farley also has trouble understanding how the highly experienced lawyer Magistrate Jay Sanford could hand down four or five rulings in support of Bob’s positions over two years, but Sleeping Judge Dana Preisse could never find a Farley Motion she liked after the case got into her courtroom.   She  made a mockery of the legal skills of  the respected Magistrate. 



            Appeals were filed by the former Farley attorneys immediately after the Decree.   At the first Appeal to the Trial Court, “Hanging Judge” Yarborough agreed with Barbara’s attorneys Cohen-Murphy-Murphy and Hart that Robert should post a $ 1.7 million Bond, obtain a $ 1.7 million letter of credit from a bank, or put up $ 1.7 million in cash.   It was a classic study in wretched excess and abject lack of j-u-d-g-ment by all of Bob’s persecutors. Their delusions were so massive that they actually believed Bob could get a $1.7 million bond.


  Bob had dealt in leveraged illiquid real estate most of his career and he had never seen that kind of money all in the same place in his lifetime.   He could do none of those things and everyone knew it, but they all played the silly game out to the end.    It was a Gestapo like operation in a Kangaroo Court once again orchestrated with Waffen SS  efficiency before an intractable and mindless Judge by Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy.   Farley’s attorneys argued that Bob already had  $ 3.5 million worth of property at stake, that it was not going anywhere and that should be enough, but Yarborough didn’t buy it.   He, The Barbara, Cohen-Murphy-Murphy and Hart wanted some blood.   The only things missing that day were the black shirts, jack boots, red arm bands and Sieg Hiel salutes to the Fuhrer.   Trooper Cohen-Murphy-Murphy won the day.


            At a second hearing before Judge Yarborough on Contempt of Court charges brought by Barbara (the subject of  one of Bob’s four appeals to date) Farley explained his inability to pay Barbara Farley 

$ 200,000 in cash,  which The Sleeping Judge  and Staff Attorney Neal had ordered be done “immediately.”     Her Highness The Sleeping Judge  has now discovered that absurd storm trooper ORDERS are one thing, but ability to perform on them is another.  ”Orders do not always result in the clean and neat little package that  Preisse and Neal learned about in the Ivory Towers of the Law School,”   said Farley.    “Welcome to Real World ladies.  Fantasyland  is down in Kissimmee at Walt Disney World,”  he added and also said, “It’s easy to pound a gavel and Order things to be done, but  if they cannot be done, then that is a waste of everyone’s time.”   . 


At this hearing,  Farley’s attorneys protested that several factors made the entire hearing illegal   Based on several well known Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, case law and the Ohio Revised Code,  attorney Jennings argued that the entire Hearing at which Mr. Farley was flogged by Judge Yarborough was illegal and could not be held at all.     Mr. Jennings was overruled  by Yarborough and the flogging proceeded under protest.    It was another Gestapo Kangaroo Court that day and Judge Roy Bean’s Law West of the Pecos prevailed.   Once again, the only things missing were the black shirts, jack boots. red arm bands and Sieg Hiel salutes to judge Yarbrough.  Once again, Trooper Cohen-Murphy won the battle that day, but the APPELLATE COURT REVERSED THAT NAZI LIKE PROCEEDING  ten months later on August 31,  2000 and Bob won the war.      


During the illegal hearing of Cohen-Murphy-Murphy, Hart and Yarborough, Bob offered several good reasons why he could not come up with $ 200,000  “immediately” and that his available money could not be stretched far enough to cover all of his obligations.   He also testified that attorney Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy committed a fraud on the Trial Court  by submitting incorrect legal fees totals to Sleeping Judge Preisse in the original trial.   Farley says the fees were all doctored up and overstated by Cohen-Murphy-Murphy by more than $15,000 and Judge Preisse based part of her decree on these incorrect numbers without confirming the amounts.    


Attorney Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy went nearly berserk with Farley’s allegations, screaming at him on the witness stand screeching “I committed a fraud on this Court?”   Bob quietly repeated, “Yes  you did . . .”  three times.   “On the record,” Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy did not deny the fraud she was accused of, but “Hanging Judge” Yarborough was unimpressed with Farley’s partial defense.  Mr. Farley says he  has noticed that Judges almost never believe the words of a litigant, especially a male litigant, against those of an attorney, even though most attorneys will lie like troopers when painted into a corner.  This is apparently why there is a thick book which attempts to control the unethical and sometimes criminal conduct of lawyers, right up to the lofty level of F. Lee Bailey, Esq., a leglman who is currently suspended from the practice of law for wrong doing in Florida.  In Ohio, these rules are called The Law of Professional Responsibility.   Based on his own observations, Bob believes that many attorneys frequently bend and skirt the Law in daily practice. They all proclaim they are pure as fresh snowfall.    Bob says,  “That is pure lawyerese propaganda and a myth.”    The Ohio Supreme Court Disciplinary Council receives over 4,500 complaints about attorneys each year.  Amazingly, less than 20 are suspended.      


            There is some thought that The Sleeping Judge may have laid the lash on Farley because opposing counsel Hart, with typical character assassination worthy of a Waffen SS Secret Agent, made sure that Preisse was told that “Bob Farley doesn’t like attorneys.”   Farley’s Phil Collins laconically answered,  “That’s not news to anyone.  Everyone knows that, including the Court.”  


 Collins opined that such a revelation might have surprised a young trainee judge who might have first believed that the world loved and respected lawyers.  “After all, she’s a lawyer, “  Collins added.   Such efforts at character assassination by Plaintiff Attorneys Hart and Cohen-Murphy were seen continuously throughout the case.  Many were bold faced lies, but Sleeping Judge Preisse seemed receptive to the stories.




A well-established argument in Law has always been the “inability to pay” and this was certainly one of those times.   No matter,  the  willful Yarbrough found Farley in Contempt of Court, at an illegal Hearing  that should never have been held, and he ordered him to pay Barbara Farley $200,000 by the following Tuesday, or be sent to prison for 60 days.   Excuse me?

This was a possible Death Sentence for Bob Farley.  His doctors agreed with his conclusion since Farley was stricken with several serious health issues, all of which had been made known to the court and opposing counsel earlier in the trial. One way to win any divorce suit is to somehow get your opponent to die.  No one has ever explained how sending broke old men to jail gets greedy old women some money. In his Essay “Family Courts Are Corrupt,” Howard University’s Dr. Steven Baskerville writes, “In family courts, we have literally reached the point where the criminals are putting the law-abiding citizens in jail.”


If the government will legally handle this small matter for you, all the better.   Bob wasn’t going for it though.    At mid-point of the trial, Legalwoman Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy (with the agreement of Defendant Farley), had tearfully interrupted the proceedings at mid-day with a story of internal bleeding from a possible miscarriage (although she was not known to be pregnant) and she faintly staggered from the courtroom in tears with the sincere sympathy of Bob.   With two expensive Plaintiff attorneys on the case, Bob might have callously insisted that Douglas Hart handle things that day and the trial should move on without her while we called 911 for a Squad to cart her body away.   Ms. Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy would later reciprocate this kindness by signing an illegal arrest warrant for Bob and often complaining that Bob had caused delays in the trial.  Of course, The Sleeping Judge Preisse parroted back this same line in her decree, conveniently forgetting the Cohen-Murphy-Murphy delays.   


