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Oklahoma Statutes Citationized

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: [sharedparenting-ca] Welcome, where are we?
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005 01:15:55 -0500
From: Mike Ciotti - Save A Parent <mikec@saveaparent.org>
Reply-To: sharedparenting-ca@yahoogroups.com
To: <sharedparenting-ca@yahoogroups.com>
References: <dhnsol+q3v2@eGroups.com>

Is this EQUAL, or shared parenting?
Do you have a link to the actual wording?
Reason I ask, is Oklahoma has a statute in place:
Oklahoma Statutes Citationized
  Title 43. Marriage
        Section 110.1 - Policy for Equal Access to Minor Children by Parents
Cite as: O.S. , __ __

It is the policy of this state to assure that minor children have frequent and continuing contact with parents who have shown the ability to act in the best interests of their children and to encourage parents to share in the rights and responsibilities of rearing their children after the parents have separated or dissolved their marriage.  To effectuate this policy, if requested by a parent, the court shall provide substantially equal access to the minor children to both parents at a temporary order hearing, unless the court finds that such shared parenting would be detrimental to such child.  The burden of proof that such shared parenting would be detrimental to such child shall be upon the parent requesting sole custody and the reason for such determination shall be documented in the court record.
--- --- --- --- ---
This statute means nothing at all in the court room. If the father asks for the shared parenting/ equal parenting, the judge will deny, for any reason he chooses (usually raising the "best interest of the child" bs)...
See my case... judge stated I was NOT a threat, was NOT an unfit parent... yet he denied my request for shared parenting because the ex-gf simply stated we had communication problems. No valid evidence brought to the court apart from that.
It seems the statute is just there to make things "look good" when it comes to the state doing something for the children.
So, be VERY careful with the CA ballot. Make sure their avenues of denial are EXTREMELY limited... for example, cases of PROVEN abuse (not ALLEGED), etc.
Stay Strong, Keep Up The Fight,
Mike Ciotti
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----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:55 AM
Subject: [sharedparenting-ca] Welcome, where are we?

The ballot initiative amends the California Family Code to make equal custody the default custody arrangement at the request of either parent while still allowing the courts to protect the children. The burden of proof shifts to the objecting parent.

About 600 active fathers rights people have been invited to this list yesterday. Please let anyone you know in California to get
hooked up with the shared parenting ballot initiative by joining this list, joining a group that is supporting the initiative, or by
joining any of the shared parenting ballot initiative working groups. Within the next month, another 3K to 4K more fathers will be informed. There will be almost 5 months to gather enough signatures to get this issue on the November 2006 election. We need your help to get others involved. The petitions will be made available in the next few days and signature gathering can begin.

Currently, there are 170 tracked volunteers, and estimated over 500 volunteers throughout the state. The need is for at least 2K to 3K volunteers.

There are over 30 coordinators throughout the state. Currently there are 22 of 59 counties represented. Each will have a county coordinator. The county coordinators will be able to answer your questions. In turn, as new people join the list and ask the same questions, please facilitate the process by responding to their questions. Additional answers to frequently asked questions will be available at http://www.childsright.org/faq/

If you would like to get involved in the working groups or connected with your county coordinator, please email help@childsright.org. Once the volunteer tracker form is filled out, you will be connected to the appropriate person(s).