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Eliminating Daddy - In the best interest of the divorce industry

All across America every day fathers are being eliminated without cause from their children's lives by family court judges? Every day in family court fathers are separated from their children simply because mom and dad are no longer together.

Judges often allow the "custodial" parent (usually the
mother) to relocate the children to another state, leaving the "noncustodial" parent alienated from the children with little or no meaningful parental contact. Parenting time (visitation) orders can be ignored by the custodial parent without any penalty, leaving the noncustodial parent with no contact with his children and no legal recourse. Since parenting time orders are ignored by the police and the court, fathers often go months, or even years, without any contact with their children.

Despite what you may read in the newspaper about the court's fairness to both parents, the court and the politicians are only concerned with enforcing "child support," a euphemistic word for extortion of inordinate sums of money. Child support is the only thing enforceable in all family court orders. Once this is established, parenting time is YOUR PROBLEM.
"The best interest of the child" really means "in the best interest of the state." If this happened anywhere else in the world, most people would call it "oppression," "intimidation" and "racketeering."

If you are a concerned father who loves his children (as most are),and you fight "the system," family court will try to completely eliminate you. When you fight for your children -- not the judge's children; not the politician's children; YOUR children -- you will be labeled a trouble maker, a problem, or a pain in the a*s. In family court, the judges will try to silence you by increasing your child support. They call this "imputing income." Once this happens, and a father can't pay this imputed child support, he is labeled a "deadbeat" and is now a criminal. Despite the father being ready, willing and able to take on all the parental obligations and responsibilities in his child's life, such as providing love and affection, nurturing the child, caring for the child while the other parent works, etc., these issues are not addressed. The court is only interested in "how can we steal daddy's money."

There is an incentive for this racketeering. For every dollar of support collected by the state, the Federal government kicks in sixty-six cents of taxpayer's money to subsidize the child support collection bureaucracy. There is no accountability for how the state spends this windfall.

Then, of course, lets not forget the ultimate outrage to "put daddy in his place" -- false allegations of physical abuse and sexual abuse. Nothing works better to get rid of daddy than these false allegations.
Once they begin, fathers can say goodbye to Jack and Jill. These fathers must have "supervised" time with their own children because they are now "a threat." He is not required to be supervised with any of the other children he comes in contact with, only his own.
Anybody except dad is allowed to be a part of your child's life.

After the allegations, expect "the investigation." It will last anywhere from eighteen months to three years, causing fathers to further lose out on seeing their children. The investigation will be managed by the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS). Your

case worker will have a case load of 300 families. If you are lucky, the case worker won't have too thick of an accent, so you will be able to understand what the heck he is talking about -- that is if he will talk to you at all. To him, your problems aren't his problem.

Neither DYFS nor the court will believe anything dad says about mom because, after all, he's a deadbeat.
(When I showed the judge photographs of my children's mother's home, his reply was "Sir, surely you don't expect me to believe that this woman actually lives in all this filth.")

Family court places the father in an impossible situation when it comes to parenting time. Supervised at the police station or in the courthouse (where the supervision is paid for by "good old dad"), no overnights, no holidays. Fathers must drive long distances to have limited time with their children. No phone calls. Fathers are not allowed to know the whereabouts of their children. No day care information. No school information. No vacation information. Some fathers don't even know where their children live.
The court's objective is to discourage the father, causing him to give up on his children. Once that happens, he is no longer a problem for the system to deal with. The only problem is that they have scarred the children, and this is unconscionable.

So, I ask you, do you think this is fair? All of this happen to caring, loving fathers every day. Is this public policy "in the best interest of the child?" Who can say that having a father in his or her life is not in the best interest of a child?
People like you and I must change the public's perception of fathers. We must not allow fathers to be seen as just "paychecks" and sperm donors without parental feelings. All children have a God given right to have their fathers involved in their lives. No court, no judge, no feminist organization, no political trend has any moral right to interfere with a father's God given right.

Judges and politicians just want fathers to "pay up and shut up." The more you fight for your children, the more the system will block you. Your crime, you may ask? Being a father.

Gary Ewing and Joe Sargente

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