 Earlier in the trial, Cohen-Murphy-Murphy had served Bob with a groundless Contempt of Count charge while he was laying unconscious in Riverside Hospital CICU. What a swell person!     Fortunately, the arrest warrant that ex-wife Barbara spent so much money to obtain, has now been REVERSED BY THE APPELLATE COURT.     Suddenly, the long winded color commentary of The Sleeping Judge was reduced to one line as she swallowed the Decision of the Appeals Court that had been shoved down her throat while kicking and screaming.  The Entry of October 3, 2000 reads  “The Court hereby ORDERS that the capias (warrant) previously issued and filed on November 16, 1999 for Robert Farley be dismissed.”   Hooray for the Good Guys!   


 Hanging Judge Yarborough was also used to handing down Orders  without protest from his victims, but he had also misread the tea leaves this time.  Bob decided very quickly that he was not going to die on a concrete bunk in a dirty jail cell over a squabble with a promiscuous 32 year mental patient and an out of control storm trooper judge who ignores law, does not understand The Rules of Civil Procedure, The Ohio Revised Code, the United States Constitution, the 1 st, 4 th and 14 th Amendments,  Due Process and who knows what else!.   


Bob was  learning why lawyers are among the most hated people in the country today and a movement Jail-4-Judges has been started in California.   On that “Hanging Day” in Courtroom 61,  Barbara Farley and her attorneys,  now three in number,  could be seen across the courtroom, shaking hands with one another and quietly celebrating their results, having apparently trapped the fierce 65 year old Bob Monster and gotten him into a cage.   It was almost High Five time for them. Their courtroom celebration was premature, however.  They had badly overplayed their hand with their Gestapo like maneuvers and   “The Good Guys” would eventually win the day.  It would take a quite a while and it would cost a lot of money. 


             Bob reasoned that even if he survived the death sentence of 60 days in jail,  Barbara Farley would have no more money upon his release than he was able to give her before going to prison so no good would be served by going to prison.    The money just was not  there and Bob could not work the impossible, contrary to the popular opinion of The Sisterhood.    Bob also knew that he was not well enough to work another four years unbolting his company and handing the loot over to The Barbara.  He concluded there was a time to risk death in prison for some folks, but this was not the time for him after 44 years of hard  work and honest service to his country as a wartime overseas veteran and to the community where he lived, especially given his serious medical problems.  Bob Farley had never even been arrested in his life, let alone serve time in prison for a squabble with a pill pushing neurotic ex-wife who had given him infidelity and big trouble most of his working life and a storm trooper judge



Trapped in the Uncle Remus Tar Baby,  and having spent or lost over $ 600,000 during the preceding four years of litigation and looking at another four years yet to go,  Farley finally threw up his hands with this vile madness,  and declared himself  “THE WINNER.”   He then RETIRED and left the State of Ohio forever.     Before leaving, he managed to collect some advance rents from a few friendly tenants. It was really small change for a lifetime of work.    He also cashed  some mutual funds he had built up over nine years of saving.

In Bob’s book, leaving town with your own savings is not illegal and there was no other way he could survive since Sleeping Judge Preisse had destroyed his life, his company and stripped him clean.  Along with The Barbara, Attorneys Cohen-Murphy and Hart went berserk.


Bob Farley trashed his office records, wiped his computers clean, sold most of his maintenance equipment at fire sale prices, shut off his phones, walked away from his life’s work  and many of the buildings he had helped his men build with his own two hands.   He achieved the liquidation and company shutdown desired by The Sleeping Judge in only ten days.   Bob’s tunnel vision tormentors didn’t agree with the way he did it, of course.   They wanted a more passive surrender of the assets, but ex-GI Bob doesn’t surrender easily.   His only true income at that point and today, is his monthly Social Security check which Court appointed Receiver A. C. Strip has tried to attach.  


Mr. Farley gave his 8 employees seven weeks pay and laid them off.  He paid and closed out his accounts with over 120 supplying companies,  told his lenders that no more payments were coming  because he had no income and  he drove away from Columbus, Ohio forever.     Bob said, “it is not against the law to leave town with your own saving although some folks did not like it.”   It did cause quite a ruckus.   A panicked ex-wife Barbara spread the word that    “Bob is a thief. . .the FBI is looking for Bob,  the Columbus Police are looking for Bob. . .the mutual funds are suing Bob,”  all of which was pure  wishful thinking without one shred of truth.  Bold faced lies all.   “Denial Time” had run out and “Chaos Time” had arrived.   There was no Bob Monster to pound on anymore.   Ms. Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy had played a game of “you bet your life” and her client lost.   Of course, the fierce Cohen-Murphy,  who Farley regards as “A Bull in a China Shop.”  has now moved on to other games while her ex-client is left swinging in the wind and trying to clean up the train wreck.   Aren’t attorneys just great?     



.           After Bob left Columbus, a feeding frenzy broke out.   Secret Orders issued by  Yarborough had the effect of putting Bob further in the gutter.   Gestapo like Motions filed by Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy in November, 1999 resulted in violent destruction of Bob’s Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment Rights.  With the speed of Waffen SS Fascista,  Hanging Judge Yarborough issued a confiscatory  “Managerial Control Court Order” permitting Bob’s ex-wife to break and enter his house and his business,  seize his personal possession, intercept his company and personal mail,  freeze his checking accounts, deprive him of credit card use or cash advances, the right to enter his own house or place of business,  prohibit his right to work, prohibit him a place to live and seemed to confiscate the small change in his pocket.  


These Gestapo type “Orders” were all secretly granted  Ex-Parte,  and without notice served on Bob and without Bob’s lawyers being present or even notified.  Judicial Notice was served on Bob by mail to a mail box where his mail was already being illegally intercepted by Barbara Farley and her greed crazed partners in crime, children Jill Carroll, Jim Farley and boyfriend Lang.    A Certificate of Service was said by Cohen-Murphy-Murphy to have been served on Bob at his business address an address that Cohen-Murphy-Murphy admitted in the same brief that Bob was NOT AT.   Compliance with law and Civil Rules were thrown out the window while Cohen-Murphy-Murphy and Hart found no fault with their illegal methods.   Anything goes with these guys and it was almost Camp Buchenwald all over again.. 


 Bob calls these Orders “The Nazi Firing Squad Orders of 1999.”    It was vile judicial evil at its best, all engineered with “Waffen SS” precision by attorneys Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy and Douglas Hart.   Bob said, “the only difference between what happened to me and the Gestapo attorneys of 1940, was we give you the right to a long and expensive appeal to drain away your life and your money slowly.  The Gestapo attorneys took you straight to the cattle cars, the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Treblinka or to the firing squad wall and then they confiscated your property.”   


 Later on, Barbara would also illegally cancel some of Bob’s credit cards, his health insurance (another Barbara initiated Death Sentence), some of his life insurance on which her own grand daughter was the beneficiary and she arranged to announced Bob’s death in the Ohio State University Alumni Magazine.   The University was quite upset!    Most of these crimes were caught and corrected by Bob before serious damage was done.   He is now receiving letters of apology from presidents of credit card companies, reinstating his cards and apparently hoping Bob will not file suit for their horrific negligence.


Barbara’s mental disturbance was such that it was as though Bob was a sub-human monster.  She and her storm trooper lawyers were trying to wipe him off the face of the earth as the Nazis did with the Jews in the Holocaust.  It just didn’t work.   Bob was quicker than the storm troopers and the lynch mob.    This was a very disturbed woman egged on by some very depraved lawyers and assistants who knew exactly what they were doing.



The Appellate Court REVERSED all such

Gestapo SS Orders in Decisions of August 31 and September 28, 2000. At this writing, there are no Orders on Mr Farley of any type, but he asks, “How do I get my life back?”

