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Shared Parenting Legislation --Passed!
On Thu, 9 Jun 2005 12:15:31 EDT Jdibiasejr@aol.com writes:
Subj:    Shared Parenting Legislation --Passed!
Date:   6/9/05 9:39:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Dear SPC Supporters:
Shared parenting legislation, SB 1194 (as amended in the Senate) was passed unanimously by the house. This is a great day for the children of divorced and never married couples in Connecticut. They will benefit tremendously from mediation of conflict, parenting plans, and increased involvement by both parents. I thank all of you for your unflagging support along the way.

That legislation has two important objectives:
1.  The best interests of the child are redefined to include (but not limited to) substantial involvement by both parents.
2.  A parental responsibility plan is required for most custody cases. Specifically, the plan should include:
    (1) A schedule of the physical residence of the child during the year;
    (2) provisions allocating decision-making authority to one or both parents regarding the child's health, education and
    religious upbringing;
    (3) provisions for the resolution of future disputes between the parents, including, where appropriate, the involvement of a     mental health professional or other parties to assist the parents in reaching a developmentally appropriate resolution to     such disputes;
    (4) provisions for dealing with the parents' failure to honor their responsibilities under the plan;
    (5) provisions for dealing with the child's changing needs as the child grows and matures; and
   (6) provisions for minimizing the child's exposure to harmful parental conflict, encouraging the parents in appropriate     circumstances to meet their responsibilities through agreements, and protecting the best interests of the child.

John Clapp, Chair
Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut, Inc.
65 Auburn Rd
West Hartford, CT  06119