He adds, attorneys “Cohen-Murphy-Murphy, Hart and Judges Yarborough and Preisse must have slept through the classes on Due Process and the U. S. Constitution in the first year of law school,  if they went there at all.”  They clearly showed no regard for Due Process (in place in civilized countries of the world since the Roman Empire),or the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments.   Civil Rights also meant nothing to these criminals.  Fortunately, The Appellate Court unconditionally REVERSED all these Gestapo SS Orders in their Decisions of August 31, and September 28, 2000, although the cost was very high in time, money and stress.     At this writing, there are no Orders on Bob Farley of any type, but he asks, “How do I get my life back?”  


Meanwhile,  Farley has launched a Bye Bye Preisse Campaign which he hopes  will eventually remove Preisse from office.   At the start of the trial the youthful Preisse was a brand new Judge with a law degree from fourth tier Capital Law School and a short legal background.  She was so green, she once granted a Cohen-Murphy-Murphy Motion without holding a Hearing early in her judicial career. 


Due Process?  What’s that?   Farley’s attorney objected and Preisse then scheduled a Hearing.   Judge Preisse once held Farley in “Contempt of Court,” and when asked by Farley’s attorney “exactly what order is my client in contempt of,”  she could not think of one and had to reverse herself.   It’s all in the record.  Her early months were almost an Amos and Andy Comedy, except for the serious impact on the public. She once ordered $ 1,600 in legal fees be paid by Bob to Barbara’s attorney for an alleged Bob offense not knowing that such sanctions cannot  be paid directly to an opposing counsel by a litigant.  


It was all pretty elementary stuff, but Preisse had not yet reached even the “elementary school” level of her judicial career.  It was as though The Sleeping Judge Preisse  had never been inside a courtroom in her life.  Maybe she hadn’t, but she was the endorsed candidate of the Republican Party, a politician first and a  judicial scholar last and one good reason, only one, why this Sleeping Judge must be removed from office and sent to prison.   She is truly dangerous to the American People.  


Her background is sketchy at best.  She said lives with her attorney husband and a new baby at 611 Beech Street on the fringe of German Village.  In fact, this address is a fraud upon the People of Franklin County.  Preisse and her husband J. Kevin Cogan actually live at 10160 Widdington Close in

Delaware County, Ohio.    Farley minces no words as he says, “I consider this trainee judge to be “grossly incompetent and truly dangerous.


 She runs neck and neck with her partner in ignorance, Judge Nadine Miller who releases murderers of small children after three years in prison.  Bob says, ”there is some inherent sickness in the j-u-d-g-ment and moral standards of this Franklin County Common Pleas Court that needs serious attention and very soon.    These two judges are not even near the point where they could  practice law, let alone be a judge.”    He added,  “In truth, Preisse lacks wisdom and her conduct and judgment in this case borders on criminal negligence.”     He paints new grad staff attorney Melynda Neal with the same brush, saying “these women have destroyed my life at age 65.”  They should both be in prison for violations of the Ohio Revised Code and gross negligence in their service to the people of Franklin County.    Bob says, “we were already in serious trouble in the morally evil Domestic Relations Court and now we are the outrage of the nation after the story of Columnist Bob Greene on the  Oprah Show of October 25 exposed the Nadine Miller criminality.   This writer agrees that Miller should not be a judge anywhere in this world. 

Mr. Farley is writing a book about “The System.”  He hopes to expose the corruption, nepotism and low personnel quality of Domestic Relations Courts.   He has interviewed numerous other divorced men from California, Florida, Illinois, Georgia and other places who were flogged and sometimes bled to death in Domestic Relations Courts dominated by women judges.    A recently divorced Columbus attorney told Farley,  “it’s a Looney Tune Court.  They hammered the hell out of me.   I don’t like them, they know it  and I won’t  practice any law before them.”   Another Columbus attorney said,   “Sometimes the boss sends me in there with a case or a hearing.    I hate it.  It’s crazy in there and any resemblance between what they do and Ohio law is purely coincidental. 

 A recently divorced Columbus attorney said, “it’s Looney Tune Court.  They hammered the hell out of me.    I don’t like them, they know It and I won’t practice any law before them…” 

“This is a nation of laws, not men. . .”

WRONG. That line is pure propaganda of The Judicial Ind- ustry and Pablum for small infants...”


We have all heard that “This is a nation of laws, not men.”   WRONG!

I used to believe that line myself, but I don’t now.  There are many hard working attorneys who actually do believe it, but most know better.    The line is pure propaganda of the Judicial Industry and Pablum for small infants.   This is even more true in the Domestic Relations Courts, where other lawyers (they shall be known as (Legislators) have given Black Collar Criminals (they shall be known as Judges) free reign to do nearly

anything they wish with the law of the land.  Very few litigants have either time or money to oppose their bias and the judicial extortion racket and very few do.   The racketeering under color of law, is fully endorsed by their fellow attorneys in State Legislatures throughout the land.  There is probably little that can be ever be done about that, but some things can be done about judges like Preisse, Miller and many others who need tight collars on their ability to “judge” and take unilateral actions on issues.         


            In truth, in the emotion driven Domestic Relations Courts, “This is a nation of men (and women) and NOT laws.”   Nearly every divorcee, whether a man or a woman, will tell you that their attorneys hammed and hammered at the theme,   “we have to be persuasive, but more importantly we have to make this judge like you” or words to that effect.   That system of emotional “street justice” is all wrong and must be changed.   It is a fact that Domestic Relations judges are emotional creatures and it is often “the law be damned.”   They can make Final Decisions (Orders) based on whether or not they “like you, how you part your hair, what you wear, how you  speak, whether they like your attorney,  or even how they are feeling when they are (women) eight months pregnant, ” but not often on the law.


They can ignore the legal work of their Magistrates (and they do) and take unilateral action based on their emotions and personal agenda for or against you, law and Magistrates be damned.   They are rarely opposed with appeals because few can afford them.    This is clear as daylight in the Farley V. Farley case and many others in Franklin County and across the land.  That is why low quality judges like Dana Preisse can write color commentary into a Divorce Decision, such as  “Bob is controlling. . . Bob is obstinate. . Bob is meddlesome,”   etc.   This emotional flogging has nothing to do with the law.   In my book version of this story,  I will relate many more cases where litigants have strongly protested the color commentary of judges, commentary which was distorted, biased and unfair to one litigant or another.   It is pure Waffen SS criminality.

Was this a  family of conspirators including  Preisse,  Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy, Hart, Neal and Barbara Farley?   Was a former Farley attorney, Bradley Frick for whom Staff  Attorney Neal formerly worked in 1996 and 1997 involved in this travesty?   Mr. Farley and Frick parted company in December, 1998 with great rancor after Farley complained about his poor quality work.   The prideful Frick fired him with a 48 hour  weekend notice in gross violation of Ethical and Disciplinary Rules (those are for other people).  Mr. Farley filed a Pro Se (do it yourself) Motion Contra Frick’s conduct, but Judge Preisse, also in apparent violation of the Disciplinary Rules, overruled the Farley Motion. 


Frick had earlier told Bob that he and Dana were “friends.”   At the time, Farley was seriously ill with Poly Malaysia Rheumatica,  a painful and debilitating disease of the arteries and joints.   The strange Bradley Frick,  when told  that Farley was nearly paralyzed, in great pain and could not drive to interview a replacement attorney, suggested that Farley  “take taxicabs “ to interviews. What a swell guy!  Egos and arrogance run large in the legal profession, a vile group that is definitely not our “smartest and best.” 


            In a subsequent hearing in January, 1999 on a bizarre Motion by Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy to force Frick back onto the job (apparently due to Mr. Farley’s illness caused delays), Farley appeared before Judge Preisse, agreed with Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy and also asked  for a 60 day Stay of Execution so he could get well.    It was all very strange.    The ever babbling attorney Kim Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy reinvented herself as a medical doctor that morning and argued that the Farley illness was “no big deal.”    She lied and harangued,   “I had it in high school” and inferred that the 65 year old Bob was “faking it” with the PMR.


            CPA-Attorney Douglas Hart rose and ranted,  “This man is not exercising his fiduciary duty to  manage the mutual funds of the couple. . . they should all be in a money market where they are safe.   He is letting the (mutual) funds go to hell in a hand basket.”    Judge Preisse nodded to Bob, who said,  “ last year at this time, the mutual funds were worth $ 88,000.  Last night the funds were worth $  148,000 and the one fund I own is in the top 10 growth funds in the country.  I don’t  know how I could manage much better?   Mr. Hart knows that too and his statement is a bold faced lie.”    CPA-Attorney Hart had suggested a $ 4,400 (5.0%) return in the money market would have been superior to the $ 60,000  (68%) gain managed by Farley.   Such was the wisdom of Barbara’s  “Dream Team,” true professionals at character assassination  who occasionally rivaled the efficiency of the Nazi Party.

That was not what Preisse was expecting so she lambasted Farley with another harangue, saying,   “. . .there are people who come in here who are a lot sicker than you seem to be . . .”I’m not buying it”  and she added,  “I can’t let this trial go on for ten years.”    This scolding declaration  of judicial wisdom was made after she had been presented with letters from two medical doctors and MRI test reports from Riverside Hospital confirming Bob’s serious condition.   With slurred speech, walking with a cane and driven by an assistant,  Bob explained that he looked good because he was taking four Percoset pain pills and five other pills each day.   At that hearing, Cohen-Murphy-Murphy and Hart rambled on for 20 to 30 minutes trying their case with the riveted attention of The Sleeping Judge, even though that was not what the hearing was held for.  Bob waited patiently and when it

Cohen-Murphy-Murphy and Hart rambled on for 20-30 minutes trying their case with the riveted attention of The Sleeping Judge.

  I waited patiently.  Whenit came time for me to tell my side of the storythe good judge said,  “I have a lot more cases to hear this morning so I won’t be able to spend anymore time on yours.”

came time to tell more of his story, the good judge said “I have a lot more cases to hear this morning so I won’t be able to spend any more time on yours.”     Thank you Honor.  


So much for the maturity and  j-u-d-g-ment of Dana S. Preisse, The Sleeping Judge and such was only one day in Kangaroo Courtroom 61.   The Preisse bias that day could be seen by any 10 year old and this was still several months before the trial.


 At the  time of their parting, Farley told Frick that he would be “filing a complaint” against him “with the Disciplinary Council.”     Mr. Frick replied that if Farley did that, he would crush him “like a ripe grape.”    Given the subsequent suffering of Farley, someone seems to  have gotten that job done.   After Frick’s hasty 48 hour notice of quit, he later  told Farley’s new attorney Philip M. Collins  “I had her (Judge Preisse) under control and convinced this was a De Facto case until we  (Frick and Farley)  parted ways.   Now she will rule the other way,” And “By Golly” she did!

           Oddly, the strange and egocentric Bradley N. Frick showed up in the Preisse  Court- room on the first day of the Farley Trial, stayed for several hours and appeared to be taking copious notes.  Why?  Who knows, but I doubt he was there to study under “Professor” Collins.   Mr. Frick also showed up in the Courtroom on the last day of the Farley trial.   Why? I think an over-active ego played a big part in his appearances in the Farley courtroom.


Obviously, a smoldering Bradley Frick had been stalking the Farley case for over six months after his precipitous termination of Farley with a 48 hour notice. Mr. Frick would  expect more notice to his janitor than he gave Farley.  On the  last day of the trial, attorney Frick mingled with Barbara Farley’s attorneys and seemed to “pal it up” with Barbara and daughter Jill Carroll across the courtroom from Farley, Collins and Jennings.   The scene looked like a Family Reunion. Was Frick sending Farley and  Collins  “a message”  by his animated and happy fraternization with “the other side?”   Clearly, this “Frick Fixation” with Bob was something more akin to mental illness, rather than a legitimate interest in the Farley case.  


Was Frick passing information from his files to his obvious friends on throughout the trial?”   There is no way of knowing for sure, but Frick’s close relationship and obvious friendship with former associates Cohen-Murphy and Neal and his occasional reference to “my good friend Dana” while representing  Farley does leave one wondering about Disciplinary Rules complications.    Many think this was very odd and unprofessional conduct since Staff Attorney Melynda Neal formerly worked for Frick as recently as 1997.   


Kim M. Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy also worked closely with both Frick and Neal during 1995 and 1996, all in the same office in a poorly rehabbed old Victorian house with many fire hazards and flaking paint at 1265 Neil Avenue.  Frick, Neal and Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy had case work together in 1997, as well.  It seems they were all peas in the same pod for quite a while.    A search of public records shows that Neal and Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy had an affiliation in 1998 and possibly later.  Yet, Douglas Hart has said Neal was in the Courtroom at a Farley Hearing on January 20, 1999, either as an associate of Cohen-Murphy-Murphy or as a staff attorney of Preisse. Neither would be acceptable.


 Attorney Neal’s sign was hanging on Brad Frick’s old house at 1265 Neil Ave. at the same time her name was on the front door under Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy’s at 634 North High Street in 1998.  These women both worked together at Cohen-Murphy-Murphy’s office for some period of time shortly after Neal’s departure from Frick’s office.    Incredibly,  the Farley Divorce Decree was partially written by the very same Melynda Neal,  the former associate of several years with Kim Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy and Bradley N. Frick, only about one year after she had left her work with Cohen-Murphy-Murphy at 634 North High Street.  This too, doesn’t seem to “pass the smell test,”  and Farley says,  “there is no way Melynda Neal should have been anywhere near the Preisse Courtroom and the Farley case after her affiliations with both Frick and Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy during the same case and all within two years,”  but there she was.




            How could this nightmare happen in America to an honest and successful small businessman one might ask?  In part, it could happen because Bob Farley could not post an excessive $ 1.7 million bond to secure a $ 200,000 judgment and $ 1,500 per month alimony,  both of which were under an Appeal which the trial judge, in her deep ignorance simply ignored.    A trial court has no further jurisdiction over a case that is under appeal, but Trainee Judge Preisse, in her ignorance, simply ignored that until Decisions were jammed down her throat by the Appellate Court.



Farley’s final  attorneys were Philip “Double Bill Phil”  Collins and Douglas Jennings.  We have to wait for the book version of the Farley story to tell you about Double Bill Phil, but this much can be briefly told.  These two knew that time was running out on Bob and they took every advantage of him, running up a legal bill of over $100,000 in less than 3 months. It was mostly in reading and review since Collins did not like paper documents and rarely wrote letters or filed motions.   


Bob said that the mild mannered “Double Bill Phil” Collins was  “no pit bull” and has “a fanaticism about money.”   “Deputy Dawg Doug” Jennings was a wimpy little guy who once cowered at the hemline of a Kim Cohen courtroom assault, with the remarks “I am going to tell Mr. Collins about this,”  as though Collins was his daddy.  With the arrogance of most lawyers, Deputy Dawg once told his client Bob Farley “I don’t make copies” in reply to a request by Bob for a photo copy of a document in a meeting.  Excuse me?  Farley picked up his papers and left the meeting in the face of such superiority arrogance. 


At least once towards the end of the case, Collins wanted paid for his work at the end of each  day.    Bob paid him at a dinner one night (bought by Bob),  but he now feels he should have fired him instead.   Farley found previous lawyer Bradley Frick equally possessed with money.  Mr. Frick is known in lawyer circles as one who brags about his high up front retainers, which he teaches to other lawyers in continuing education classes.    Apparently, when you are not doing much of value to society, and you are charging a lot of money for this little value, you want to get paid fast before the suckers figure it all out and protest.   


Going the other direction, Frick seems to be a real cheap skate.   An attorney Bob knows related a time where Frick invited a group of young attorneys to a lunch, hoping to propose a merger and creation of a new law firm.    This man said, “When we all got ready to order, Frick told the waiter to make out separate checks.”   I thought, “Wait a minute, this guy invited all of us and now he sticks us with the bill. What a piker. I thought the least he could have done was send an invitation and indicate it was B.Y.O.B.  I would have skipped it then.”   There are other Frick stories of a similar nature, but you’ll have to wait for the book.


Between January, 1999 and the time of their sudden quit in June, 2000, attorney Collins and Jennings seemed terrified of the case offering evasive answers and waffling on many issues.  Many requests from Bob for written opinions and other action on issues were met with stony silence.   The record shows that while A. C. Strip was quite busy liquidating Farley’s tiny empire, attorney Collins wrote him only three letters.  Bob says Collins was quite proud that he ran almost a “paperless law firm” and worked hard on avoiding the written word at all times.  Verbal advice is a lot easier to deny later than written advice, so Collins rarely wrote anything.    Bob calls it “scared rabbit lawyering.”  In fact, “Double Bill Phil” was more interested in picking Bob’s pockets than representing him competently.


Collins dropped the ball from his very first hearing where he was supposed to request a release of

$10,000 from Judge Preisse, so Bob could pay some company bills.  As Collins sat like a stone, the hearing opened and closed with not a word about the $10,000.  In the meeting room outside Courtroom 61, Collins gushed and tried to blame his client Bob Farley for not reminding him of this issue during the hearing.  Excuse me?  Lawyer screws up, but it is the clients fault?  Sorry Mr. Collins.  Eventually Collins owned up to his error and said,  “I will make it up to you Bob.”    He never did, of course.  


            As a trial was set to begin in a few weeks, Farley said he had little time to fire Collins for his fumbling incompetence and he was stuck with him.   Within a few weeks of that event, Farley discovered that Collins had double billed him for work to the tune of over $7,000.  Being a good businessman who always checks his bills, Bob caught the attempted $7,000 over billing.  Of course, “Double Bill Phil” gushed his apologies when confronted with the over billing, as they always do when caught in the act.  Bob has since nicknamed Collins, “Double Bill Phil” for this $7,000 attempted theft.  Many less alert clients would not have caught “Double Bill Phil” and would have paid him the money.  With this method of operation at 21 East State Street, it is not hard to understand why Collins lives in a $750,000 pile of stone at 1861 Cambridge Blvd. in Upper Arlington.


Friction with Collins and Jenkins reached a head after Bob sent Doug Jennings a Press Release to read for accuracy and libel.   Instead of doing his assignment, Mr. Jennings sent back a memo ordering Bob to “remove my name” from everything.   Attorney Jennings threatened to withhold a brief he was working on if Bob did not do his bidding and stated he was not Bob’s Attorney of Record.   Pardon me?   Obviously, Jennings wanted to make himself disappear from the Farley case and his horrible loss to the vile Halliburton-Cohen.


Bob had to tell the frightened lawyer that he was in violation of the Law of Professional Responsibility and he had damn well better file the brief he was illegally withholding from Bob.   Bob also explained to the poor fellow that he could not now hang a sign around his neck that read “I do not know Bob Farley” after representing Bob for over one year.  Bob said, “if it looks like a dog and barks like a dog, it’s a dog, no matter about the sign around his neck.”   Disinterested and inept representation is another reason this travesty can happen.         


            Earlier, Philip Collins had written a letter to A. C. Strip in which he explained that he was “trying to  remain neutral” in the conflict between the liquidator and Farley.   Bob had a strange belief that this was an adversary environment and Collins was supposed to advocate for him, not remain neutral.    Although Phil Collins fancies himself as a “white gloves” attorney above the fray of trench warfare and ethical beyond reproach, his true colors are almost invisible, but not quite.  The remark exposed his true representation and the end of the relationship was fast approaching.  


Another crushing revelation occurred when attorney Kim Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy called Bob “A Nazi Sympathizer” before two witnesses.  It was classic actionable slander    Bob Farley is an overseas wartime (Korea) veteran of the United State Navy (Air), his father was a decorated combat veteran of World War II and his two nephews served on aircraft carriers in the Viet Nam Theater of war.   He does not take kindly to being called a Nazi Sympathizer after risking his life in naval airplanes defending the rights of Jewish People like Kim Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy.   Asked if Cohen-Murphy was still standing after that remark,  Collins advised Bob that he would do nothing, not even file disciplinary action against the attorney.  Bob told Collins, “there are a lot of bars in this town where she would be rolled out the door for a remark like that and no one would ever know what happened to her.”


      Bob started seeing Collins with more clarity after that episode.   Mr. Collins finally reached for a flim flam excuse and quit in early June, accusing Farley of directing him to violate the Code of Ethics.   Nothing could be further  from the truth and Collins, when challenged, could never produce any such order or directive from Farley.  It was a pure bold faced lie by a another dues paying member of The Legal  Industry who falsely prides himself for his high “ethics.”   In fact, he is just another Judicial Industry Charlatan and a Scum Bag of the lowest order.   One of the few things that Farley could think of right away after the vile Phil Collins quit, was a story Collins related about playing with his children.   He said, “when I am playing with my children, I tell them no matter how tough the game gets, you can never quit, never, never, never, can you quit.”    I later thought,  “Wow!  The guy is living a lie with his own children.   Why did I ever trust him with my life.    


                                  HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?

Such a miscarriage could happen because Bob could not get a $ 1.7 million letter of credit or pure Cold Cash to Stay such actions as the atrocities that later happened.  No one wanted  to talk it all over first with cold reasoning for that is not the nature of domestic lawsuits of this type. 


It can happen where trial attorneys will “do anything” to win, including lie, distort, encourage clients to lie, falsify evidence and yes, commit fraud upon a naïve and inept trial court judge.  This will all be more fully revealed in the book version of this story.   In part, it could also happen because gross incompetence exists in judges and their staff attorneys and where bias, arrogance, prejudice and big egos are large.  


The zeal of judicial storm troopers Yarborough and Preisse resulted in a virtual lynch mob going after Bob for reasons completely unknown to him and to them, as well.   In the case of  the ego driven Dana Preisse, justice doesn’t seem to matter that much,  but don’t you dare misspell her name (e on the end) or she may flog you for it later.   


   In part, it could happen because gross incompetence exists in judges and their staff  attorneys and where bias, arrogance, prejudice and big egos are large.      

The zeal of storm trooper judges Steve Yarborough and Dana Preisse resulted in a virtual lynch mob. . . Justice doesn’t mean that much to her, but don’t you dare misspell her name or she may flog you. . .

He huge ego doesn’t permit that.    In the case of Bradley Frick it was mostly his huge ego.  Frick is a short, bald and a small fellow who seems to have a need to self promote at all times, apparently to compensate for his small stature.  

Some call it  “The Napoleonic Syndrome ” of short little men.    “Don’t criticize my work.  My ego doesn’t permit that or I will e-x-p-l-o-d-e and fire you.”     Is this an asylum run by the patients?    A criminal system run by the criminals?   It is Bob Farley’s belief that it is but few lawyers will ever admit it. 

Some lawyers, who have other interests in business, investing or finance, do see the problems more clearly and will agree with much of what Farley has seen.  They are few and far between, however.




            Bob abandoned everything where it stood.  Some believe assets of about $ 4.0 million  were involved, which are now in the hands of a biased Court Receiver, appointed by (guess who?) Judge Dana Suzanne Preisse, of course.   Ms. Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy often blubbered that Bob had about $ 6.0 million.  Bob is not saying.   Mr. Farley filed an immediate protest after the appointment of the law firm Strip, Fargo, Hoppers, & Leithart Co., because Bob learned that an associate of the firm, Brenda K. Bowers, was an adversary attorney in a lawsuit between Farley and Custom Computer Warehouse only 6 months earlier, which Farley won and was paid money from.   Mr. Farley believed that bias would exist as the result of that lawsuit and the later facts show that he was correct.


At a hearing on the issue, Judge Preisse overruled the Farley objection and left Strip, Et Al in place, to Farley’s consternation.   The Receiver has started the liquidation of his assets, at  Farley’s  expense even as the early appeals were being filed, and even though the fast track liquidation of “Farley’s Fortune” seemed to be in naked violation of the Ohio  Revised Code.   


Section 2735.01 (D) of the Code reads that a Receiver shall liquidate property “After judgment. . . according to the judgment, or to preserve it during the pendency of an appeal. . .”   In the case of Bob Farley,   Outlaw Receiver A. C. Strip had sold off nearly $ 1.0 million worth of Bob’s properties before the Decision of the 10 th District Appellate Court was handed down, a naked violation of Section 2735.01, and all approved by Sleeping Judge Dana S. Preisse.  Thus far, Strip has been ripping out about $ 12,000 per month liquidating Farley’s property.


One of Farley’s greatest satisfactions results from the fact that Outlaw Receiver A. C. Strip started selling properties that had been involved in Section 1031 Exchanges years earlier so big capital gains taxes were involved, but very little money was obtained.  The only thing the properties were good for was operating them for ordinary income.   When sold off, the cash yield was near nothing, about $ 150,000 from the $ 1.0 million after mortgage payoffs and expenses.    It has paid down judgment liens of Bank One by some $ 100,000 that Bob had given the bank to protect it from losses before he left town.  The Bank plastered all the properties with liens as the result of Bob’s cooperation and is now paid in full.   Hooray for the Good Guys!  


            While The Barbara made many efforts to ruin Bob’s sterling credit standing, that did not happen either.  As the result of Bob’s candid advice to his lenders as to why no further mortgage payments were coming, all lenders now report to credit agencies, “Always Paid On Time, Paid As Agreed,  Balance Is Paid In Full.”   Bob’s advice to other men who may decide to follow his lead, is to “tell your lenders the truth.”




As previously reported at the top of this story, the draconian divorce decree effectively awarded Barbara Farley some $ 2 million on top of the $ 500,000 Bob had already paid her.  Preisse would have liked to award Bob all the debt and give Barbara all the assets.  No can do Dim Dana.   Bob would have ended up with about $ 200,000 after paying all taxes that the Judge ordered him to pay.  Fortunately for Bob, the 10 th District Appellate Court REVERSED much of the Preisse Decree and ordered that the taxes and debts be divided equally between the parties.  So the trial has to continue for years into the future and The Judicial Industry wins again. 


            The Preisse Decree required Bob to pay 100 % of a large Bank One unsecured note as a personal debt.   Once again, the 10 th District Appellate Court said No, No and REVERSED The Sleeping Judge, saying that the debt was joint debt and ex-wife had to share in it 50/50, something any fool could seem to figure out, even without a business degree.  Bob regards her law degree as an actual handicap on top of her other challenges. 


There were other reversals of The Sleeping Judge and this Defendant feels that more appeals will be needed in the near future, given the abject incompetence of  Preisse.   Based on what he has seen so far,  Farley believes The Sleeping Judge “just doesn’t know enough law and is just not smart enough to be deciding big cases.”   He feels strongly that she should resign from office because “she is just as dangerous to the People of Columbus as Judge Nodine Miller who releases convicted killers in three years.”    There are big problems with the judges in this court.


            Although  Trooper Yarborough issued an illegal arrest warrant for the vicious two headed Bob Monster for the heinous crime of Contempt of Court,   Farley’s  “Oceana” criminal attorneys told him long ago that the chances of his being picked up for a Contempt of Court in an Ohio Domestic Relations case were slim and none at all and would probably be illegal in Oceana.   One lawyer said, “maybe for murder or bank robbery.”  He added, “get on with your retirement life.”    Of equal interest, when the two headed Bob Monster left Ohio, ex-wife Barbara petitioned the court for a “Managerial Order” which Yarborough immediately granted with Waffen SS like authority.  


One line of Barbara’s Affidavit read “out of state law enforcement agencies have not been cooperative.”    Apparently the West Virginia State Police and the Georgia Patrol do not get as excited about Contempt of Court citations from Damn Yankee  Storm Troopers, as Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy

and Dim Dougie Hart had hoped for.   Efforts of Receiver A. C. Strip to set up an “ancillary receivership” in Oceana have not been successful. Bob says “Strip is a bull headed old codger about my age with tunnel vision.  His continuing harassment will eventually get him a big personal lawsuit in an Oceana court.”            


Bob reports “it’s a great retirement after my 44 years of 50 to 80 hour weeks  and the stress of dealing with the 34 year mental patient Barbara Farley,”  plus the confessed former embezzler Jill Ann Farley Carroll, and the Sisterhood of  “The Sleeping Judge”  Dana Preisse.    Any Libel there?   Nope none at all.  Here’s why.! 


Barbara Farley was in a mental hospital for over 30 days in 1968  after her “Affair # 1” ended badly for her.  To her credit, poor thing, she has sought continuing psychiatric therapy from Dr. Donald Tosi since then.  This is all sworn testimony all in the Public Record  and this is a factor in this long running divorce.   Barbara Farley’s fuel is attention.  Always has been, always will be.   Ego and vanity reign supreme.    Recently, The Barbara is getting more attention than she has ever had in her lifetime.   It’s very negative attention and it certainly is costly, but she likes it.      




The Barbara likes to blame The Bob Monster for all of her problems although the Genesis for these  problems came from her genes and other people many years before Bob came along.  Still,  if there is a forest fire in New Mexico this week, that will be “Bob’s fault.”   A Hurricane in Florida?  “Bob’s fault!”    And so it goes.  I  think it is called denial.    The mental  problems of Barbara and the confessed embezzlement  by daughter Jill Carroll are all in sworn testimony, in depositions and in the trial transcript, never before revealed by a loving father who forgave her many years ago and never mentioned it thereafter.   In November, 1996, The Barbara said “Fill it up again” after $500,000 was blown away in clothing, facelifts, fur coats and other reckless spending.   Bob, never flush with money over the 13 years of separation and debt reduction said,   “ Sorry, this is not Wendy’s.  There are no free refills here.”


              Rather than take the safe course and stay completely neutral, daughter Jill Farley Carroll and her husband Jeff jumped into the fracas on Barbara’s side.  In their desperate pursuit of ever more money after thirteen years of separation and unbridled spending by The Barbara, the two women shamelessly bared their souls and their deepest secrets to the Public and to the entire World .  They shot themselves in the foot even though one of the First Rules of Warfare is “Don’t shoot yourself.”  They pulled it off anyway.


Jill had said and confirmed in sworn testimony, “I don’t care what happens to my father, I will get all the money I want from my mother.”    What a swell girl!    The  “A” Players, Kim Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy and Douglas Hart seemed very pleased with themselves after leading these two lambs to public slaughter on the witness stand before God and Country to tell lies about Bob.   It was a shameless “win at any cost”  performance, but it failed.  


As to “all the money I want from my mother. . .”    Excuse me?   At this writing mother or daughter has seen much of any settlement money from Bob, but they have both parted with a lot in their “greedy grabbing.”     Research indicates Barbara’s legal fees exceed $200,000, some of it


“I don’t care what happens to my father, I will get all the money I want from my mother.”


”Excuse me?”


At this writing neither mother or daughter has seen one dime, but they have both parted with a lot of them. . .

supplied by daughter Jill.  Bob has nicknamed his ex-daughter  “The Black Princess.”   

Meanwhile, the fierce attorney Kim M. Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy does not show up at Courtroom 61 anymore.  Maybe this is because Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy has earlier referred to Barbara as “A Flake” and The  Barbara ran her off.  Who really cares?     I’m not sure  what a Flake is, but it must be something pretty neat for Cohen-Murphy to call her own client “a flake.”   I was very impressed when I heard her say it.  On the other hand, some say that Cohen-Murphy has now dumped The Barbara after raising all of this H…   with the two headed Bob Monster for five calendar.


            Barbara’s male attorney,  the feckless Doug Hart, Esq. of Bexley, Ohio has said that  “I have  where with all to stick in. . .”   Hart has reportedly been through several jobs in recent years and now works from his home.   His examinations of Mr. Farley on the witness stand took him about 34 hours.  His often leading questions were filled with attempts to distort and deceive Farley.   Bob’s attorneys say he didn’t get the job done. Ohio State University law professor and his class sat in on 3 hours of Bob’s testimony.  During a break, “Double Bill Phil” Collins grabbed the professor in the hall and asked him what he thought of the trial.   The Professor answered,  “That witness is very articulate and I believe he is getting the best of that attorney.”    It’s too bad that the trainee Sleeping Judge never saw it the way the professionals did.


Meanwhile, Bob’s Oceana attorneys have repulsed three assaults by a heavily biased Court  appointed Receiver A. C. Strip,  in past months. “The Stripper” would like to strip all of Bob’s  assets in Oceana.  Little does the poor fellow know that there aren’t any assets to attach in Oceana and his efforts are all in vain.    Further, Oceana law stops  “The Stripper” from  grabbing Bob’s home,  life insurance cash values, IRA,  Medical Savings Account,  Social Security, and a bunch of other  things that are exempt from any attachment by “Oceana Law.”     Potential “Runaways” should check this out as one method of achieving some peace of mind from The Kingdom of Tyrannica. The Ohioana Monster Dim Dana has very little influence on you in F-L-A,  and none at all in Nassau, Kingston, GeorgeTown, Nevis and several other Island countries who do not always see things the way The Kingdom of Tyrannica does.



Mr. Strip operates in the same Looney Tune World of The Judicial Industry - Ohio Branch, with Storm Troopers Yarborough and Sleeping Judge Preisse.  He is a direct extension of Preisse, but he is always in a CYA mode so he passes nearly every decision along to Preisse, right down to the sale of a $ 300 truck.   The legal fees and court time cost more than the truck is worth.  Are these smart people or is this just plain old client milking?  Mr. Farley  protested the original appointment of Strip on ethical grounds early on.  He complained that Strip’s associate,  Brenda K. Bowers was an adverse attorney to him in a civil lawsuit against a local computer supply house just four months earlier.   Farley won that lawsuit and feared retaliation by the Strip firm as a result.

A Hearing was held and Judge Preisse overruled the position of  Mr. Farley.   Why am I not surprised?   Farley’s predictions have been borne out by the abject bias of Strip throughout the Receivership.    Farley has already filed charges against Strip with the Supreme Court Disciplinary Council.  He also hopes to revive earlier charges of mail fraud now that the Appellate Court has REVERSED all restraining Orders laid on Bob.  These charges resulted from Strip opening and reading mail intercepted by the Barbara lynch mob and passing it along to opposing counsel Hart and Cohen-Murphy.  Some of this was confidential  Attorney-Client mail from Farley’s lawyers.  This resulted from the Gestapo Orders of Hanging Judge Steve Yarborough was to allow Barbara’s fascist lynch mob to intercept Bob’s mail,  and to loot and vandalize his house.



             In The Kangaroo Court Hearing of January 20, 1999, Judge Preisse refused to allow a very sick Bob Farley to hire Top Gun attorney Greg Lewis because the attorney’s deceased father had a meeting with Plaintiff Barbara Farley 17 years earlier.    Ms. Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy-Murphy objected vociferously and Preisse supported her position.   Attorney Lewis could not even find a record of it and he was about 15 years old back then.  Yet, in the later hearing on the Receivership conflict of interest,  Judge Preisse ruled it was perfectly OK  for Brenda K. Bowers to liquidate Mr. Farley’s company, after being an adverse attorney to him just four months earlier.  The Fix Is In!   Is this “Hang Em High” Law West of the Pecos?    I looked for Judge Roy Bean to walk in the door at all times.


In  February 2000, “The Stripper” took a flying junket to Palm Beach County, Florida to file a Receivership against Bob.   He spent over $ 3,400 and did it all wrong, poor inept fellow.  The good  Receiver was also exposed as having visited his brother’s house while he was there.   His brand new  Florida Receivership got vacated and thrown out of court the next week by Farley’s Florida attorneys. 


Guess what?   Using Bob’s money and under strong protest from Farley’s attorney The Sleeping Judge paid Strip for his inept work and the visit with his brother anyway.    Such is life in The Franklin County Domestic Relations Courtroom  61 and The Judicial Industry - Ohio Branch.    Any Columbus male who is unlucky enough to draw Judge Dana Suzanne Preisse in a divorce case, might check out the laws in Oceana before The Sleeping Judge hands down her Divorce Decree.    In fact, with this lady on the job, you may want to “head for the hills”   before you even start your divorce.  You are definitely in the danger zone when she is around and she is hazardous to your health, your wealth and your freedom.


Meanwhile, the fierce attorney Kim M. Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy does not show up at Courtroom 61   so much anymore.  Maybe this is because Halliburton-Cohen-Murphy has earlier referred to Barbara as “A Flake” and The  Barbara may have run her off.   I’m not sure  what a Flake is, but it must be something pretty neat for Cohen-Murphy to call her own client “a flake.”   I was very impressed when I heard her say it.  On the other hand, some say that Cohen-Murphy has now dumped The Barbara after raising all of this H…  with the two headed Bob Monster for five calendar years and coming away empty handed.   Who knows?  Barbara’s male attorney,  Doug Hart, Esq. of Bexley, Ohio has said that “ I have the where with all to stick in. . .”    Mr. Hart MIGHT be playing a game of  “I bet my house”  as the  case goes on and on.  In another year or two, his “where with all”  might be getting pretty thin.    It is likely that Hart is no longer working on an hourly basis, but regardless of how he hopes to be paid, hourly or percentage of the extorted loot, Bob strongly believes it is just not coming.    


            Bob Farley says his adversaries made one very big error several years ago when they began their extortion with “little storekeeper market place mentality.”  They could not conceive of a guy who would not go along with an extortion and give up a pound of flesh to save the rest.   They met the wrong guy.  Watching too much TV and not enough American history, Bob’s persecutors thought he was the divorcing guy in the TV commercial who stops his chain saw before he cut his Mercedes in two  That was also the wrong guy.   Bob cuts the car in two.  Bob has been quoted as saying, “I built it over 44 years and before I cave in to extortion, I will tear it all down.”  The most frustrating thing for his persecutors must be the fact that he is doing just that and there is very little anyone can do to stop it.   Bob says “there will be little or nothing left when this is all over.”

Is Bob  ever coming back to Ohio for more of the agony and madness?    Not a chance.     Bob says he is “happy as a clam watching the waves in Oceana”  and he does not plan to budge from there forever, except for his travels and trips to The Islands where he can sit on a deserted beach without seeing a soul for miles.    Since he is now retired and the Preisse and    Yarborough Gestapo Orders  need the attention of America he plans to set up a Web Site and complete his book about the vermin in  The Judicial Industry.  Bob says,” Gestapo type attorneys must  be exposed for what they really are.”    Being retired,  Bob now has a lot of time to do that.    Some folks may not like what he has to say and this article is only a small part of the story.   Bob says he will throw  in Domestic Relations Judge the infamous Nodine Miller as she is part of the same cancer and has brought national shame to Franklin County,

 "No one judge should have the power to try large cases . .   There should be a panel or a jury...  They are just not smart enough. . .” 

 “It’s impossible to have much respect for lawyers and judges after all I have seen and suffered these past four years.

“Gestapo type attorneys must be exposed for what they really are. . .”

Ohio. Bob also feels strongly that,  “No one judge should have the power to try large cases.   There should be a panel or a jury trial.  They are just not smart enough people.”   A close friend and an attorney agrees with Bob.  He told Bob in a recent talk,  “First of all, these judges are not business people and that is a big problem when they are trying a business case.”    This practicing attorney does happen  to be heavily involved in a business operation of many years duration.

          Bob says, “For one judge to have the power to breakup a little company like the R. T. Farley Co., or a big company like Microsoft or the Bell System  is just criminality beyond belief.”  He added, “If I were Bill Gates, I would be buying land and building buildings out of this country.   There are many developing countries who would kill to get Microsoft inside their borders.” 




            It looks like the Domestic Relations Court may have to do it all without him.   The hapless trainee   Dana Suzanne Preisse and Deputy Dawg Neal got themselves into the real estate rental business, so they will just have to figure out a way to find some closure and get back out of the real estate rental business and avoid more litigation with Bob Farley.    Bob says that cannot be done in the two years Preisse has left on her term, unless he can get her recalled or she gives it up sooner.    Government should not be in any business, especially in the business of destroying  businesses.   They are just too hard to grow.  The Legislatures should address such a problem and that should be absolutely forbidden by new laws.   Bob says he will not help the feckless Sleeping Judge put this all back together either.   It’s much too late for that.   As for the Receiver?     Bob says he certainly does need a Receiver to wrap this all up, do all the heavy lifting that Preisse wanted him to do, and send him a big check when it is all done with.    He doesn’t think that Receiver will be  A. C. Strip through.    




What was gained from all of this madness?    Nothing at all!    Barbara Farley does not have the $ 200,000 ordered by Judge Preisse.    With Farley’s assistance, Bank One has collected all of its “called note.    “Hanging Judge Roy Bean” Yarborough never  did get the Bob Monster in a prison cage.    It was all legal insanity by a Fascist  lynch mob.   The patients in the asylum are the attorneys and the judges  and they are running the place.   It is insidious evil that kills Liberty and makes a mockery of Justice.   Such is the nature of our society when doing business with  “out of control” storm trooper judges, especially those driven by ego and special Agendas, and especially those in the Franklin County, Ohio Domestic Relations Court.   Bob’s Appeals and future litigation against some of the players in these Waffen SS atrocities may go on forever.  


Observers feel certain that Sleeping Judge Preisse believes that she and her Hanging Judge partner Yarbrough, have somehow punished Bob Farley for his Victory Party and Retirement program.    Naww, not at all.  Her Highness has missed The Big Picture.  Why am I not surprised?  Her inept naiveté actually helped Bob achieve his goal a little sooner than expected.  She allowed him to avoid all the work of cleaning up EPA problems, selling properties, dealing with lenders and fighting The Judicial Industry all at the same time at age 66 to 70 (and ill)  just to turn over the loot to an alcoholic and  neurotic ex-wife.  Naww.     The good Judge should have realized that no one in their right mind would or could do all of  that at age 66.    Her abysmal lack of  real life business experience is crystal clear and pretty scary for the businessmen of Columbus.This could all happen to you.   Bob’s advice? Leave before it does.

Barbara Farley does not have the $ 200,000,  Bank One has collected most of its note, Judge Roy Bean never did get the Bob Monster in  a prison cage…    It was all legal insanity by a virtual   lynch mob… This could all happen to you.


            Now the hapless Receiver A. C. Strip  must do all of that heavy lifting.   Having been “hounded out of Dodge” by the Fascista,    Bob is a  happy refugee sitting under bright sun and palm trees, sometimes with other “real refugees”  from many different countries around the world,  but his persecution has been just as real as any Haitian or Columbian.   He hears several different languages each day from Spanish to French to Creole.   Bob is a political refugee from a subtle tyranny of The Judicial Industry, Ohio Branch.  He’s happy as a clam, even with a lot less money after his years of  “The Barbara Battle.”  The inept Dana Preisse may have finally learned the meaning of the trite old Dutch expression “Too soon old, too late smart” as her judicial training period continues.    She still has a lot more to learn though and many wonder if she can ever get there because she is basically an ignorant woman. 




             Bob reports he is happily living in what he calls “Golden Beach, Oceana”  by blue water, actually South Florida.  He now looks at whitecaps and sailboats across a golden sugar sand beach.  A  sea breeze blows all the time.  Receivers and Gestapo like attorneys are growing less and less relevant to him and he will celebrate every day in January when Judge Preisse is trying to start her car on a five degree morning while he swims in the pool.  


            At home In Columbus, Bob happily grew flowers and vegetables, ran his company and didn’t bother anyone.  Now, on his daily walk to a crystal blue swimming pool, he passes oceans of flowers in gardens cared for by professional gardeners.   On a scenic drive to a nearby shopping center, Bob drives along a boulevard lined with professionally kept gardens and rivers of colorful flowers.   Along with the regular run of red and white impatiens, his flowers now  include orchids and gardenias.  The daily temperature in Oceana will run from about 70 to 80 degrees for the next 200 days.  Cool ocean breezes blow through the palm trees all day and Hurricane Season is gone.     


Bob is THE WINNER.   More importantly, he missed the Death Row sentence of Storm Trooper Yarborough, and he is still alive to enjoy his retirement, build his Web Site  and write his book.


#  #  # 




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